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This is very nice.

Yep! That’s cool.

Looks great, congrats :)

Awesome design alaja, glws! ;)

Clean and minimal work! :)

Very nice…..

I like it! What about a wordpress version?

Nice work, but will you add a “blog page” ?

New to all this – I’m using and I’m hosting with blue host. Will I be able to use this template. I’m wanting to create a website.

Hi – I recently purchased your template and am in the process of personalising it for my site. I have one problem I am hoping you can help with. I am attempting to input feedburner onto a page for my blog. It works by itself however when I add the basic header and menu bar and footer it no longer is active. Are you able to assist?


Hi, I try to upload this great them on my wordpress site but there´s allways a message saying that some file is missing. Every time it´s a different one. Can you help me with that issue, please? Many tks

Hello Maria,

This is not a WordPress theme, but HTML site template. You have to convert it manually if you want to run it on Wordpress CMS. You may start from here

Sincerely, Alaja


I’m having problems with the grid on smartphones. I would like to see the grid as in the live preview but instead, I see images one below another. How can I solve this problem please?


On very small screens (mobile) grid transforms to list to display your works at normal viewable size. It’s not the problem, but feature. To disable that, you may remove the next lines from the last lines of style.css but it’s not recommended:
  .thumbs .col {
    width: 100%;
    float: none;
  .thumbs .col + .col {
    margin-top: 22px;

Ok, if it’s normal. It’s just because in the live preview, even on a small screen, I can see the grid so I thought there was a problem.

Thanks for your answer


When I send a mail from the contact form, a message appears saying that the request has been sent. Could you please tell how can I change the design in style.css.

Thank you.

For sure! Please open theme/ file and you’ll see the message at the line #12.

The images on the bottom of the pages are “links” to other pages. When the template is used on an actual site, are the images pinable? My client owns a hair salon and we need visitors to be able to share images.

thanks! Patty

Yes, for sure. You may check that by using the Skoll demo site

Hello, do not know how to put a youtube video in the video section :/ thanks

Hello, just paste the video page url starting with http:// (copy from your browser).


Hi, Great theme! I really love working with it.

Is it possible to make a widgetized area on the theme? Perhaps in the footer or in in a page?

Hello, probably you mean Skoll WP theme? If so, we can recommend you the amazing community for that work


I just purchased this elegant html theme. It seems that the selector ”#menu-list-mobile” isn’t displayed on a mobile device… Only the “classic” desktop menu appears (underlined links). I have a Sony Xperia, Android 4.4.4.

How to fix this ?

Thank you very much for your help ! :)

Hello and thank you! Mobile menu visible only when screen width is shrinking to the value of:

max-width: 320px
You may change this value – just open style.css and find the latest @media block.

Thank you very much !! ;))

Glad to help ;)

Hi Alaja,

First of all: Amazing job! I love the template!

I have some issues with replacing the fontello icons with other social media icons (e.g. Instagram) I downloaded from fontello and used to replace the default ones. It’s still showing the same icons as in default and no icons in mobile at all. Could you please give me a hint what to do?



Hello Claudia and thank you! We don’t (& can’t) support the custom product modification. Meanwhile the steps to font replacement should be:

1) replacing the font files at /3rd/font/social.*

1b) if you don’t want to replace files, add your new font and modify the @font-face rule in style.css

2) modify html part (as described in icon font documentation)