Discussion on Skilt - A WordPress theme for Frequent Bloggers

Discussion on Skilt - A WordPress theme for Frequent Bloggers

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Hi, how to make the social icon background transparent?

Hi there,

Our social icons have transparent background by default, could you please show us where you’re seeing that?

Please create a ticket at our support for an easier/faster way to resolve issues and questions you may have with our products. You can do so via the support page at our website – https://codestag.com/support

Have a good day :)

Is anyone else having issues with the classic editor over-writing the post likes and post date when editing old posts?

Hi there Osho,

Thanks for the heads up, though we’re already aware of this and will soon push an update fixing the same.

Also you can get to us faster from our support at https://codestag.com/support

Hope this helps

Hi, on the homepage, you have a H1 tag for every news post, ideally, I would like these to be a H2 tag, and the ‘Welcome to Skilt’ tag at the top to be H1 rather than its current H2 status. Once the user then clicks on a single post, I am then happy for the post title on the single post page to be a H1 tag. Is this possible within your theme? Thank you.

Is it possible to have a “featured” posts widget? I bought the theme awhile ago (works great!) but I haven’t been able to figure out a non-hacky way of adding “popular posts” or something below the related posts.


There is no such functionality but you can try searching for any plugins, there are plenty out there offering the same: https://wordpress.org/plugins/tags/featured-posts/

Hope it helps. Thanks.

I purchased this gorgeous theme a day ago and trying to set it up. I want a traditional, horizontal main navigation menu across the top but don’t know how to go about it. Any help


Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it! Sorry that we missed your ticket for this long.

Support for all our themes is conducted through our support site, please start a new thread over there and we will help you as soon as possible.

Support Site | Where to find your “Item Purchase Code”

Hello, this is a very beautiful and minimalist theme! :-)

May I please make a few suggestions:

1) Move the “Navigation Position” option from “Layout” to “Menus” in the Wordpress customizer… It is not intuitive in its current place and took me a long time to figure out where this setting was.

2) Get rid of the Skilt custom CSS option under “Syling Options” and make your theme compatible with the Wordpress “Additional CSS” option (The wordpress native option does not seem to work at the moment, and the Skilt custom CSS seems redundant when Wordpress has this built-in already).

3) Instead of having to use an “Intro Page” and the Stag Tools to create a site tag and social icons, have a “Header” option in the Customizer that lets you put custom text, and a checkmark for each social icon

All of these would make this theme much easier to use!

Thank you!

Thanks for your feedback. We have big plans for Skilt indeed, for optimizing the UX and Options., so we appreciate the feedback a lot at this point.

Stay tuned :)


Hi Codestag,

Is it possible to manually edit the number of likes on the posts?

Hi there!

You can enable or disable them, but tweaking the number manually is not an possible out of the box! Let me know if you have any other questions, happy to help.



Hi there, I see the layout is boxed style…can we make it into a stretch full width one? Is that easy to do?

Hi, currently there is not a full width style, but perhaps it is a good idea to include a full-width page template or an option for a site-wide layout option in the upcoming update.

Thank you for your input. Are you interested in integrating a layout from a LAyout builder? Let me know.



Hello again John,

I don’t suppose there are any plans to integrate WooCommerce into the next update is there?

Thanks, Paul

Hey Paul, if you download the latest version of Skilt, you will find a bunch of updates and fixes, including the submenu styling. Thanks for your patience!


Thanks John, can you please tell me where the changelog is? thanks,

Hi John,

I tried to register for an account to send feedback on the theme via your support desk as requested but it won’t allow me as I don’t have a purchase key for your theme so will do it here instead.

I just picked up on another minor change/improvment:

- On the image post type (post titles: “Mindfulness with Jason Straw” & “An image post”), the featured image is not hyperlinked so you can only navigate to the post by clicking the post title. All other posts you can click the featured image AND the post title for navigation. Perhaps this was overlooked. A small change but one that improves consistency throughout the theme.

Cheers, Paul

Thanks Paul, feel free to send those via the contact form at our author profile page.


I have a couple of pre-sales questions/issues I’ve found with your Skilt theme, they are only minor, but I was wondering whether they could be addressed prior to purchasing the theme?

I’m using the latest version of Chrome on Windows 7 in case you wanted to check issues yourself.

Firstly, under certain screen sizes the main menu navigation goes behind the logo: https://snag.gy/mDP9LJ.jpg

2nd, the meta entry post-type icon is not displayed inline with the publish date or heart likes when resized on smaller screens (happens on homepage and suggested reading section after certain posts). – https://snag.gy/mqwZ7T.jpg

3rd, the inconsistant re-arranging of tiles when window is resized. – https://giphy.com/gifs/l4FGy6bG7W5AOs3F6

There also should be some margin on the suggested reading recommendations displayed after certain articles (again, only noticeable upon smaller window resizing) – https://snag.gy/KpU5Wy.jpg

final issue – when mouse moves over the main menu, a box around the menu item is highlighted, yet it’s not actively a hyperlink. The user has to click on the text link in order to navigate the menu. This is counter-intuitive. – https://snag.gy/S3VPQN.jpg

(and one to be SUPER picky, which you can happily ignore ;-)) – Long post titles are often cut of by boundary box ( https://snag.gy/hodERC.jpg ), this could be avoided using “word-break: break-word;” or something similar.

