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Hello, My service’s data centres, whant update my account to php7 from php 5.5 but i dont know if my website is compatible. I have not updated since I instaled the theme the first time in 2013, I’m not very good and I was afraid to make mistakes. Can i update my account ( 1&1 ) to php 7 directly or I might have bug if i dont update my wordpress / template before ? My website : Ps : sorry for my english, i’m french.

Hi, it’s not something we test I’m afraid.

Hello guys, I created a portfolio ITEM (portfolio > add new) but on my website, it shows up as “page not found” ... I can’t find a way to fix it. Portfolio item:​

However, in my portfolio PAGE show up the photo for the portfolio item. Portfolio page:​

My support expired and I can’t afford to renew right now. Would appreciate your help, cheers

Hi, please email us via our profile page from here


I got this message on revolution slider:

Strict Standards: Declaration of TGM_Bulk_Installer_Skin::before() should be compatible with Bulk_Upgrader_Skin::before($title = ’’) in /var/sites/s/ on line 1893

I am using skylab version 1.1.9 and want to keep as it is, how can I update revolution slider​?

Emailed you twice through profile page, unfortunately still no response!

Kind Regards,


Hi, send you an updated version of the plugin.

Hi, my support has just ended, but i hope you can help me anyway.. I really want the header transparent so i can have a fullscreen slider image (The exact same as this –, but when i selected transparent header with slider it leaves a black gradient in the header which i can’t remove, could you tell me how to do this please? Thanks in advance!


Hi, please email us via our profile page from here


I have a problem with filtering. I choose to display for example only celebs, business and sports categories in the main page. And in fact there are shown only portfolio items from these categories. However in the filtering section I still can see other categories. It does not work right.

I have tried to write a ticket in support, however I get error that my purchase code is invalid, which is pretty weird. Please try to resolve my issue asap.


Thank you in advance.

Hi, please email us via our profile page from here

I have done it. Waiting for answer.

Pre-sale question. Does this theme supports wpml or any other plug-in ?

Hi, yes the theme should works fine with WPML.


I’m trying to submit a support ticket but I keep receiving the error “That purchase code doesn’t seem to be valid.” However it is the purchase code that I received and I have 3 months of support left.

Please help!

Hi, we will fix it ASAP. You can send us email via our user page contact form here

Thanks, just sent an e-mail.

Hi, I’ve been trying to contact the author for the last few days and completely in vain.These are the issues I’ve been facing: 1) I just purchased additional support for 6 months but every time I try to submit a ticket it says my purchase code is not valid. I’ve reached out to Envato and they said the following: ” I checked your account and confirmed that your purchase code is being detected by the system and it is valid, however, it seems that the API integration tool of the author is having an issue. I would recommend for you to try reaching out to them so they can further assist you with your request.” However, I’ve reached out to the author several times and got no responses. I cannot even use the support I just purchased.

2) The reason for me purchasing the additional support was to fix visual composer which is not working. It is asking for a license key but Skylab is supposed to come with it. I’ve been using it for the past 1 year but now visual composer is not working anymore. I cannot update my site.

3)the rev slider on my home page also stopped working..

I need to solve these issues immediately but I cannot seem to get the help I need for this. Please let me know how I should proceed with regards to these.


Saif ( you can also reach me at

Hi, issue #1 has not been solved yet. it has been almost a month since I purchased the support and has not been able to use it at all. Please either fix this or refund the money.

Hi, please take a look if the tickets work?

Hi, it is working now. Thank you.

hi megatheme i need version 1.2.3 again, i can not find this version, in which folder can i see the version no.? if i cant find it can u give it to me? thank u in advance

Hi, looks I can not find your email. Please create a support ticket by following this link and we will take a look.

ok. please just answer my question above. i have bought the licence several times. if u cant provide version 1.2.3 i am not interested to buy the licence anymore. thx

Can you create a ticket? We will send you 1.2.3 version of the theme for sure.

Hi, it has been 4 days since I responded to your email (which was a response to another comment I posted) and I still havent heard back anything. At the moment, my homepage is not working, I cannot update my website with new content, and I cannot even submit a ticket. Please look into this matter. I’ve been waiting for days to get this resolved.

thanks for fixing 2 out of the three issues. However, with regards to issues#2 (i.e. the rev slider on the homepage), I see that there is a weird shadow under the slider now. This was not there before. How do I fix it?

looking forward to resolving issue #3 as well as that will help me contact the support directly.

