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Evening Thunderbuddies,

Is there a widget that enables pulling of the latest 3 or 4 portfolio items instead of posts?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Regards, Daniel.

Hi leinadhok,

yes, it is named “Skybox Latest Projects”.

Kind regards, tb

Thanks for the prompt reply, tb. Tried that but doesn’t seem to work. It’s still pulling info from posts. Is there any way I can contact you direct? Thanks.

Sure, please use

Kind regards, tb

Hi, I really like this template but i have a question… the page builder is included in this theme?


Hi, no the pages are build with Shortcodes and wizards that help including them (if it is a complicated shortcode).

Kind regards, tb


I sent to you an email few days ago regarding this theme but I didn’t received any reply from you. :( I bought this theme I installed it to my server but I can’t find out how to set up to look like in live preview. I have installed all the plugins you suggested. Can you please help me to to set it up?

Thanks, Mihai Taraipan,

Hi tsmihai, please contact our support team about that at

Please check the part in the documentation about importing the demo content and please only install the plugins you really need. The one that generates Posts automatically when you upload images is only need for building galleries for example.

Kind regards, tb


Can we merge elements from say Home Page 1 with Home Page 2 to create our own combination for a home page?


Hi Eric,

yes you can mix elements. If you purchase please make sure to install the demo content (explained in the documentation) and see the shortcodes that build the pages.

Kind regards, tb

One other question. Is the status bar that runs across all feature images (on other of your templates as well) necessary. What does it represent? That is not representing the load time for the image is it? since the image is already loaded. Please advise.



Hi Eric,

not sure what you mean. I cannot see a status bar. Could you post a screenshot? That would be awesome! Thanks and Kind regards, tb

It is a loader that goes left to right below the feature image.

Hi Eric,

this is a feature of the Slider Revolution from ThemePunch we use in our Themes. It is kind of a timer bar that show how long a slide stays on screen. You can hide this via an option in the Slider’s backend.

Kind regards, tb

Hi there Thunderbuddies,

I have gone through every thing, but i don’t seem to find Megafolio any where in the theme or its documentation I would be most grateful if you could point me in the right direction


I’m back again! You did a wonderful job helping me with the sidebar problem, so I hope you can help me with this little request.

I just want to NOT show a google map on the contact page. I’ve looked at style.css and the contact.php templates but don’t see how I can avoid loading a google map pointing somewhere. My office is virtual and I’d rather not show the map. Did I miss an option somewhere? What can I edit?

Thanks in advance for your help (again!)

Jackie W.

Do I lose the contact form then?? So I will have to edit something… right?

Hi, the contact form is build with the Standard Plugin Contact Form 7. You will get a shortcode from there and can put it every page, post, widget in your WordPress (even if you change the theme you will keep this contact form). So if you already use a contact form shortcode you will keep it when changing from page template “contact” to “content”. All that is lost is the google maps.

Kind regards, tb


I still got an admin account so I just switched the page template for you.

Kind regards, tb

Hi there, I’m considering purchasing your theme for a client as it fits in with their style but I have a few concerns and that are both to do with megafolio.

Can MegaFolio feed from posts? The idea is to give the client the possibility to login to wp-admin and add their collections into the back-end and for it to display on a MegaFolio page. But I need for it to be intuitive and feed from posts to simplify the back-end. Is that possible?

Also is it possible to choose which category by default a Megafolio loads? So I can have 2 pages displaying the same Megafolio instance but one opening category 1 by default and the other category 2?

Hope I haven’t confused you too much!

Cheers, J

Hi J,

the MegaFolio is feed by a Custom Post Type which means the input workflow is basically the same as with normal posts.

If you need to see if the theme fits your customers needs you can contact us here and we will give you a test account.

Kind regards, tb

E-mail sent.

Thanks, J

Grrreat and answered :)

Hello !

I plan to buy your theme but I have a question.

Is that the pagination works in videocase page?

Thanks !

Ok ! thank you for the answer TB !

I’ll probably buy it, but if it is possible to put more video, guaranteed success !!! soon !

