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great Drupal theme, good luck with sales ! ;)

Thanks a lot :)

Awesome work mate, good luck!


Thanks a lot mate :)

Thanks pals

Nice job, I like what you did with the portfolio items with the triangles. Good luck!

thanks dear

Looks great! Funny circle rollover :)

Thanks dude!!

I like the look of it and I would like to purchase it but when it is viewed on a mobile, I notice the slideshow on the home page does not display and their appears as a broken image. Is this something you can address?

Thanks for the quick response. I tried it and it is behaving now as you described. I really like the look of this theme. I think I will purchase it. I may have a few more questions if that is ok?

So I ended up purchasing the theme and I have it installed. I am having issues with the slide show. Nothing is showing up. I followed the instructions “Your layerslider is ready but you will notice that slides are not appearing immidiately after restoration of database. Go to theme option page, scroll down to layerslider tabs and open each slides tabs and change images urls to right url. They are currently set like ‘http://localhost/skifi/production/sites/all/themes/skifi/slider_images/slide1/boy.png'. You have to change these image source url to correct one according to your setup of theme, for example ‘http://yourdomain.com/sites/all/themes/skifi/slider_images/slide1/boy.png'."

Am I missing something.

Thanks for your purchase.

Make sure you have set correct image urls for all images in all three slides tabs (Slide1, Slide 2 and Slide3). Make sure you enter a path of image that is correct (test by opening the image url manully).

Moreover, please open this thread on our support forum with link to your project so that I can see the issue.

Thanks again. Regards

Is this a standalone theme that can be installed as usual i.e. dropped into sites/all/themes?

Yes of course, thats what it is meant for.


Hi Worthapost, I just wanted to let you know that this theme is awesome and has got me back into Drupal (long time wordpress user) :)

Anyone on the fence about purchasing, just do it! :) It’s very well documented, I have not found any bug’s so far and has the full power of bootstrap behind it!

5 Stars from me! Happy Dupaling!

Hello liaison,

Thanks a lot mate. Its well worth the hard work to receive such a nice feedback.

Thanks again

Hi worthapost,

Thanks for your work. I’m new to Drupal, and your theme helped me a lot in developing my first Drupal site.

I have a question about “popover” function of Bootstrap. Is it possible to use HTML content in popover? It is discussed in the links below and there are some solutions, but I don’t know how to implement it to your theme.

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8494291/can-i-use-html-tags-in-twitter-bootstrap-popover-data-content http://www.ostree.org/questions/20/how-to-show-html-template-in-bootstrap-popover

Thanks in advance.

Hello 216,

You need to enable html in popovers. Its simple to do that. Just follow these simple steps:

—Open your skifi/html.tpl.php with a code/text editor —on line 101, replace this line:
$("a[rel=popover]").popover({html : true});

All done!! Now you can add html in your popovers.

Thanks for your purchase, feel free to ask further questions on our support site http://www.worthapost.com/support

Wow, great theme, I love the customization options! Will purchase.

Thank you so much for liking it. :)

I am having some issues with Internet Explorer. The drop-down menus do not work at all, and the menu pop-over that appears at the top of the screen as you scroll down the page also does not appear to work in Internet Explorer. Can you assist with this. I have posted in your support form and have had no response in 3 days.

Hello Ginga, I have already replied on our forum. Sorry for delayed response.

I have already replied on support forum. Thanks for pointing out this issue for IE9, I am working to update this theme which should be available within a day or two.

Actually I am not 3 days late. You opened a thread on our forum regarding layerslider right before weekend but after a day you replied that your layerslider issue has been fixed (which must have occured because of incorrect url) so I didnt add reply in thread because you said your issued has been fixed (I was also quite busy in weekend).

Now yesterday you added another reply regarding IE9 issue and other issues. I have already fixed ie9 issue on my local system. Also adding jquery portfolio filter feature then I will upload new version so aht you may enjoy more stable theme.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I usually reply within 24 hours in my support forum.


my apologies, You are correct, I did start out with one issue and led into another. I am looking forward to the new release.

Thanks for the great work.

I have just uploaded new version. Please wait few hours for it to appear on themeforest product page.

portfolio sorting feature hasn’t been added yet. I will take time so I left it for later.

Thanks Regards

i think this is a great theme but the full installation of the preconfigured demo seems to be missing the skifii module in the directory structure after unzipping the files.

But sadly after installig the full backup of the demo theme, the configuration was not active and working in my drupal without the skifi module. I finally installed the skifi module and everything started to be seen as it was supposed.. Anyway it is working and it is great.


Thanks. Please give a moment to rate it 5 stars.

Thanks. Please give a moment to rate it 5 stars.

