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Sorry for a bit delay in activating user accounts on our support forum. I was out of station thats why it occured.

Thanks and happy new year.

Hi, Purchased this theme and working on standalone now. I have questions for you : 1. Do you have any suggestion for ubercart zooming product module for this theme? cloudzoom and jqzoom are not working here. 2. How to change “recent projects” at the home page with “new products” from my ubercart catalog?


Hello Superjuniors,

If these zooming scripts are not working with ubercart, you may manually include these scripts in header and edit node—product.tpl.php following the instruction given by these scripts.

To change recent project, go to views management page and edit ‘Home page Carousel’ views.

Change ‘Filter criteria’ to Content: Type (= product) remove Content: Type (= Portfolio) from ‘Filter Criteria’

In ‘Fields’ change project image to your product note image.

make sure you add remove those fields which you need or do not need.

You can register at our support forum for more detailed help. http://www.worthapost.com/support/

Thanks Regards

How do I call more than one Modal? My code is (a href=”#myModal” role=”button” class=”btn” data-toggle=”modal”)

If I create a second block it doesn’t open. I suppose I need to id it? Any ideas much appreciated.

BTW, nice theme.



Hello Ikonic,

This theme has one modal block region. You can place blocks in this region and call it up with a link.

Multiple modal region is not built-in functionality but if you want to use more than one modal window, you have 2 ways to do that.

If you want to place static content in your modal window, you can add modal code in your content or node template file following default bootstrap instruction (http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/javascript.html#modals)

or if you want to place dynamic drupal block in another modal window, you are left with a option that you can place 2 blocks in modal block region and hide one block on those pages on which other is visible.

If you want us to add another modal block region please register on our support forum http://www.worthapost.com/support and open a thread. It may take some time but we will add another modal region for you in the theme.

Thanks Regards

Hi, my current website project is almost done. Another one coming, I am planning to use Skifi.

Is the slider in Skifi can scale well in mobile phone web browser such as android? Last time i test, it gives me static image and it won’t sliding. Might be I am missing something. But overall, I like your themes.

Static image is fallback for very small devices. However, you can have slider even on small devices just by editing one line in style.css. I will tell you which line.

Thnx for liking my themes Regards

Ok. I will buy skifi for next project. By the way, I found out that most themes’ drop down menu does not offer special color on paths. Said I clicked a page inside Profile -> Company -> Products -> Chairs. This 4 menu items are colored with said Red bg and White fg or with yellow btm border. Anyway to do this? Just asking. Sorry if it sound asking too much XD

See this thread on our support forum. I answered similar question. You can use that code for you too :)



Hi Worthapost, I am not that expert in Drupal. I want to ask is it possible or how difficult it is if I bought Skifi and put it into a website which is started installed using “theme_with_demo_installation”? Then, I can switch themes between Inno or Skifi just like Seven and Other themes?

You can place your theme folder ‘skifi’ and ‘icompany’ (theme folder can be found in standalone_theme folder) in sites/all/themes/ then you can switch between themes.


Bought Skifi and downloading now. 48MB compared to Inno 26.5MB… XD

Ya :) its mainly because of number of psd files.

Thanks for your purchase

After restoration inside drupal, nothing happened. It’s not working…

See above reply


Somewhat the Drupal MySQL Restoration doesn’t working. I have executed MySQL using the provided compressed sql file and it is working. So, the steps are

1. install demo installation 2. restore myql using provided compressed sql file 3. starts configuration

Correct me if I am wrong.

Just submitted updated files. Please wait few hours (or may be a day cause its weekend) for updated version to get ready for download.

You may also message me your email, I will send you changed maintainable page file.


Ok. Everything working fine. I have rate you max :D

Thanks dear. much appreciated :)

I like your theme. but i want to use this theme for RTL language :( I don’t know it is possible.

Hello Ahrmb,

Thanks for liking this theme. You can buy this theme and post request for rtl support on our support forum. We will give you style-rtl.css file that you can place in your theme directory and it will automatically start supporting rtl languages.