Good idea. We were a little camera shy ;)

I got stuck on the social accounts page, and just in case your social accounts are not loading, make sure you enter the FB ID (it’s a number) instead of your username. If you have a custom url for your FB page, you’ll have to look up the number. I found mine here:

Great tip! BTW we use this plugin to display the social timeline ->

Kind regards, tb


I just wonder If there are any possibility to change the excercerpt lenght in the blog page. We have a full blog template with a sidebar and the excerpt is to short, so we want to do it bigger than the default, the problem is that we didn´t found the excerpt in the code.

Could you say how can do that.

Thank you.

Hi jorgecorralesgomez,

the excerpt max. length is 55 words per WP default. You find a function we use in index.php where it says:

<p><?php echo excerpt($themeoptions["tb_skybox_blog_excerpt"]); ?></p>
You can try to change that to
<p><?php echo content($themeoptions["tb_skybox_blog_excerpt"]); ?></p>

to see a larger number of words.

Please let me know at when this does not work for you!

Kind regards, tb

Hi everybody. I got some problems.

1) The tab section in Services, doesn’t work in responsive. When the browser window resizes, I can only see the first tab and no white arrows to navigate tabs, as in the demo. What can I do? I also saw sam old version of the page but the problem’s the same.

2) The tab section doesn’t work in IE8?

3) If I create a new Content page and I insert an image, it isn’t “responsive”, it seems like “Punched” in smaller version of the browser window.

Waitin’ for some news!thanks :)

Hi lifonti,

could we have a look? Please send an admin account to

Thanks and Kind regards, tb

Sorry but I cannot give you an admin account cause we are developing the site in an intranet server. What can I do?

Hello – wonderful theme.

When I upload a new image, for some reason, it is being added as a post. The image then shows up under the “recent posts” widget area. I’m not sure if this is a bug or if I’m doing something wrong.

Do you know how I can turn off the images being added as posts?


Hi erostad,

I guess you forgot to turn off the “Automatic Featured Image Post” or some other plugin that does that.

It helps when creating Galleries. Some people like to create the Megafolio Gallery with tons of images in it and this plugin allows to upload the images and create posts automatically (in opposite to create a post, insert a featured image, publish the post). But it is a turn on/off thing for this special purpose only.

Kind regards, tb

That was it – thanks.

The toggle feature does not seem to be working on the demo site or on my site. I am using Firefox & Safari on a Mac.

Is there a fix for this?


Hi, is it possible to import the demoversion If I buy the Skybox Theme? Kind regards, BV

Hi Btina,

yes we included the demo content for the import. The images though are replaced by placeholder images like due to their licenses.

Kind regards, tb

Great theme! Will definitly buy for my next customer! One question! How do you build the first entry page that directs to boxed or fullscreen layout? Is this a part of the theme? Thanks!


no actually this is only a simple HTML page that links to two different WordPress installations. We could send you it to you if you like…

Kind regards, tb

Hello, first of all congratulations for the template. I have a couple of problems: - On the “blog” posts are always duplicates. I disabled the plugin “Automatic Featured Image Posts,” but I have not solved the problem. - I have to create 5 pages of portfolio each with a different category. I can not add categories to link to the page. Thanks in advance!


could you contact our support staff about that? And please include an admin account to your installation so they can help you asap!

Thanks & Kind regards, tb

Hi, is it possible that I cannot give access to Revolution Slider only to Administrator and not to Editor, Author or any other role? Thanks!


sorry but that is not included in that Revision of the Revolution Slider. I will give ThemePunch a hint to maybe include a role management.

Kind regards, tb

Hello, I’m trying to get the Blog page to be continuous full posts instead of excerpts. How can I accomplish this? I submitted a ticket but bo response yet.



you have to do some coding on the index.php file to achieve this. I guess a freelancer could do this job in 1-2 hours.

Kind regards, tb


How can I eliminate that zoom thing from thumbnails amd get me straight inside the work?

Kind regards, Majd


sorry but what zoom thing on hover? We have no zooming hover effect included (maybe a plugin?).

Kind regards, tb