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Hey, cool theme! Thank you! Regarding language .po file in folde ‘languages’. How must be named the .mo file for for example German. german.mo? Cheers, Michael

I’ve translated to German and uploaded ‘german_DE.mo’. Unfortunately I see whole website still in English :-(

found – file name is ‘de_DE.mo’.

I have worked for about 8 years with WordPress and have worked for customers with about 60 different WP themes. SKADI is my absolute favorite WordPress theme and we use it on our website now. Thank you so much for this great great job!

Thanks, I appreciate it :)

Hi Bluxart!

Please update this beautiful wordpress theme because of the Visual Composer updates and the sliders updates (Revolution Slider + Layer Slider).

Why do not updating this awsome theme to get sales?

Thanks in advance!

Nope. I make an update for the sliders but no for the Page Builder ( because is a modded version of original plugin )


Does this wp theme run the latest versions of Revolution Slider and Layer Slider?

Nope…in The next days I updates theme sliders to last version available.

I am having trouble getting my logo to sit in the header correctly. It is hanging over the bottom of the header into the site. Probably an easy fix?

Thanks, Lloyd

A link please

Hi. I am getting a 404 error when I go to save my theme options, and they are not updating. Can you help?

Hi Bluxart,

Stunning theme, love it.

I’m on the hunt for both a visually pleasing & very importantly a fast theme. Yours looks like it may be the perfect combination.

I’m very interested in using a Theme that is built with performance in mind, i.e. not making too many PHP calls to the database, minifies etc.

Google Page Speed Insights gives you a great score as does GT Metrix. This is a great starting point.

My new host is WP Engine Professional, so I should be able to achieve some great performance results with your theme.

However, your impressive scores are without Woocommerce. I’m very interested in seeing if adding this along with essential plugins like WP SEO by Yoast blows up the PHP calls similar to the theme I”m using now ‘Shopkeeper’.

From Core: 11 calls From the Theme: 101 From Plugins: 130

Can you help me with this?

Thanks for looking.


for my website its important that the gallery has a swipe function to switch to the next image. At the moment i have to click on image to see the next..

Can you add something like this?

Thanks Regards

Fancybox don’t have this feature, try this solution but I don’t know if work well: https://github.com/fancyapps/fancyBox/issues/123

Awesome template. Thanks so much!

I have one question, I have been trying to customize two columns in a container div to span full width of the page as well as fill the full height of the container div. Any suggestions on how to go about doing this? I have been trying for a day now and can’t figure out how to create this change.

hope that makes sense.


Can you provide me a link or image?

here is a link to an image.


there are the three colored columns and I am trying to make the span the width of the container as well as the height.

Thanks so much!

I’m not sure if this work.

1) edit the section and apply this class for remove margin and padding: no-margin-and-padding

2) for have The same height only way is create a custom css class and apply for each columns

Hi How I can set, that the background video is NOT visible for mobile phones? Best, Marcel

cool! how :-)

When you edit the section shortcode, and select the custom video background.

If you scroll you find Video Preview Image field.

yep, found. Thank you!!


Hi current & future Lilith customers!
Is out the new update with the following additions:

- Update: AZ Fonts
- Update: Bootstrap 3.3.4
- Update: TGM Plugin Activation Class
- Update: Visual Composer 4.7.4
- Update: Layer Slider 5.6.2
- Update: Revolution Slider 5.0.9
- Update: Languages Files

This update modifies the code and the shortcodes page builder, unfortunately this will result in some adjustments to make in your pages and posts.

This due to the use of a new syntax for the theme is compatible with the current and future versions of Visual Composer plugin.

For old customers lends itself to be careful when you perform the update, this is because most likely all pages must be controlled and in many cases will have to be updated.

For new customers however the only problem is the dummy-file that is not compatible with the new version of the plugin. Then you should not install the dummy-file, up to when it is released the new version of the file.


If you have update the theme without read the changelog first most probabily when the update is finished the theme return an error.

For resolve this issue follow this steps:

  • Go to FTP into this folder: wp-content/plugins/
  • Remove this folder: js_composer
  • Now access to your wordpress admin area
  • Re-install the plugin find the zip here: wp-content/themes/skadi/framework/plugin-activation/plugins/js_composer.zip

Nrb Purchased

For some reason, after updating Skadi theme and plugins, WP says that Layer Slider is version 5.3.2 instead of 5.6.2 as it should be after update.

Hmm.. I checked the file, and its timestamp says that the file ( layerslider.zip ) was created 31st January 2015. Maybe someone included the wrong version in the update :)

I send the update now, with the correct version. Thanks :)


Nrb Purchased

NP mate :) And thanks for the quick response.

I’ve updated to the latest version but still having layout issue when viewing on iPhones in portrait orientation, both Safari and Chrome – the drop down menu icon appears under the share icon and it’s overlaying the rev slider I have there so hard to see. The logo I’ve added also appears squished. The layout looks fine in landscape and also fine in both display orientations on Android devices. Is there some way to fix this with css?

Also a slight issue on desktop – when the browser window is a certain size (between it switching from full desktop menu to mobile/tablet icon menu), the full menu also drops beneath usual position and overlays my rev slider. Any help/info to solve these formatting issues would be greatly appreciated. Other than that, this theme rocks! Thank you

Still same issue. The width of the logo starts to squeeze when the layout changes to mobile menu icon.

