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Awesome TB, glws! iyi satislar! ;)

Thanks, Çok mersi :)

Thanks a lot metrothemes!

Looks very amazing. Love it :)

Happy you like it! :)

What Google fonts does it feature? I would need Libre Baskerville.

Hi Nerubio,

you can put in every Google Font in the options.

Kind regards, tb

Hi there

I really love your theme. Works like a charme! One question I do have:

How do I display the sovial icons in the header like in the demo?

Thank you!


Hi SuisseP,

happy that you lke the theme! :)

You can use the “Head Widget Slot” with our custom “Skybox Social Widget”

Kind regards, tb

SO SO SO cool!

Thanks a lot Alex Fjord! :)

Okay, sorry, should have looked better. Didn’t see that the social icons have to be placed in a widget!

Perfect theme!

No problem. We will put this in our documentation too! Thanks for the heads-up :)

Thanks and kind regards, tb

I just got the theme and I like all the features. Is there an easy way to add breadcrumbs?

Hi, that would need a little coding and an extra plugin. We put that on the update wishlist!

Kind regards, tb

Looks amazing. Well done. Will buy as soon as I have a need. It is great work.

Thank you! Would be happy if you find a way that it can help you with your business!

Any chance for full width image(background) on front page?

Otherwise amazing work!

Thanks, yes you could use CSS in a child theme or our “Custom CSS” box in the theme’s settings to achieve that.

Kind regards, tb


Great theme! Very easy to work with! 1 question:

I created a portfolio and I wanted the image to open up in a lightbox and if the title is clicked it opens into a project type of page. If I click on “Same Page” Lightbox the image opens up in a lightbox. If I click on “Detail Page” nothing happens when I click on the image. And in both of these options, when you click on the title, nothing happens. Is there a way to make the title of the portfolio image open in a new page when clicked?

Thank you! Great Theme!

Sounds Great! Will be in the next Update! Kind regards, tb

thanks for the speedy reply. On the home page, I know “Latest Projects” can use the “_carousel” effect, but can I make my “Recent Posts” have the “_carousel” effect too?


Good idea! Will include this in the next Update! Kind regards, tb

Just purchased, thanks for your great theme!

Three questions:

1. How can I change background of the main menu (from white to other color/image bg.)

2. I have thousands of old posts with the featured image added as a custom field (input name: “image”, value: ”/image URL”). But I can’t see them anymore! Help please.

3. I want to have the right sidebar visible for all my blog posts. How do I do this?

Thanks again, great theme! :)


1. With custom CSS in a child theme or our “Custom CSS” box.
.menu ul{ background-color:#000; }
2. Oh, what kind of theme was that? Please create a ticket at and include the exact value that is put in the html input tag as “name” please. We will see what we can do to correct the other theme’s bad practice. 3. Ticket please and which Sidebar and we will put that in for you.

Kind regards, tb

Thanks, I submitted a support ticket! (Also, quick question: What’s the .menu CSS if I want to make menu titles white?). Thanks!

Guys, I solved the first problem! But the two others I still need help with!

Cool! Please check the other comment. Thanks!

Simple but really nice and elegant.Good Luck with sales & Keep it Up !!

Thanks a lot ThemeRox!

Hey there, really enjoying this theme! Quick question, i wanted to tweak the image that comes up when you hover over a featured image on the post preview. It’s currently a little link. Like in the following picture.

I’ve looked about everywhere and can’t find where that image is, or the social media images either. Any help with this would be much appreciated. =D


this actually is a font icon meaning it is one icon out of the retina icons displayed here:

If you find an other font icon there which would fit your needs better let me know and I will post the little CSS tweak here. Right now this line defines the icon:

.frame a .more::before{
   font-family: 'fontello';
   content: '\f517';

Kind regards, tb

Ah perfect, was able to just switch the content to a content: url(””) and got the image to load perfectly. Thank you very much =D!

I have the same problem as enpstudios: “If I click on “Detail Page” nothing happens when I click on the image. And in both of these options, when you click on the title, nothing happens.”

And you say: “Will be in the next Update!”, but this means that the template is not ready! I paid my money, but I can not use a template for my portfolio! my problem: I cant open a project page. Or am I wrong?

I want to install the template and use it! But I’m losing a lot of time to set it up, fix the errors and wait for a response from a support.. sad :-(

Please see our comment about that (just posted).

Thank yo very much! I tested it right now, perfect! :-)

Glad we could help!


Fist of all congrats for the nice job with Skybox! It´s a great theme.

We are having a some problems with the integration of the theme and one plugin (Pod 2) what we use to admin our coustum types. The main point is that we can select the different templates (porfolio, gallery, social) in our custom types.

We know is not a problem of the theme, but any help from you it coul be nice.

I´ll send you 2 links where we explain our problem.

Thank you and congrats again!

Hi, sure we can have a look… I just installed “Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields” on a blank demo install and could see no problem so far. Maybe we are using it wrong. Could you give us an admin account and a detailed description what is going wrong here -> ?

Kind regards, tb


Thank you for your support. We are using in our theme and we have only one problem: we can´t use the templates of the themes.

In this link we talk with one of the member of Pods. In the last post, we said that we resolved, but isn´t true, is not working.

Kind regards.

Hi jorgecorralesgomez,

that is the thing, I cannot reproduce it with my current install. That is why I asked for an admin account to see the problem live. The github link is fine but we cannot work on the WP core with a theme.

Kind regards, tb

Great!! And thanks for the response to my comment so that I could get it already now!

Looking forward to many more themes with this “flavour”. It’s just my style.

We are happy to read that! :) Thanks!

hi, nice theme, so i would like use the megfafolio page as an entry to many other portfolio, so my questions are : - is it possible to make megafolio showing unlimited with load more button on the bottom, - and how make the megafolio showing master thumbnails of a galerie making with the galery tool of wordpress 3,5 and so, when clicking on an image of the megafolio, we were redirected to a portfolio page (2 / 3 / 4 colums) thanks a lot

Hi, no sorry this is not implemented right now. We only had the jQuery module of “Megafolio Pro”. As soon as the WP version is available we will include this one and hope that it can fulfill your special wishes. Till this is happens the Megafolio Part is only “as is” and can be seen in the theme preview.

Kind regards, tb

ok thank for reply, and is it possible to use a portfolio page, who show the masters thumbnail of a portfolio build with wordpress galery tools ? actually portfolio page of the theme work with a single master image in portfolio item so, if a portfolio item include a wordpress gallery , clicking on image open the wordpress portfolio include in it

Hi xavierf, maybe you are more interested in using our Glisseo theme with this function here:

Let me know @

Kind regards, tb