How can I create a feedback form as you did for sitewide feedback using modal window. I can write the simple html but how can I integrate that with drupal system so that if somebody gives a feed back i will get notified.

Thanks sanumala

Hello Sanumala,

You should use webform drupal module to create contact form and place it as block in modal block region.

For more detailed info on this please visit this thread http://worthapost.com/support/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=19&p=70&hilit=feedback#p60

If you have not yet registered at our support forum, please register to access this thread.

Thanks Regards

Thats what exactly i did first. Here are the steps I have followed. First I have created a webform and you can see that in (http://javaj2ee.com/node/4) then in webform->edit->webform -> form settings -> Advanced settings—> ‘Available as a Block’ selected. But it is still not showing any feedback form. I have named my form as Feedback and in blocks it is showing as “Webform: Feedback”.

According to your response below since my names are different do I need to change any thing href or data-toggle to get this working.Or do I need to change anything in page.tpl.php

if(theme_get_setting('show_feedback_link') == 1) { $give_feedback = t('Give us your valuable feedback'); ?> <div id="feedback-div" class="hidden-phone hidden-tablet"> <a data-original-title="<?php print $give_feedback ?>" rel="tooltip" data-placement="right" id="feedback-link" href="#myModal" role="button" data-toggle="modal"><img src="<?php print base_path() . path_to_theme() ?>/images/feedback.png" alt="" /></a> </div> <?php } ?> <?php print render($modal); ?>

Hey Sanumala,

No connection with name of block. You have to place search block form in Modal block region. Then your feedback link will work.

Currently this theme has one block region called ‘Modal Window’. You can place any block to this region and that will become content of modal window. You can call modal window just by placing a link anywhere on you website or template. However, we will add 2 more modal regions to this theme in next version in next few days.

Basically modal is not working on my site (javaj2ee.com) and in firefox error console it is showing following error messages

Timestamp: 1/20/13 7:36:35 PM Error: TypeError: $(...).on is not a function Source File: http://javaj2ee.com/sites/all/themes/skifi/bootstrap/js/bootstrap.js?mgy9lz Line: 594 Timestamp: 1/20/13 7:36:35 PM Error: TypeError: $(...).carousel is not a function Source File: http://javaj2ee.com/node/3 Line: 835 Timestamp: 1/20/13 7:36:35 PM Error: TypeError: $(...).on is not a function Source File: http://javaj2ee.com/sites/all/themes/skifi/bootstrap/js/bootstrap.js?mgy9lz Line: 283

Ohhh thats the issue. Please use jquery_update module and set jquery version to 1.7

Thanks much Worthapost. jquery 1.7 update worked like a charm! I knew form the beginning some thing wrong with js but when I tried I have updated to 1.8 instead 1.7. By the way If I use CDN (Google) and cache in my Drupal site is that going to effect?

Actually dont worry I will try my self!


SKIFI is awesome compared with $200+ themes and even on shared hosting my site is more responsive than my previous Wordpress.

Great job!! Looking forward to see more themes like this.

Hey, avoid jquery 1.8 for now cause it has issues with latest stable version of ctools. You may find errors when editing views. 1.7 is perfectly ok with the theme.


This site is said to be Responsive, yet when I view on iphone it only shows the desktop layout. Any comment about that?

This theme has one block region called ‘Modal Window’. You can place any block to this region and that will become content of modal window. You can call modal window just by placing a link anywhere on you website or template. However, we will add 2 more modal regions to this theme in next version in next few days.

Yes this slider is already full width. Theme can be installed and demo content can be imported easily. We have created portfolio content type separately and rest settings are almost same as drupal default with views module.

Thanks Regards

Thank you again for your reply. It is very appreciated. One more question.. with the Responsive Nav. Do you have any suggestions how this can be something better than a mere select list o jump menu? It is not extremely attractive as is. Much thanks.

