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I dont have a clue of what to do. Im not computer savy at all. I wanted to do my own website. What do I do after I purchased the template. If you can would you mind sending me step by step directions on what to do? your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. emridgejones@gmail.com.

You can edit the template html text editor – to insert content.
It does not take much knowledge to do it.

How come the downloadable zip file is missing documentation, licence info, plugins, contact form code etc?

I also cannot get the Contact Page Template to do anything. Perhaps there is something in the documentation

Top of page – “Your nickname / Downloads”.
There you can download the template after the purchase.

If you read, my comment wasn’t about being able to download the files, it was that files are missing from the zip file.

I’m having an issue with the drop down menus in IE9 (haven’t tested in earlier versions yet). Those menu entries that completely overlap the slide show, or a photo, disappear when you mouseover. This seems to be an isolated issue to IE (hate this browser). I noticed this is happening in your live demo too. Is there a fix?

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Thanks for your comment. This will be corrected as soon as possible.

Fabulous. I purchased your template and have been working with it, but just couldn’t figure out a work-around. I’ll continue to check back, or fill free to contact me directly once you’ve corrected the issue.

Again, thanks so much,


Hello, where can I get the updated version of the theme? I bought your theme in January and now I need updated version because of IE submenu bug.

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Please download the files again.

If the version I downloaded right now is the one with corrected IE bug then the bug is still there (IE 8.0.6001.18702). Please let me know if you plan to correct it

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Hi Great template – I’m just having trouble figuring out one thing – maybe you can point me in the right direction:

a couple of my dropdown menu items are too long to fit on one line so the text is wrapping, however the drop down li is remaining the same height, so the menu item is spilling over the next item.

Do you know how I can fix this so the drop down item changes height if the words wrap?




In “css/static.css” :
#titlebar #titlebar_right_content #top_menu li ul li a
and #titlebar #titlebar_right_content #top_menu li ul li a:hover,
#titlebar #titlebar_right_content #top_menu li ul li.current-menu-item a

Change attibutes – width.

Hi Flashmaniac, I’m having a flicker problem with the slider – when the home page opens, it momentarily flickers one of the 4 slider images before loading the correct first one. Let me know if you know of a solution. thanks, mark

Send me a private message and provide a link to the project – only if I can help.

Hey – Thanks for the reply, the problem went away when I moved the site to its live environment. Thanks for the offer to help. Mark

The accordion/toogle has the first entry always opened. I want them all to be closed at first. How do I manage this?

In addition the content height is always as long as the longest content. Ca I have different heights? As content length varies the gap gets to large!


You need to add the attribute “active: false”
In file “js/onload.js” : (line 15 )
‘collapsible’: false,
‘active’: false

This didn´t help! First of all now all the tabs are open and you cannot close them. In addition the menus drop downs don´t work any longer.

Instead I would love to have all the tabs closed so you can open the one you want to read instead of the first one always being opened.

Hope you know what I mean. Gave you the URL via PM.

For me, it works well. I had made ??a mistake somewhere.

I purchased your theme and really like it. How do I slow down the homepage sliders? I need them to go a bit slower?



” js / onload.js ” – line 4 ( variable time )

I have bought your theme Victoria. Great theme. But, how to add multiple Featured Images in Wordpress? I would like to have a slightshow at my featured images And I would like to use another image at the homepage then at the featured image at my portfolio.

Thanks in advance