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Worthpost, I installed your theme, and like it allot. Read the documentation seems to be thorough. The problem I am having is that although I followed instructions to add images to the slider, it is not working for me. I created an empty block, and put it into the slider region. Also set the slider setting to Flex slider, and put in paths to slides. Tried absolute paths, as well as relative. but still the slides are not visible. Also, added an image to the background, but that is not visible either. I know that the files are on the server, and the paths that I put in, both relative and absolute are the same way I have always put paths in. Can you tell me how I might correct this problem?

My question is what is a “slider post”. There is no slider post content type. Can you explain this more clearly please, since your documentation does not address this at all?

After enabling features module a new content type will be created. Go to ‘add content’ you should see ‘slider post’ there. If you cannot find slider post there, please make sure you have followed instructioj correctly.

Btw have you installed with demo content or stand alone theme??


Oh srry rambus. Thanks for your post on our forum. Since you were talking about slider post, I thought you were talking about innocompany theme. Ashamed on my eyes that I didnt notice theme name in comment :P. However I answers about creating slides in skifi theme just now. Please check on the thread.

Thanks Regards

Hey Worthapost,

Is there a way to place a different menu block inside the sticky header so I could have a User Menu appear, for example, rather then the Main Menu currently when you scroll?

Is the sticky header linked to the main menu slot, so only the menu in that location appears in the sticky header?


Hey Worthapost,

Thanks for the quick reply! I see your point. I will figure out my menus and give you the slug. Ideally, I would like to keep the regular main menu for anonymous users just like it is now, but switch to the User menu I created after a user logs in.

Is the sticky header just like a normal block region? Could I put a shopping cart widget from Ubercart in it for example? Or is it only formatted for menu blocks at this time? (Just out of curiosity).

Also, could I place two menu blocks to create the illusion of 1 really large menu, or should I just combine multiple menus’ worth of links into one single menu and only display the new single menu in the sticky block region? Can the menu have dropdowns?

Sorry for all the questions,



please open your skifi/page.tpl.php file and find this code on line 191:

$main_menu2 =  render($main_menu);

replace it with this code:

global $user;

    $main_menu2 = render($main_menu);
    $main_menu2 =  theme('links', array('links' => menu_navigation_links('user-menu'), 'attributes' => array('class'=> array('links', 'sf-menu')) ));

this will show main menu to anonymous user and user menu to authenticated users.

Sticky header is not normal block region. It will just render what ever menu is placed in main menu. Code for sticky header in page.tpl.php from line 179 to 206, you can tweak it.

Sorry but only main menu will work as dropdown, user menu will not work as dropdown


Perfect, that’s not a problem. What you provided work’s great.

hi thank you for the great theme

in the documentation for the layer slider it says that we can set the following setting:

globalBGImage : URL of the background image

Where can i set this?


layerslider options are invoked from skifi/html.tpl.php file. Open it and check out line 124-132, you will see this code:

            // Options should go here follwing the layer slider documentation syntax
            animateFirstLayer : true,
            skin              : 'fullwidth',
            skinsPath         : '<?php print base_path() . path_to_theme() ?>/layerslider/skins/',
            responsive : false,
            responsiveUnder : 1200,
            sublayerContainer : <?php print $ls_width ?>,

you can add options there.

thank u so much. Im having difficulty, can u help me? I have 1 background image that i want to have for all of my slides without having it change after each slide. how can i do this?


Yes sure, please open a thread on our support forum for this so that I can provide you instructions


Very nice theme. Does the the site template files comes with the Drupal files ?

Thanks for liking. Yes it comes with Drupal 7.19 along with database dump which will install demo website on your side.


Hi, I would like to ask, what is more suitable themes for ubercart 3 drupal 7, skifi or InnoCompany ?

They are almost equal in compability. It depend which desighn you like.

Thanks Reagrds

Hi, very nice theme I like it. I want to edit the social.png (spirit) which appear in (Highlighted Region (skifi)) and add a mail icon but when edit the file the picture fail to appear (8 bit) correctly any solution would be appreciated. Thanks in advance


Thanks for liking the theme. Please make sure you save the picture with same name and same directory.

I recommend saving the picture as 24 bit png then use tinypng.org to compress it to 8 bit. That website gives better result then photoshop.

Thanks again

Thanks it’s done

Hey there, what a beautiful theme! Is there any possibility to integrate some videos in a portfolio page? thanx for an answer!

Hello stetson79,

Thanks for liking the theme. Currently video portfolio is not supported by default in this theme.

Thanks Regards


Wonderful theme. I am sure I will end up using this as a basis via the extended license to build my future websites off of. Your attention to detail and heavy lifting removes nearly all custom theme development I would normally have to do. Question though: I want to completely remove the portfolio effect from the theme in every way possible, to the extent at which it never existed. It is a nice effect but I want to customize quite heavily. Additionally, knowing this method will also help me strip down other aspects of the theme later on. How would I go about doing that? If you prefer responding via email please do. Thanks!


Thanks for liking the theme

Please post this question at our support forum so that I can provide you proper instructions about which codes to remove to disable that portfolio hover effect. However do you want to keep those in triangle shape or make them 4 corners?*

Thanks Regards

As far as i can see the layer slider is set to the “full width skin” in the skifi tpl. But the layer slider itself still doesnt cover 100% of the browser width.