Only solution is insert a fixed size like this:
header .col-md-3 {
  width: 200px;

Ok, thanks for your help

please ignore comment. needed to enter js composer settings to activate all elements.

In first : Your theme is absolutely great!!!

In second, sorry for my english , is very bad…

I would like to insert 2 « portfolio grid » in my home page but i can’t. I have a bug. My homepage doesn’t display anymore. Is there a solution ?

:( Not possible ! Damn it, what a shame !! But thanks for your answer ! if it changes with another version, please keep me posted.

You can try to add two portfolio grid but you need deactivate the filter and the pagination, let me know if work.

Thanks for this information but it doesn’t work :(


zeb2010 Purchased

Ma il tema verrà aggiornato per le prossime versioni di WP?

Il tema verrà sempre testato quando una nuova versione di wordpress uscirà per consentire la compatibilità.


zeb2010 Purchased

grazie :)

Hi I am looking for the latest update for Skadi Visual Composer plugin – as I keep receiving the notice “Loading, please wait….”

You need update the theme to last version of the theme. The last version contain the visual composer compatible with wordpress 4.5

Do I need to re-purchase the Skadi theme to do so? Thanks. (Asking for my web developer)

Nope, you can download the last version of skadi from your themeforest account – download page

The Visual page builder no longer works as of WP 4.5 it just gives infinite loading spinner . had to revert back to 4.4.2

This is using latest version of skadi (I copied in and replaced ALL previous version files with new version ones) and was without ANY additional plugins active aside from those contained in the theme, on a relatively fresh install. I also just get “loading .. please wait” infinitely

After reading the above reply again are you saying that your no longer supporting your “AZpage builder” plugin which was the modified version of VC? because switching to standard visual composer breaks nearly ALL of my pages and I’ve got hundreds of them on a single site.

Will you be updating Skadi with a newer AZ page builder to continue to allow us to upgrade WP versions without switching to standard visual composer?

Not possible use the old AZ Page Builder because is builded with an old version of VC ( 3.6 ).

A good solution is migrating to the new version if you want update the wordpress core and visual composer.

Sorry for this but for security is a good solution.


zeb2010 Purchased

Il mio sito ora non funziona più, ha tutte le pagine senza stile

Da che version hai aggiornato?


zeb2010 Purchased

non mi funziona il compositore visivo

Prima disattiva e cancellate Visual Composer.

Scarica e installa l’ultima versione di Skadi, e re-installa il Visual Composer.

Visual Composer Update Quick Fix for your pages/posts.

...For those having issues with VC after WP4.5 you’ll notice that after you switch to using the less modified VC on new versions of theme for it to work again your old pages will show VC shortcode for “vc_column_text” on front end because the shortcode no longer functions within the updated theme. Many things that should display inside the old “vc_column_text” shortcode will essentially be lost to the front end view although they are still there on backend. I’ve found that you can update all your pages in place WITHOUT REBUILDING THEM If you update your theme version to newest (if you haven’t already) and use new VC as instructed by deleting jscomposer (VC) plugin folder and reinstalling VC from new theme plugin activation folder.

—instruction from theme author: —For resolve this issue follow this steps:

—Go to FTP into this folder: wp-content/plugins/ —Remove this folder: js_composer —Now access to your wordpress admin area —Re-install the plugin find the zip here: wp-content/themes/skadi/framework/plugin-activation/plugins/js_composer.zip

then just search/replace “vc_column_text” with “az_column_text”. and your pages should be functioning just like they were before on old customized VC from earlier theme versions.

You can search/replace page by page using tinymceadvanced for small sites or you can do it sitewide all at once with most search/replace plugins. ..its safer to just search replace per page/post if your site is small but very fast to do it all for larger sites using a database search/replace tool. quick backup your db as always first!

the only VC element (that I’ve noticed) you’ll still have to manually rebuild that i noticed after this is the special headings. just open and edit them to what they were before and re-save page/post/whatever. but it sure beats fully rebuilding every page using a text element! especially if you don’t use special headings anyway.

Once you switch to the less modified VC (which in my opinion isn’t as nice of an interface as Alessio’s old more modified version on the backend) you can go ahead and update WP core again as usual (I’m running 4.6.1), and you can work on all your pages using the standard VC backend interface.

hope this helps people make the transition smoother.

would be nice if code for az_column_text was just modified to also accept vc_colum_text in theme though.

Thanks for this, I appreciate it.

Otherwise I build Skadi some years ago and first the visual composer was very limited about customization.

Now it is possible customize this without change some core files.

Otherwise I think a solution for integrate the default vc_column_text instead az_column_text but if I make this need rebuild or change the value of the shortcode.

any way to just have it accept both?

Nope, I think the only solution have two text block shortcodes, a duplicate but with a different variables. Not good.

Your solution is perfect, is slowly but efficent.

Very nice. Once the user is viewing a project, where is the navigation to go back to the main portfolio masonry (without them having to use their browser ‘Back’ button)? Also I would prefer not to use breadcrumbs – just a “Back to Portfolio” main link. Thanks -Scott

Unfortunately not present the ‘back to portfolio’ button.

Only solution is modded the single-portfolio.php file.