Thanks for suggestion Redhorse, we will look forward your request in our futures themes and update (currently no plan for porting current menu of skifi).



Are there any styles for html5 audio and video tags. Is there any way I can simulate lightbox behavior for videos. Thanks

audio and videos tags are at browser defaults. To get lightbox behaviour, simply use lightbox module or include lightbox script in template file then use it.

However colorbox script is included in theme, you may use that using following instructions http://www.jacklmoore.com/colorbox/guide


Hi Worthapost I believe you may have already answered this but I want to be sure – does the purchase come with an installation profile that allows us to recreate the demo appearance?

Thanks for taking the time to answer this (love the theme BTW!)

Hello blackm13

Yes theme comes with installation profile and instructions so that you may install demo content to play with.

Thanks Regards

Hi, How to configure the secondary menu? Just create a menu named “Secondary Menu” and add links? It doesn’t show in the menu. Plus when i go to the last link of the Main menu, it showed up in that secondary menu area. not the actual secondary menu i created.

Both problems was because your secondary and primary menu was not assigned


:) yup. now it works fine. great theme. keep it up

Thanks :) please rate us 5 stars if you like it.

Hi – it says in the info that this theme is compatible with IE7, 8 and 9 (I need a theme that is ok for older browsers) I did a quick test in IE7 and the home page layout and the drop-down menu seem to be broken. Would like to buy this theme would it be pos just to confirm that it is ok in IE7. Thanks

Hello renee, Where did you test the website?? I checked on netrender.com and found main menu is ok except secondary menu buttons are shifted up a little. Did you test on real browser??


Hi – thanks for getting back. Looked at in in IE developer tools (F12)

Hello renee,

Please register at our support forum and open a thread regarding this. We are committed to fix this issue and provide you updated files.

Http : / / worthapost.com/support


i have my own font (.ttf files) that i would like to use on my site, how can i implement my own fonts using this template? i have used the skifi installation profile and setup a new site and would like to import these fonts to use on the site. can u advise me on this? thank you

Hello AmaraBlack, Thanks for your purchase.

Please register at our support forum and open a thread regarding this so that support staff can provide you detailed instruction about this. It can be achived easily. Just open a thread.

Thanks Regards

Hello Worthapost,

Recently purchased your theme and I’m really enjoying using it.

I did have a quick question about it being “Ubercart Ready”. Looking through the example I didn’t notice any special blocks or ubercart specific pages/views.

Would you be able to elaborate more when you mean it’s Ubercart ready? Does it simply mean it plays nice with Ubercart?

Thanks, Kingstreetdesigner

Hello Worthapost,

Changing the theme back to default does allow the map to display and work properly and there is no more error message.

Looking at this error, it is being generated from the Twitter section inside a block from your theme.


Thanks for confirming this. I have your website details, I will check and resolve this issue and notify you.

Thanks Regards

Thank you! Great support. 5 Star Theme.

this has a major bug that needs to be fixed. users are not given the authenticated role and its impossible to give the authenticated role to any user. why is this?

Hello AmaraBlack,

I have checked the demo website, my local website and I have not found this issue so far. However, to make sure, I have also just tested by downloading latest theme files on themeforest server. The user registration system is working fine. When a user registers, he gets the role ‘authenticated user’ by default. You can test our demo also.

Please check if your are using any role/registration/user related module that is affecting user registration system.

Please also try installing our distribution again somewhere and test it at its pure state whether roles are being assigned to users.

Thanks Regards

Hello, I bought the template for 1 month. It’s very good. Congratulations. I have a problem. I do not like the photos of the portfolio as a triangle. I want to see the thumbnails full pictures. I do not like a triangle. Is it possible?. Thank you. Sorry for my English. Thank you.

Hello tallertecnico,

Thanks for liking the theme. Add this code at bottom of your skifi/style.css.

.view-display-id-portfolio3 .portfolio-container .views-field-field-image .field-content .img-mask {
    background-image: none !important;