Try changing the “content stretch” for the skifi theme and refresh to see this what i can only assume is a bug. Or am i missing some setting somewhere beyond setting the layer slider to “full width skin” in the skifi tpl.php file?

I am using chrome and it´s the latest release of skifi installed on drupal 7.20

(it´s a wonderful theme otherwise :P)

Lol, i solved it myself just after i posted :).

So in case someone else make the same mistake.

Just set the layer slider css style to left:100% in the drupal skifi admin appearance settings.

Hello daisyandwolfcub,

Thanks for the post and updating the post :)


You are welcome Worthapost, and thank you for creating such a great theme :).

A basic and stupid question if you dont mind, where/how do i style the bg colors of the “tags” that appear in articles/blog posts. I really like the color´s otherwise in Skifi, so i would only like to break of the default button colors by changing the ‘meta tag buttons’ while keeping the other buttons as is.


Thanks for liking the theme. Please rate it 5 stars if you like it :)

To customize tag style, open skifi/style.css and on line 616 modify this code:

.meta .terms .field-item a {
  background: url("images/tag-hole.png")  transparent;
  color: #FFFFFF;
  font-size: 11.8px;
  font-weight: normal;
  padding-left: 12px;
  text-shadow: 0 -1px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.25);

i.e. to change color, change the word ‘trasparent’ to a hexadecimal color code like #0000ff or color of your choice.

Thanks Regards

Hey Worthapost,

Quick question, am I able to update to the latest security build 7.20 safely with sifki?



Yes. I have already updated the package on themeforest

Great thanks! I’ll download the latest version. Great support!

Hi Worthapost, your theme is really a very nice toolbox for drupal. So I treid to register at your support forum, but didn’t get any answer or activation for it until now. Please check this! So here is one of my questions: I would like to replace the big side title (with background, under the menu) with a picture instead of it. How can I do this?

Best greetz


Hello I have activated your account. Please post this on support forum so tha I can provide you instruction.


hi, the theme works fine on IE in the local host. But it stops working after i get it to the server. Just shows things without aligning anything. and the slider also doesn’t work. any suggestion on that? thanx


Can you please disable css and js aggregate cache?? Aggregated css cache is not supported. It causes lot of issue.

Thanks Regards

Btw you can use AgvAdd module to enable aggregate compression.


thanks. that solved it :)


Just purchased Skifi Theme again. After purchasing a few themes in ThemeForest, I can honestly and without reservation say that you are the only Theme seller, who delivers on what they say.

Your Theme is awesome, bug free, and your support forum is full of praise for the high level of support, usually requests on making customizations, as I have seen few if any reported bugs.

For anybody who is doubting the authenticity of this post, all I can say is see for yourself. Just read what people say about this author and his support. If I am exaggerating, feel free to let me know.

Thank you very much for such a nice review. It feels awesome to hear such statements from customers.

Thanks Regards

I have to agree with Rambus1 that skifi is by far the best theme i have ever used – regardless of platform.

A pleasure to work with. I have actually discovered one bug tho, although it has more to do with bootstrap/drupals view module then skifi it out of the box affect skifi of course.

If you set a block´s view format to “grid” that blocks content and images will display beautifully in browsers like chrome, but break the website layout completely in firefox.

The only out of the box issue i have found so far :). Just mentioning it in case worthapost might want to supply a fix in the skifi theme.


Thanks for liking the theme. Can you please give me link to page that has this issue?? You can message me the link.

I just sent you a pm :)

Hi. My main menu is not working correctly. Dropdowns only appear when the menu item is active. For example the menu item “about us” has some child items and they are not displayed on front page. But when I visit about us page the dropdown works and I can see the child menu items.

Hello Brakint,

Thanks for your purchase .

Please go to menu management page and mark all parent menus as ‘show as expanded’. Now they will work as dropdown menu on every page.

Thanks Regards

Thank you for quick reply.

I have site on Drupal ver. 6.19 I can’t refresh my Drupal to ver. 7.0. I refreshed my site (on denwer), but I see many bags. Tell me, please, these theme will be work with Drupal ver. 6? Can I read documentation before buy these theme?


Thanks for interest. This theme does not work with drupal 6.x. Its compatible with Drupal 7.x at the moment.

Yes I can give your documentation if you want.

Thanks Regards

Yes, please send me on my e-mail: argumentplus@live.ru

Hi, what is the standard image size for the main slider? Can we use larger images?


Layer slider is full width while height can be set manually.


Thanks. I checked the live demo and when you “view image” on the main slider the images are square. I want to use images that are more rectangular, like a landscape. Will this cause a problem?


You can use any image you want of any shape. There are multiple layers in layerslider. You can use images according to your preference.

Thanks Regards


Sorry for replying late.

I have posted a reply on support topic. Please check.


Sorry, that was meant for Innocompany.

Its ok. NP

Hi! Great theme I was wondering how you can remove the portfolio section on the home page? I have tried a few methods, but I just get a 404 error in that block :/.


Go to theme settings page admin/appearance/settings/skifi to configure slider.

I recommend installing demo content somewhere to get an idea how demo slider is configured.


yeah I have done that but still dont understand, the examples have an HTML source file which I get but in the configuration it is a number of slides with no option for text, Do you have an example of how the demo site is setup?


Each slide has multiple layers. In one layer you can add image by specifying its url and in another layer of same slide, you can specify texts or other eelement.