Since you fixed issues 1 and 2, I’ve noticed two new problems:

1) Rev slider has a shadow below it only when viewed by iphone.

2) More importantly, none of my albums are linked to the photos anymore. If you go to my portfolio or project page and select any album, it says page not found.

Please fix it as soon as possible because this is very important to me as I rely on this to get new clients.

Ok, new issue #2 i solved it. I refreshed permalink and that seems to have solved the issue.

Hello, pre-purchase question. Is it possible make portfolio thumbnails horizontal instead of vertical? Thanks

Hi, yes you can do this by setting images dimensions via element options.

hello, purchased the theme, but cannot submit the ticket for some reason and that’s why i write here, question – when mouse over projects’ thumnails on the main page there is no information (name of the project and type) over some projects. and the same if i mouse over some projects on a specific project page i.e. – on some there are only names, without category type, on some – no info at all. please help.

Hi, sorry, we will fix tickets. Please email us via our profile page from here here

Hi, downloaded Skylab theme a few weeks ago and I have been trying to make my wordpress like Demo 3. The folder which I was given with my download only has a Demo 5, 6, 10, and 12 zip. Is there a demo zip for 3 that I missed?

Hi, see demo content in \skylab-package\Demo Content\Skylab Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Demo Content\All Content

Hi, thank you for the reply. When I follow that address all I have inside the “All Content” folder is a file called, “skylabdemo1.wordpress.2016-04-26.xml”. Shouldn’t there be 12 of these demo .xml files here? Or does this skylabdemo1 xml contain all the demo options in one file?... Also I don’t know how to download an .xml file, I thought Wordpress only accepts .zip files to upload?

It contains all the demos. Please read the documentation that comes with the theme, any common questions can be answered within the documentation.


Aevo26 Purchased

Unfortunately the navigation arrows on my Slider Revolution slider is not displaying correctly now – instead of arrow, they show as squares on every arrow option.

I contacted support already almost a week ago but did not get any response yet. Can you please help me with this problem? Thank you!

Sorry for the late reply. Answered your email.

Hi. I cannot get my main page to list all my portfolios and the ‘Portfolio Alternative’ widget limits the number of items I can display. I would like to be able to tile items to infinity. I tried entering 0 for item count and it didn’t work. It just defaulted to 10 items. Tried using 100 and it did the same. So I’m assuming there’s a limit somewhere in between. Furthermore, I tried going to the /portfolio page but it does not list any portfolios. It just says “It looks like nothing was found at this location.”. I’ve been using the theme for 2 months and it’s been great so far and that’s the first snag I encountered. Thanks.

Hi, please create a support ticket by following this link and provide us your URL, username and password for your site and we will take a look.

Hi I’ve create a Portfolio Page but it’s not showing the Categories like the Demo. I’ve create new Categories and has enabled filter in Page Settings. Please, is there anything else to do? Thanks

Hi, please create a support ticket by following this link and provide us your URL, username and password for your site and we will take a look.

I already did that. ;) #978874

I am renewing my website. Two quick questions;

1. Is there any way to have larger than “full” images on this theme, and still be able to keep the size ratio as is? (I know I can type in 500×500, but I want to show all images in original size ratios like now)

2. When you click on an image and get it in full screen – is there any way to get an margin on the top? Right now it’s positioned 100% in top, so it look clipped on top, even though it ain’t.

Thank you.

PS! Hope I don’t have to renew my support for these two small questions..

Best regards Raymond Engmark

Hi, please email us via our profile page from here

just bought this theme, but i can’t installed it. After i uploaded the zip file, after 100% install then It says “are you sure want to do this?” pls try again. Help me pls.

Hi, thank you for the purchasing!

Make sure you upload installable WordPress file only and not the whole package. Read more

Hello! I’ve been using this theme for years, love it still but I see there are new updates that I don’t have. How do I go about updating my site to get VC, the other demo options of the homepage layouts and more? I’ve also seen that Wordpress has an update to 4.7 and I’m assuming that this template for now is not compatible as per the details of the theme? Let me know at your earliest convenience!

Hello, please read the updated documentation that comes with the theme. We have not tested it with WordPress 4.7 yet but it should works fine I believe.


viero Purchased

Could you answer ticket #1022041 please ?

Hi, answered.