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Very nicely designed theme!!!

preview taking a very long time to load

Thank’s for comment I customize preview page file already. ^^

Cool templates guys!


I bought this theme, I’m trying using the “style 1” and does not work in IE8 and IE 9 . :P

You can see in (

In another browsers does work, but in IE dont !

You can a help me ?

Hi leadroibeiro,

I fix it already please check this link ( ) on IE again. If it work I can sent updated file to you by e-mail.


Hi leandroribeiro,

I updated file already please download file again.

Thank you for purchased. :)

Hi LayerSky, very nice layout you made there. Just a question, if i decide to buy this, how can i edit the time on this layout? im realy new to this design stuff :)

and also how can i edit this so that it will send me a email of people that subscribe to my website. Can you please explain it to me.


Hi Cruzyayo,

About this theme you can setup date and time by java script and you can setup email by change email in php file all most have in documentation.

Thanks, for interest :)

Hi LayerSky, thanks for your reply, so are you working on the contact form php file? can you let me know when it’s ready so i can buy the Template.


Yes! in sky theme include notify.php for send notify mail.

Best price for this product is $ 5. Really nice job. Plenty of sales.

Hello, I want to buy this template but I have one question before buying it. Is it possible to change preloaded text and picture “sky under construction”? Thanks

Preloader is an image you can chang text and replace the old one.

Hy I bought it and it is great, I easily customize it.

Thank you for your purchased :)