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Awesome Design. Good luck !

This is fuc*ing awesome!

Nice Work Good Luck :)

Any examples of how the Store/Shopping Cart works and what the product pages may look like? Thanks.

We can add a inner page to show item details? We can add a purchase Lightbox button. How do you think we can solve it?

You could do both. But I think that would require a Cart feature/plugin. It would follow in sync with your “Book Store concept” to purchase multiple books, from a user perspective. I also think the “Register to Read” is a nice feature for the site owner (good insight)...but in the end I think people want to sell their products..No?

Great, we will take this into consideration. :)

Wow! Great design and animations!

Hello, Yes great template, great design, However i am missing the Store/product pages to generate sales.

Or is it possible to add this page to a magenta/joomla webshop?

I hope you will extend this theme with a full functional webshop.

I am looking forward to hear from you.

PS: I am willing to pay if you can extend this theme with a fully functional webshop with paypal and iDeal payment solutions.

It is not possible at this moment. But we will take all this into consideration for the next update. Regards.

Woow. Simple but great. One of the best themes. Great work, gud luck :)

Really beautiful work

Congratulations, a great job. Beautiful!

Thanks you.

Love the theme! but I would only be interested in purchasing one with a payment system where you could only access the books you’d paid for, is this a feature that will be appearing in any future updates? Thank you!

This is just a landing, not a complete website. Maybe we can add a payment system in the next update for this page.

Very good Work! Amazing!

Great Landing pages!

@mustachethemes, I’m very interested in buying you landing page, as we are we are advertising our website with movies. But I see that I cannot fit any snapshots of the website? Will it be hard to add gallery module in one of the templates? Simple one, click image go bigger, and rotate between the images? I hope you do not my suggestion offensive, but expanding your sections that people can add or remove from the landing page, really help us ordinary people to customize it for our needs.

Cheers and all the best wishes, Slav


Do you provide shortcodes file such as Tabs, Accordions, and other boostrap/HTML5 elements with this?

Thanks, JP

Hi @jatinpatel , this site is built with bootstrap. If you know html and bootstrap, you can easily add the shortcodes you already have bootstrap. Regards

I can’t view live preview anymore :/

Hi nyubiz, we see it very well online!! Regards

Hey. 1. It can use the site to view and share quizzes buzz? 2, Is it possible to embed on a blog plugin? 3. It is possible to insert into the page builder plugin quiz?

idea Visitor registers and views the quiz then share with your friends for free

Visitor registers, purchase price plan can then build gvízy

Wordpress Plugin quiz generator has been got ready

Hi Malda1961, thanks for your interest in our template. This is a html template, not wordpress. You may customize it, but some of the functions that you mention are specific Worpdress.

Regards, MustacheThemes

Why is the Facebook crawler not working?

<meta property=”og:url” content=”” /> <meta property=”og:type” content=”article” /> <meta property=”og:title” content=”Bibelen på hverdagsdansk” /> <meta property=”og:description” content=”Nyt, luftigt design er først og fremmest optimeret for bedre læseoplevelse” /> <meta property=”og:image” content=”” />

Hi morfjord, Facebook has its own rules of integration. You should consult the official documentation of Facebook to know how to integrate the template. All other inquiries can go to our forum:

Regards, MustacheThemes Team


Working, regards.

MustacheThemes Team

hi author,

I am looking the subcription book servies and look your product here.

But I cannot accesss your demo page, pleas ehelp me to access your demo site

Hello @lomboku , if you can not see the demos it may be because your ip is blocked for some reason.

Regards, MustacheThemes Team

See this :

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This page cannot be displayed

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