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Hello there and thanks for the great theme. I´m creating a website with this theme, and now I´m wondering how can I put different titles to the menu link and the page title? For example: menu title is “Homepage”, but page title would be “Welcome!”. Thanks for the answer!

+ one more question: Can I remove the google-map from the Contact-page, and replace it for example with a picture? If so, how can I do it?


1) If we understand you right now (we think we did;), you need a custom theme modification. As the thumbnails in portfolio can be filled only from works by default. We can recommend the Envato Studio amazing team for customization work

2) You may create a new page and customize it as you like and just copy [contact] shortcode from the contact page template settings to have a contact form on your customized page.

ok thanks! :)

Hey, I bought your theme because I like the design very much! Does this theme Woocommerce support?

Thank you, appreciate it!

Skoll WordPress doesn’t have special features for Woocommerce plugin.

Hello alaja, thank you for your theme.

I’d need to remove the black horizontal lines, could you tell me what to add to Custom CSS theme options?

Would be very appreciated.

Thank you in advance, matteo

Hello Matteo!

Please add these lines at Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS:

 .sep:after,.sep:before { content:none }

Hello alaja. Thank you for your theme. I Just purchased your theme and am very excited to dig into it. One question though. I want to create an array of Featured Image(Dashboard > Works) Like this website. Different size, spacing no thumbnail. <> Please refer to here.

Please help me. ^^ have a nice day!

Hello and thank you! We can recommend premium plugins for that work that you can buy on codecanyon or you may try to find free WP plugin that suitable for your goals.

hej alaja,

i´ve purchased your “skoll” theme. i´ve installed it on my website after I set up my website i changed the home directory… so far everything worked fine,... but when clicking on the logo symbol, i will be directed to my old home site and not to my new one. the other thing is that my facebook link doesn´t work anymore.

it would be awesome if you can have a look at it and maybe help me out on that one.



Hello Daniel,

Please open up header.php file in theme root and make small replacement on the line #47 – site_url() to home_url() function, if that not helps, place manually the link in <a href=”HERE”>... at this line.

hej guys, thank you for the super fast reply! everything worked out fine! you are awesome! thanks again!

You are welcome ;)

Hello Alaja! Thank you for creating this beautiful theme! It is my first purchased theme and I am happy to have chosen it!

However: I would like to add a pinterest icon using the same format the icons now appear on the bottom right of the footer. I did search and found only one response in your comments stating to “open tile-social.php and at the end add HTML with your icon and link to pinterest. E.g." Only, I do NOT want to insert an image for this icon as it will not match the others and/or have the same effects as the social icons on the footer now.

Is this possible? Thank you in advance!

Hello! How about Wordpress plugins with social sharing? Or special Pinterest-related WP plugins? If this not reliable please let us know here

Hello alaja,

after installing the theme the pictures in the works section are not zoomable. By clicing the picture headline and pic becomes opaque. After refreshing the site everything works fine. For example: Hope you can help. Thank you in advance


Hello Frank,

It seems that Ajaxed page loading conflicts with lightbox plugin. Try to disable ajax preloading in Appearance > Theme Options > Allow Ajax

Wah, the tick trick. Thank you so much.

Glad to help ;)

Hi there,

I woke up this morning to see that the font on my business page (based on Skoll Wordpress) is now bold everywhere. It’s a google font. You can see it at:

Do you have any idea why this would happen?


Hello! Looks bold for us. Do you try other browsers? If so, please let us know where bug appears (browser name, version, mac/win).


Is your template compatible with the latest Wordpress version (4.2)?

Thanks in advance

Hello & thank you for question. Yes, it is compatible, you may safely update your WordPress.


Hey alaja, almost two years I’m using your theme and its still going strong. I’m trying to do few changes and I know that you are best at support.

1) Im trying to remove those black lines or you may call them separators. I found a comment where you said to add:

.sep:after,.sep:before { content:none }

into Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS. I added that line but that didnt helped.

2) How to resize H1 header size. I saw so many people using your theme without massive page names. Could you tell me where to look for this part?

Hello & thank you!

1) You absolutely right, it should works. Maybe you forgot to save options? You may send us your site live url to that we look what really happens, but try again.

2) There are several WP plugins for doing so. Or just simple addition to Style > Custom CSS (e.g. for text header size of 26px):

h1.intro { font-size:26px }

I want to know if latest Wordpress 4.4 is supported with this theme Skoll. I hope to update for security concerns.

Thanks, Ted Bigham Columbus, Ohio

Hello Ted,

Just made a full theme test with WP 4.4 – no outer & inner errors was founded. All pages & shortcodes works good as always. Happy using!

Sincerely, Alaja

Hi there, I was wondering how I can add a retina ready logo to the theme?

Also, everytime I make changes in Theme options my custom.css gets overwritten – is there a way to prevent that from happening?

Thanks so much! Kat

Hello Kat!

You may use Custom CSS option. For example, add these rules at Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS:

 #logo img { height: 100px } 
where height value is equal your logo image height / 2.

Custom.css is auto generated file by default, to reflect your changes it’s regenerates on every settings change. To use your CSS you may:

  • Easiest way – use Custom CSS field as before (all the code will be inserted in custom.css automatically)
  • Use style.css file, but it’s not recommended
  • Use child theme

Happy New Year!

Hi, I have a problem with Wordpress videos in the theme. They don’t center even if text around them is all centered. They even go outside the column. Any idea? I did use some custom css for other reasons. See

I have asked a friend and solved this problem by adding to the custom css field: .wp-video { margin: 0 auto; } Unfortunate that the support has stopped. The theme works fine with WP 4.5.