Note that as a whole I love the theme, it’s just let down by the above small issues, the finer details. I hope you don’t mind me being picky but seeing the quality of your other themes I’m sure you’ll appreciate the input. Do you think you would have the time to fix the above issues, if so, you’ll have one more buyer of this theme (and potentially the Crux theme in the next week or two).

Many thanks, Paul

That’s great John, thanks, I look forward to seeing them.

Hi Paul. The full-width background image of the theme does not help with taking full-page screenshots, but I managed to compile screenshots that show the three other available post layouts here https://cloudup.com/ctGbQkw1UBO

The options are actually 1, 2, or 3 posts per row as you see.

Hope this helps


That’s great John, thanks for sending through.

In your demo I didn’t see any VIDEO post…

Hi, it’s the last post actually, on page three: http://demo.codestag.com/skilt/page/3/



Is there a way to change the size of the gallery in the post? Also, is there a way to move the gallery after the post’s text?

Thanks in advance

Hi, You can just use a post format other than gallery. This way you will be able to skip the initial featured gallery and just manually insert a nice jetpack tilled gallery into your post content.

For any other questions, please open a ticket at our support desk at http://codestag.com

Many thanks

Hello, I opened a support ticket and haven’t listened back. Could you guys help me on that?

Hi there! I do not see any of your tickets in our support queue so I can assume that we have already replied and sorted your issue. Thanks!

Thanks, this was resolved.

Just bought the theme and love it. Couldn’t be any easier to use. FYI, your preview link is broken!

Glad to see you enjoy it.

Thanks! John

John, thanks again for the quick response to my ticket. I wanted to get back to you earlier but thought I would wait to see if I needed more info. Turns out I don’t, http://www.cobrastory.com/ is up and running flawlessly. Based on your answers, I managed to install the static front page and change the tag line color from black to white.

For the benefit of other users, hope you don’t mind that I repeat your instructions about changing the tag line color here:

“add the following custom css at the custom css fiels located under the Styling settings tab of the customizer:

.site-description {color:white;}

I’m using the site to promote a book I’m writing on a Shelby Cobra Dragonsnake I used to own. I’ve looked high and low but couldn’t find anything as remotely useful as Skilt for that purpose. The few workarounds I had to make (keeping the chapters in sequence by manipulating the post date, and showing the categories not alphabetically but in the sequence they appear in the book by just preceeding the chapter with a number) were simple.

FYI, disabling the related posts in the jetpack plugin had no effect, but then re-enabling it did. Probably just had to refresh some cache. Whatever works. The related categories are now displaying again.

Appreciate all your help. Hal

Hi Hal, thanks for the input.

Yes, after making changes it is always good to hard refresh the page by hitting Cmd (or Ctrl if you are on a PC) + Shift + R

This will clear the cache and show the changes. If you need further help kindly use our support desk at http://codestag.com/support


Hi there! I absolutely love this theme! I’m new to blogging and before purchasing it I have a couple of questions I’d like to ask:

1) Does the theme allow an infinite scroll home page?

2) I’d love to have my photos grouped in categories (portraits, street photography, landscape etc.). Would it be possible to add new pages (3 to 4) that show only the photos belonging to a specific category? If it is, is there a maximum number of pages I can add?

Thanks for you support,


Hi Federica, SKilt does not have infinite scroll I’m afraid. You have no limits on the number of pages you can create, and in each page you can add whatever photos you want. There is no other image grouping feature other than the default WordPress way. You may look for a plugin that groups media into categories probably.


@daf_cam I purchased and I am having the same issues with chrome as well. I only have this issue with chrome on desktop.

@codestag traditional navigation is still not active in 1.0.10 and waiting on the update you mentioned that would be pushed last week.

Hi there

All customer support is handled at http://codestag.com/support please open a ticket there with any issues you experience and we will gladly take a look. Make sure you include a link to your site.


Great theme, but before I purchase I have also experienced the issue with Chrome and not being able to scroll down on the side navigation when open.

I need to know if you acknowledge that this bug exists and that you will try to offer a solution before I purchase. I’m using Chrome on Mac Version 46.0.2490.86 (64-bit) and on PC Version 46.0.2490.86. I’m accessing the site directly on http://demo.codestag.com/skilt/ (it seems to work when sat inside the frame)

I’ve had a look at the css and think it may be something to do with the z-index of site-nav-overlay class compared with the z-index of the site-nav—scrollable-container class. But without being able to test this in a build I can’t be sure.

I’d love to be able to go ahead and buy this theme it looks great. Thanks, Daf

The issue is only with Chrome and it happens on PC and Mac. It’s definitely happening on more than one PC, I’ve tested on 3 PCs and one Mac so far.

Thanks for the input, we are taking a deeper look into this and will let you know if we come up with anything.

Thanks, I’ve applied this fix for now.

/*fix for chrome desktop - menu not scrolling */ .page-cover{ z-index:-1; }

Just add this to the child style.css file, but be aware I haven’t tested this code on all devices, but it works with the recent major browsers.

Hi there, are the blog posts created using the standard wordpress post type? i.e. if I want to change the theme at a later date and keep all my blog posts, will I be able to?

Skilt makes use of post formats, if you plan to use post formats with Skilt, you better find a theme that also supports post formats.

But you can also use only standard post format with Skilt, and then preserve your posts with any theme later on.


I would love to see another project based on this theme, but making use of some kind of menu at the top rather than the side menu. I think the theme looks absolutely fantastic in its current state, but a top menu with full sub-menu items would be the ideal.

Hi there!

Skilt includes a traditional menu as an option as well :)


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