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Sent you an email over a week ago – still no response. Not sure why it is taking this long. Your page options javascript is incorrect and doesn’t display the when a specific theme is chose. Very shady.

Hi there, what’s going on with the social timeline? None of my images are showing up correctly anymore?

Please advise asap.

Thanks, Jack

I’ve just checked and it seems all the facebook posts are set to public so that can’t be the issue. Here’s a link to their facebook page for your confirmation: It has only just started to play up within the past month or so.

Thanks Jack

Seems like a recent bugfix was made. Could you please email me so i can provide you with the latest file to update.


Thanks. E-mail sent.

Cheers Jack

What is the update, your page does not show up?


Only the Revolution Slider has been updated to 4.6.5 .



I want to buy your theme, being French, I like to know if you offer a translated version.

Thank you in advance for your return.


I’m not really good in english so i don’t want to make mistake ! :)

Hey Again, You are gonna need 1 Regular License for each domain.


Thanks !

Can you tell me how to deactivate the Revolution Slider plugin from the Skybox theme? When I try to deactivate it, it won’t let me. And when I try to remove it completely, it messes up the look of the entire site, not just where the slider is.

Based on analytics, the Revolution Slider plugin is slowing down the loading time of my site, and even causing my site not to load completely some of the time.



Could you please email via our profile form your login details so i can sort this for you.


The current download version does not have the theme .zip file inside the archive. Is it missing, or do I need to install the theme manually?

Hey, Please download “Installable Wordpress file Only” in there you will find the Theme .


hello nice theme i have problem with a issue , doesnt appears the page option of the theme in no one of the pages, only appears the title page options , but when i click nothing appears thanxs

Hey, Please redownload the theme from Themeforest and update. See url : . Thanks

Hi there,

The auto updater doesn’t work, what’s the best way to update theme on an established website please?

Hey, You can use FTP. Please see : .



1. The facebook images no longer work on the social timeline. 2. Also, the images are not pulling any recent posts.

(and yes, the facebook page is public)


Hey, Please email us via the Contact form on the profile page so we can have a look. Thanks

Hi There,

I’ve been using your theme for a few years now but keep encountering this issue:

Images stretched when viewed on a mobile device, the only way I seem to correct this is by selecting the individual images and removing their sizes. This works but when posting a lot of pictures its very time consuming.

Please can you help, I’m running the latest WordPress Installation and 1.1.3 of Skybox.

Many thanks and I look forward to your response.


Hey , Could you email us the wp login details so we can have a look. Thanks

hello thunderbuddies,

can you plz give me a hint how to build a megafolio in the skybox theme? I can’t find anything helpful in the themes options or the documentation. I’m looking forward to hear from you ;)

kind regards, Susann

The file doesn’t seem to be there. I downloaded both the full file and the “installable Wordpress file only” and it’s in none of them.

I managed to solve my last problem fortunately (you don’t seem to care to reply to your emails…)

Now I noticed that the tabs don’t work. Additional to that my portfolio pictures open in a new window (the jpegs), which I don’t like at all. I want it the way it is on your example page.

The Social Timeline widget doesn’t work.. and even the twitter widged doesn’t work. I’m really unhappy and it seems like I am not the only one with these problems. You wrote there will be updates (2 years ago) to get rid of these problems, but today it’s still the same, so there weren’t any updates?

Still waiting for some help – Skybox isn’t letting me show a static page, and the slideshow is blank. Not sure what is going on but I would love some help.

Can we expect any updates for the theme in the future?

Hello Since I updated to wordpress 4.4 the pagination for blog posts does not work anymore (e.g. clicking on page 3 shows same content as page 1). I read in other posts that it could be an issue of an “offset” value. Can you please let me know what I need to change in order that pagination works again.

On the search page I just realized there is no pagination showing at all. Not sure if that is the same issue.

Thanks a lot

I changed …$args = array(‘offset’=> 0… to …$args = array(‘offset’=> ””... and now pagination seems to work again. Is that the right thing to do? Will there be any update?

Unfortunately the pagination in the search result page is still not showing up. What do I need to modify in order that search results do not only show 1 page.

Hello, I installed this theme a while ago and just downloaded and reinstalled the update. With the update I am now able to see the shortcode button, however, the page options drop down is now non-functional . Can you please tell me how to fix this.

This theme is outdated and doesn’t work on my site. I have installed many wordpress sites and themes but this on does not work. It throws up a code on a white blank screen. And to top it off I immediately contacted the author and they have not responded for a week. Don’t waste your money on this one folks! Look elsewhere.

Lol Just noted that after that post it says supported next to my name. Lol what a joke. Envato I WANT A REFUND!!!!

Can someone add solution for missing page options for this theme?? Author apparently don’t want to communicate anymore, support seams to be death :((( Or can Envato do something about this theme? contact author to give solution to make it at least work?

Any updates on the missing page options?