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Very nice theme. Is it possible to have the GALLERY + FULL WIDTH SLIDER page auto-play so it will automatically go through the slides? Or do you have to manually use the arrows to advance theme.

Hi, yes there is an auto-play option.

Very nice. Does your theme support password protected galleries? I didn’t find a corresponding link in the demo site.

Hi, yes the theme supports password protected galleries.

Killer theme. A quick fyi: when clicking on the Styles+ > sub-menu links (-Black, -Cartographer, -Sky Blue, etc) the page is not refreshed with the selected style and the default style (white) remains the same.

Not sure if this is a bug, or simply a non-dynamic list of features. I’m browsing via Chrome on Windows 8.

Also, the Pages + > -Theme Options link does’t open a new page.

Good luck with your new theme, it looks great.

Hi, thanks for your feedback! Styles have been fixed!

We will add screenshots to the theme options page later.

Nice! Seems like logo not display with firefox (mac)? There an option for password protected galleries? Why is the IOS slider not working on mobile (iPhone) ? there all pictures get listed not in a slider like on desktop..?


Hi, check it again, logo should display fine now.

Yes the theme supports password protected galleries.

The iosSlider not working on mobile (iPhone) because we decided so.

Nice layout, looks great with those neat ideas. Congrats!

Thanks, appreciate the kind words!

Simply the best portfolio theme I’ve seen in ages. I have just purchased a theme but I’m giving Skylab a go.

Can I make the grid images bigger so that on iPad it shows 3 columns instead of 4 ?

Love it!

Hi, navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Portfolio Settings and select number of portfolio columns.

Would you consider masonry blog layout like in the Heat theme ?

Hi, there are no any plans for masonry blog.

Very good! Your galleries options are powerful.

Thanks for a comment, truly appreciate it.

Is it possible to center adjust the pages, mainly thinking of blog, contact etc. Not a big issue, but it feels better :) By the way, this is great, been waiting for a long time with a theme with these great gallery options.

Hi, not as an option but with a small modification this is certainly possible.

Hi, absolutely fantastic theme – been waiting for something this good for a while! I have a couple of pre-purchase questions…

1) Is there a way of keeping the menu open rather than having it jumping around with Mouse-over?

2) Is it possible to use the varying colour overlays that are seen on the portfolios list on the portfolios fixed witdth mode?

3) Is it possible to have the Tabs fade between each other?

Many thanks!

We will add in in the next update. Please stay tuned.

Cool! When will that be roughly?

We will release it as soon as possible. Please stay tuned.

Hey, love the design and the features. Would it be possible to get that beauty in a boxed design?

Cheers, Christian

Hi, not sure how it should look. Can you be more specific?

Something like this? http://bit.ly/14OaiV3 I’ll purchase it anyway but it would be nice to know.

Technically it’s possible with modification I believe but not sure if it’s a good idea.

Great theme! One quick question. Once you have selected a project, you are taken to a new page and a horizontal slider appears to view images. Is it possible to simply have the images stack on top of each other and have the user scroll to view the images? If so, can the project text be placed at the top rather than the bottom? Is there a limit to the amount of images and what is the max width the images could be?


Hi, do you mean this page? http://demo.megathe.me/skylab/portfolio/nike-woman/

You can use as many images as you want and use any dimensions.

Exactly! Thanks for the quick response.

Sorry, last question. Are you able to disable other projects from displaying below the project you are viewing? Or at least limit the number it shows?

Yes you can disable other projects from displaying below the project you are viewing from the theme options panel.

Beautiful design and easy to use format, love all the options and gallery features. Impressive, great work!

Thanks for the comment and of course purchasing! We would greatly appreciate if you could rate the theme for us.

Is it possible to add some time of a welcome message in the left menu tool bar just under the menu area?

Hi, perhaps we will add a welcome message in the left menu tool bar in the next release. Please stay tuned.

Hi, very nice theme ! Is it possible to get a “full height” gallery as in your “heat” theme for portraits pictures, and for galleries witch mixed both landscape and portraits ?

Hi! Yes it’s possible. Here is an example http://demo.megathe.me/skylab/super-smooth-slider/

Thanks a lot !

And what’s about your “single project defaut slider” in portfolio ? For example : http://demo.megathe.me/skylab/portfolio/torch-relay-photography/

What’s happen when there is a picture in portrait format : Is-it possible to see it centered ?

Each image must be the same height and with in “Single Project Default Slider” page.

A really nice theme, are interested in buying, I would like to ask you a question and report a bug in my opinion: Why some menu sub-items in the landscape view are not present in portrait view? The gallery masonry (no margin) is shown correctly in landscape view, but in portrait view looks good in 4 columns (on loading) and then switch to 3 columns with space between photos. This in iPad 2 with iOS 6.1.2

Yes it depends on what you decide to place to mobile menu.

Hi, I purchased the theme, the previously reported problem with gallery masonry (no margin) there is still and I solved by copying the style.css file from the demo of ThemeForest. The version with a solution has not yet been approved? Also importing the demo content xml file were not imported the portfolio because they could not find the category they belong to.

Hi, the theme had been approved already.

Am I able to change the back ground colours of the individual tiles?

Sorry, what do you mean by tiles?

Um, the photo blocks used on each page?

Hi, sorry still don’t understand you. Do you mean background colors on hover for portfolio items? Yes you can change them from the admin area.

Really fantastic template. The choice for portfolio or gallery are really wonderful

Some questions :

1 — Is it possible to choose my open page Exemple : Home page >>> “Fullscreen Slider” to watch 3 or 4 global images Portfolio >>> “Portfolio Fixed Width” or others Works >>> “Single Project Default Slider” BUT WITHOUT thumbnails under the Slider. Only Texts & Previous and Next Project

2 — All the customs are really easy ? Only in Wordpress or a little bit CSS ?

3 — Really easy to import new Font ?

4 — Is it possible to change the diamond form in “Single Project Default Slider”

5 — Is it possible to erase the plan in the “Contact” page ?

Thanks for reply

I’ve seen 1 or 2 bugs on Contact page On iPad Mini Horizontal >> The map is too at right On iPad Mini Vertical >> The text is too at left >> Margin left = 0


  1. Sorry didn’t quite understand your question.
  2. Not sure, which customizations do you mean?
  3. Yes you can easily import any Google Font http://www.google.com/fonts
  4. You can easily change it with a very small change. This could be solved in support.
  5. Sorry didn’t quite understand your question. You can place any text you wish there.

Thanks for your reply

1 — I would like that my site open with this >>> http://demo.megathe.me/skylab/full-width-of-window-slider/ and after when the visitor click on the portfolio button this >>> http://demo.megathe.me/skylab/portfolio-fixed-width/

2 — Forget it – Stupid question

3 — Thanks

4 — Ok

5 — I only want the text and not the image with the plan

6 — Is it possible to have the sub-menu ” All – Photography – etc …” with “Portfolio Fixed Width” like with “Portfolios List” Seems only with this portfolio or not ?

Hi, sorry missed your post.

Yes you can easily do what you have described.

Yes you can use contact form with any text without the map.

We will add filter for “Portfolio Fixed Width” page in the next update. Please stay tuned.

great theme! Where in Wordpress can you adjust the style of the navigation menu?

Hi, thank you for the purchasing our theme! Sorry didn’t quite understand your question. Please be more specific.

I mean the different styles like ‘Black’, ‘cartographer’, ‘timberwolf’, etc.

Please contact us via our profile page and we will send you the styles.