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On Portfolio or gallery Pages. I would like to link photographs on a gallery/Portfolio pages to specific other portfolio or gallery pages.

For example, a click on the first image should link to

How can I do that ?

On that site

what Can I do to see the Captions below in the middle of the image?

Thanks for further assistance Apollo

Can you explain me how I can do that. I can not find

How I can add a link ;-)

Hi, see the screencast how to add captions

Hi, on that Site you can see there is a possibility to switch between english and french language. Is that part of the Theme or realized by a plugin ? Thanks

Hi, it’s a plugin.

Interested in purchasing Skylab. Is it compatible with a before and after plugin to display photo retouching? Which one? Is the theme easy to use for someone starting out or does it need a drag and drop plugin like visual composer?

Thank you

Hi, we wouldn’t be able to confirm if the plugin works as we have never used it – there are just too many plugins to try them all.

Hello we have customized the theme with a developer. Our client needs an image preloader gif. The developer has started the work but then he needs the information below. Please help us out.

“the gallery plugin that the original developer put in has a setting that hides it. I need to change a single perimeter to turn that off, but I don’t know where the file is located. Can you ask the original developer where the RoyalSlider plugin is initialized from? It’s located somewhere in wp_footer() but the way that the theme is installed, it isn’t in the default location.”


Hello, it’s located in js folder.

Hello we still have some difficulty to locate the file. here is what our developer wrote. Please help out: “I just checked through everything in the js folder. But this is not what I’m looking for. I’m looking for where wp_footer() is being called. It should be from the footer.php but it’s not.”

Hi, please create a support ticket by following this link and we will take a look.


On “Super Smooth Slider”, where can I change the color of the small thumbles down the page when an image is active ? Like, in this exemple: he change it to yellow. I already activate black.css but can’t find where to change the color of this.


Hi, please create a support ticket by following this link and we will take a look.


I have a pre purchase question. Can I integrate the WooCommerce in these theme?

Thank You.

Hi, it’s not something we test I’m afraid. WooCommerce does claim to work with any theme I believe but I could not guarantee it.

Looked nice, until I noticed how the page loads.

It’s beyond me, how lazy loading hasn’t been added to this yet.

Hi, the page loads quickly for us.


Hey man, was wondering if you figured out how to put social media icons into your gallery images? Could you shoot me a message? thanks

Hi, no we didn’t. There aren’t any plans for them yet.

Hi, I just purchased the theme recently and am trying to set up my site. I really like this theme but I wish there was social media icons for gallery image items, would this be implemented any time?

My second question has to do with the AddThis share button. On the demo when I click it, then click Facebook, the share includes the option to select thumbnails for posting. On my site this option does not work, there is no thumbnail. Is there something I must configure in order for Facebook to recognize the sharing of select imageS? thanks

  1. Perhaps in the next releases but we don’t guarantee it.
  2. Please create a support ticket by following this link and provide us with your URL and we will take a look.


Some spammers of course managed to find my site, and are now filling my inbox with bogus comments I need to approve. How can I disable comments 100% ?

Hi, you can disable comments on the Settings -> Discussion screen.

But this will only effect new posts? Any way to disable on old posts?

Try to search How to Disable Comments On Older Posts to Cut Down on Spam

Is it possible to have both video and photos in one portfolio item?

Yes, you will need to embed your video

I added a new domain to my site and suddenly the social icons and other icons are gone. They are still visible in the old address. How is this possible?

Please check in different browsers the icons don’t appear.

Hi, please create a support ticket by following this link and we will take a look.

Hi Mega Theme,

I really think you guys created a great theme for photographers. :-) I'm really having a issue when I try to share my blog/journal on my Linkedin account.  When I put the url link into the share an update box all I get is the text part of the article and no preview photos of my work. I really need to have both so I can market myself.  Can you help me with this issue.

Cheers William


Hi, please create a support ticket by following this link and we will take a look.

Hi, Skylab says it includes the revolution slider, which it does. Unfortunately the provided version is way outdated and does not seem to get automatically updated. How do I find out what my rev slider license key is so that I can legally and automatically update it?

Hi, the new version of the theme is available for download.

I see from the release notes that it contains the latest version of Revolution Slider. That’s a good move. In the future, when new versions of RS become available, will you release each time a full update of Skylab or will you provide each customer with a RS license so that we can keep it up-to-date independently?

Hi, we will release each time a full update of Skylab.

Thanks for a great theme. One question – security problems reported for Revolution Slider. Can you tell me if and when this be updated? Thanks!

Hi, yes the new version of the theme is available for download.

Update for Wordpress 4.0 ?

Hi, what doesn’t work with WordPress 4.0?

Hi, I want to buy your theme but I was wondering if there is a way to only show a specific category in the portfolio grid. Even if I have to modify a few lines of code. My client likes your theme but definitely wants this feature. Thanks for your help. Philipp

Hi, we apologize for the delay in response.

Yes but not a full width

hi i just bought your template and i have problem to add images to the gallery ? i had before a other wordpress template but with this its just not working i dont get it. sometimes it adds the image and most of the time don’t.

thanks for your advice

still waiting with a template who cant upload pictures ?

Hi, we apologize for the delay in response.

Please create a support ticket by following this link and provide us with your URL, username and password for your site there and we will take a look.

Hi, what’s new with the 1.2.3 release?

Hi, Revolution Slider plugin has been updated.

Hello. I received an e-mail to update the theme. How to install the update of the theme please?

Thank you. :)

Hi, first visit your downloads tab and re-download the new version.

Next activate default WordPress theme and uninstall old Skylab theme. After that navigate to Appearance > Add New Themes > Upload page. Select file. Press the Install Now button to upload and install the theme.

After uploading the theme, you have to activate it. Navigate to Appearence -> Themes page to activate the theme.

It’s ok! Thank you