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Hey there =) Pre-Purchase question: can I have video and images on the same project? Because I would need it to have both on some projects :/

Have a nice weekend! =)

I saw your lovely rating, yes. Seems strange i always test my templates on iPhone 5 & iPhone 4. I don’t see any problems with the Header problem. If you are using the 50% Work content just replace the line 1413 of the grid figure on media queries and put this one : grid figure {height: 250px; width:100%;}

I also tried background-repeat: no-repeat on header but does not work. Will send screenshots to you.

I’m sorry about the rating. But since one of your keywords of selling the template is: responsive, this one is no where near responsive. Sadly for me also… If it gets fixed i’ll be the first one to review it again. Thanks

Hello decypherdesigns, did you recieve my email ?

Hi! So I got the theme but I’m getting an install error. Says it’s missing the style.css. I checked the folders and there file is there but it’s not in the documentation folder. Any advice on how to get this theme to install? Thanks in advance.

Hello jakedegreat, as you can see on the description of the item, it’s not a Wordpress Template, it’s a HTML/CSS Template. :/

Hi There,

Nice theme. The only thing I can’t figure out is how to make the video background work… I changed the url and the filename on the bottom of the main.js: path”: “”, “filename”: “niels” “types”: [“mp4”, “ogg”, “webm”]

It looks like this now, except “url” is changed by my own off course. What am I doing wrong here?


Hello, it’s seems correct, did you try with my video folder ? and “cloud” as filename

yes I did. the background stays grey…

Alright, so if it doesn’t work with my vidéo, it´s probably a problem of reading of your server…


I can’t find how to replace the 2560×1600 image. Where is this image in the html?

Thanks, Ashley

Hello Ashley, Thanks for purchasing it ! Concerning the main Background you have to replace it on your main stylesheet ( style.css ) line 419

Hi Supview,

Really impressed by your feedback on this template. I’m getting ready to purchase and was wondering if there was a way to put spacing between each portfolio item. Also wondering if I could insert a google map in place of the contact. Thanks for your time!

Hello abviz, yes you can easily put spacing between each portfolio, you have to put a larger margin between each one. Concerning the google map you could add one but it’ll be more code.

Thanks for your replies. Will purchase for sure!

Also noticed when scaling the page up and down to check for responsive… at a certain point (900 pixels to 1200 pixels wide) there is no padding on the left side of the page – Logo and contact info sit on the edge of the left side of the page. Will this be fixed?


Concerning the padding on the left side, i just fixed it on the Live Preview and the release has been sent to the Reviewers ;-)

Checked it as well and looks great! Thanks for that quick update.

Hi – Pre Purchase Question. Can i have Video Background on homepage and also an about us page?

You could do that if you implent a videobackground plugin, like this one : ;-)

Hi i have purchased your template, and im getting a hard time adding new items to the grid since there is already 6 items when i add another one it doesn’t work when i click on it, by the way i have added the item in the grid section and i did the same in WORK section down under. i hope you understand me.


So on your style.css, line 909 : delete the display:none from the .crew-alone class and add the display:none on the clients_section id ;-)

and of course replace on your menu link the #crew by #crew-alone

Hi Supvew,

Now i have the button of the contact form that doesn’t work any solution?

Thank you.

Hi Supview,

I recently purchased the template and love it. I’m having that padding issue on the left side of the page when I scale up. Is there a fix or update for this?


Hi! A little question before buying: Can we add projects on the grid ? I would like to have 12 for exemple. Thanks!

Nice, and how can I display the 2 columns grid ? (I changed the width:50% on line 551 but I would like to have 1 column when the site is displayed on a mobile)

It’s ok I found the solution, I added :

@media screen and (max-width: 480px) { .grid figure {height: 250px; width:100%;} }

just above the ”@media screen and (max-width: 768px) {” line in the style.css ;)

Yup that’s it ! Thanks for purchasing it ;-)

Strange, I don’t know what i’ve done but all the content on the home just disappeared. (the huge title etc) and on mobile device when I click on the hamburger the menu doesn’t show anymore. Do you have an idea what I did wrong ? Thanks!

Well nevermind I found a 2 hours old version I was working on. (thanks Time Machine!) ^^

(btw, the problem was apparently deleting instagram.js and jquery.instagram.js) ;)

Hi, I found 2 little bugs in the template :

1. When I open a work, sometimes I can’t scroll on certain browsers : (Chrome and Firefox on Windows and Safari on Mac) it works randomly actually, sometimes I can scroll sometimes no.

2. When I use the menu to go to Works (for exemple) it doesn’t show it as “active” I have to scroll a couple of pixels more to see the title changing to blue.

Any ideas? Thanks for your help! ;)

It seems like the problem is due to the line :

-webkit-transform: translate3d(-100%,0%,0);

on the .content-left. When I remove this line the problem disappears but obviously it also remove the “appear animation” of the content left…

Downloaded lots of problems. for starters you open and there are missing links, pop ups. Great idea but the craftsmanship is a bit lacking. I keep waiting on a fix but just downloaded it again today same result. It needs some work.

Hello, i’m désappointed with your comment, or Tell me Which files are missing or popups? Cauz there’s no popups needed in this template, and which links is mising ?...

How do I do an overlay for the video background? Just let me know if you can help me out. I know it’s a css thing but I do not want to mess up the video background. I have the overlay in a PNG.

Hi Supview. I have just bought another of your beautiful themes..Sixwats is really great. Thanks for this!! Two issues I have right now: 1. In the work section, the background pictures(1600×500) do not scale down on mobile phones. They are just squeezed. Downscaling works fine from desktop down to tablet…but on the smartphone its over…I am suspecting the settings in the css style sheet/mobile queries section (/works/ .gridfigure img)?! What can I do? 2. Your nice NAV toggle (hamburger) is not following on the screen when scrolling on mobile devices, like it does nicely in your COMMITY theme. It just vanishes after the header ends…Anything I can do to change this? Thankx very much for your always kind support!

hi there, Im having trouble with scrolling on the desktop view. any help would be great! site is

inside each project that is…


Please how can i center the navigation menu?

Love the template. arrow down not working. Please advise.

hey supview, unfortunately the instagram feed by potumak doesn’t load the standard_resolution images in your theme. instead its only loading the low_resolution images.. i hope you have a hint for the solution. i don’t have this problem wirth the regular instagramfeed.js in other projects. thank you very much in advance. kind regards.