Skeleton Wireframing Kit — 120+ Components for Sketch

Skeleton Wireframing Kit — 120+ Components for Sketch

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Skeleton Wireframing Kit will help you easily plan and map out all your web projects. Focus on the user flow and storyboarding to create perfect low-fidelity prototypes. This set includes 120 screens for web across 15 content categories, fully editable in .Sketch format.

Kit Features

  • 120 Screens
  • 15 Categories
  • Sample Wireframe Included
  • Markup and Arrows Included
  • Action Icons Included
  • Free Google Fonts
  • Fully Customizable
  • 100% Vector Based

15 Content Categories

  1. Intro
  2. Forms
  3. Blog
  4. Article
  5. Gallery
  6. Content
  7. Contacts
  8. Call to Action
  9. Product
  10. Team and Clients
  11. Social
  12. Multimedia
  13. Search
  14. Settings
  15. Other

Only in .sketch format.

Thank you!

I always work on improving this kit. Please, send me your suggestions and wanted features. Your ideas and needs will be taken into further updates. Thanks!