Hi, I have few presale questions: 1. The main twitter bootstrap theme comes with an awesome top menu bar(responsive) does this theme include it as well? 2. Is it a quick start package? That is, does it include all the feature when we purchase or the contents are just for demo and we get only them? 3. What are the different block positions in this template? Thanks and best wishes, Taha

Hello and thanks for your interest

This theme is based on twitter bootstrap but we have used our own menu which is also responsive. However, you can add twitter bootstrap menu anywhere just by getting and implementing the code frok twitter because twitter library is already up and running with the theme.

2. Yes its a quick start package. We have included our whole demo mysql database along with the instruction on how to import it. Its matter of few easy steps.

3. There are lot of block regions. See them here http://demo.worthapost.com/skifi/default/content/block-regions


Thank you for your reply. I will get back to you once I get approval from the client

You’ve done an awesome work with the theme. I purchased it last week and have already begun working using your theme for a client.

Great work once again. Keep ‘em coming!

Looking forward to do more business with you.

Thanks for this beautiful review. Happy holidays

Hi worthapost,

Popovers and tooltips don’t work in AJAX loaded content. (I think it is not about your theme, it is a problem with Bootstrap.) Is there a simple solution to make them work in AJAX areas?

Some hacks in html.tpl.php maybe?

<!-- Bootstrap scripts -->
<script type="text/javascript"> 
(function ($) { 
  $(document).ready(function () {  

  $("a[rel=popover]").popover({html : true});

Thanks in advance..

Hello 216, thanks for your purchase. Your problem is ajax loaded content is not there in dom at the time page was loaded thats why your are unable to put it in popover. Here is few words from an ebook on jquery which tells solution to this problem. This may help:

Prepare for the Future: on and off You have the all-important Ajax component running, so it’s time to show the client team, who are very excited. “This is great stuff!” they exclaim, but then there’s a request: “Oh, can you also make it so that the background is highlighted when you move your mouse over the biography?” “Sure,” you say. “That’s just a two-second job …” and you scribble out some simple
$('p#description').mouseover(function() {
“There you go,” you say, confidently. But as you refresh the page, you notice that this code fails to work! Why? If you think about it, it makes sense: we’re attaching the event handler to the p#description element when the document loads, but when the document first loads there’s no p#description element! We’re adding it dynamically with Ajax later on. What to do? We could work around this problem by only adding the mouseover event in the callback function of our Ajax code, but there’s a nicer way: the on method. on lets you bind a handler in a manner similar to what we’ve been doing so far, except that it works for all current and future matched elements. How can it possibly do this? Well, the trick is to add the handler to a parent element, but only fire for matching children. To fix up our example above, we’ll rewrite the mouseover event using the on method, which needs to attach to the container element (#biography in our example), and fire on any paragraph tags that are added:
$('#biography').on('mouseover', function() {
$(this).css('background-color', 'yellow');
What Happened to live and die? As of jQuery 1.7, the live and die methods have been deprecated. They were essentially the same as on and off, but instead of being associated with a container, they worked standalone. For example, you could add an event handler to any link tag placed anywhere at anytime! Unfortunately, this has some performance side effects; you could end up attaching hundreds of listeners for every Ajax call. Now we’re forced to specify a parent container, so only one listener is added. With this code running, the event handler lives on the #biography element, and applies the callback to any children that match the p selector. Hence, the full form of on in this case is $(container).on(event type, selector, callback). If you 206 jQuery: Novice to Ninja want to stop the event from occurring later on, you need to unbind it with the off method:
The mouseover event handler will be removed, and no longer be attached to new elements matching the selector.

You can search more on google about ‘on’ and ‘off’ techniques.

Thanks Regards

To make tooltips work in AJAX loaded areas, you need to replace lines 105-106-107 in html.tpl.php:

  $(document).ready(function () {  

with this:

  $(document).ready(function () {  
     selector: '[rel=tooltip]'

I couldn’t find a solution to run popovers in AJAX areas. Any help would be appreciated :)

No idea about this prob :(. May be you should post it on bootstrap communities so that someone might help.

Also read this thread http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8130069/load-bootstrap-js-popover-content-with-ajax


What is the last drupal version that this theme supported ?

Hello Ahrmb,

Theme is tested with Drupal 7.17. The installatioj profile package also cokes with drupal 7.17


hi worthapost,

after restoring the mysql database, the site become unusable that i was getting error “the requested url was not found on this server ” i did this on an ubuntu machine, what could be the problem

thanks for following comment above.


i was able to use xammp for this


Thanks ayodeji,

This must have happened because your server didn’t support clean URLs.

Looking nice. I have purchased your InnoCompany before. Does Skifi similar or better than InnoCompany? Also, is ubercart theme working too?

Both theme are cool loaded with features of their own. Its matter of purpose or choice. I personally like skifi cause its more stylish and it has layer slider.


Yes it has ubercart themed pages.