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Hi MegaTheme! Just dropping by to give a huge thanks for everything! The theme is working out perfectly, and I am having over 500 unique visitors a day, everything came along perfectly, if you would like to feature my site for a DEMO feel free. It is 100% fully functional.


Great, thanks!

I did notice there is white color in your menu on hover.

Apologies, it is resolved now. :)

Hi again MegaTheme!

I love this template! It’s finally getting ready to publish for everyone to see it and I think I will get good response back. And if someone is wondering where I got it from I more then happy to tell them.

I just have two last questions.

I want my text on the left side to have a font called “Quicksand” I tried to add it with the “Google Web Font link” but all I got was some random text on each of my sites and nothing happend to the font itself? What could I have done wrong?

This is the one I’m trying to import.

And the last question is just a minor one that doesnt realy matter, but it would be nice anyway. My “FB” and “Linkedin” buttons are black, any way to make them grey or any other color of my choice?

Thanks again and have a nice evening!

Regards, Christoffer

Hi, thanks!

  1. Open Google Web Fonts site and add your font to the collection. Then click “Use” button and choose the style you want for your font. After that at the end of the page you will find the link of your font, for example the link we use at our demo:

    <link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

    Navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Style and paste Google web font link to “Google Web Font Primary Typography” textarea.

    Finally enter the Google web font name for “Google Web Font Name for Primary Typography”, “Droid Sans” in our case.

  2. Navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Style and add these lines of code to custom CSS block:

    #site-generator .social {
    color: #0fbe7a;

Hi Mega,

I bought Skylab theme and it’s great.

I really like the Portfolio Visible Title template.

But, I was wondering if you guys could advice me how to make some changes.

1. I would like to view and keep all the projects together on the main page, like, I don’t like to be direct to a new page every time I click in one project and move back and forward.

2. I will be using most videos, so, would be possible to have a play button on the “Portfolio thumbnail image”? And, may have the thumbnail in 16×9 aspect ratio?

3. As I mentioned in number 1, I like to keep things simple and less clicks. So, could I have the text information of the video hidden under the project title name and have it revealed when the mouse hoover above the thumbnail?

I did a draft drawing, which is perhaps explain better the changes I meant. Could I have a contact email address, so I can sent it to you.

Thanks again. Eduardo

I am glad to return you money but I can’t do that unfortunately. Only Envato support can do that. Please contact them here or via Twitter

Thanks for the reply. Before I contact Envato, I just wondering if you guys would do any customisation under payment?

Sorry we aren’t available for freelance work.

Hi Just wondering how much can be added to the side menu bar. Can widgets be added?

Hi, no the side menu bar isn’t widgetized.

Hello again,

2 things.

1 – How do you get the Portfolio filters on the main menu like the demo? I tried adding the Categories through Appearance -> Menus which works to add the filter to the main menu but when you click on it, it doesn’t move the pictures around it reloads the page with the category. I want the pictures to move and sort like the demo.

2 – None of the Portfolio excerpts show up when you roll the mouse over the photo. I have Appearance -> Portfolio Settings -> Portfolio Meta set to “Both” even if I set to “Excerpt” it doesn’t show on the mouse rollover.

  1. Filters in the sidebar not available with “Portfolio (Fixed Width)” page template.
  2. To enable excerpts navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Style and add these lines of code to custom CSS block:
    #block-portfolio-fixed-width .col4 .entry-excerpt {
    display: block;

Thanks! that fixed my excerpts!

How do I change from Portfolio (Fixed Width) to Portfolio List page template?

Sorry, what you have described isn’t available with the theme.

Hello! I’m trying to add captions to my images that are the slider style gallery but the captions are not showing up. Any tips on how to remedy this?


Please see the screencast how to add captions

Any idea why the gap at the top of the blog page is occurring?

Hi, there is something wrong with your Google font. Please read the documentation that comes with the theme, you can find there how to set up Google Web Fonts.

Hi ! Great Theme !

you can feature my site as an example if you would like:


Hi, thanks!

Apologies if this question has already been asked:

Would it be possible to show different combination of categories? For example, show ‘digital art’, and then you could toggle on/off other categories by clicking on them.


Hi, sorry didn’t quite understand your question. Can you try restating it or adding some additional information?

Hi, Lovely work guys. There is a bug in the CSS though which I’m hoping you can sort out with me.

Between approx Viewport width 1460px >1817px the page on your demo and our own site displays very large gaps between isotope items.

We would like our items on this page to perform as well as the other page templates do, as this page has video content which I need.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi, please email us via our profile page.

Hi there, love this theme and actually I am in the process of selling it to one of my clients. One question that I was asked is this: “Can we have comments / info to the side of the images in the gallery page?” How exactly can we add content to the image? the page is here:


Hi, please see the screencast how to add captions

Hello, this theme is what I needed!

But I have a problem. I have checked “filters” in Theme Options -> Portfolio Settings. But it does not show on my portfolio page.

Please help me out, thanks!

Navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Portfolio Settings where you can enable portfolio filtering.

It’s enabled. Still not showing.

Visit your downloads tab and re-download the new version of the theme. Don’t modify the theme, otherwise issue may arise.

Another problem from me. One more about responsive. In some resolutions I have 1 column portfolio than 3 columns which I defined. It take place randomly for example in full screen size window (1366px width) I have 1 column, when I resize the window few pixels down (1360px width) it backs to 3 columns. Screencast with this issue: It happens not only in lower resolutions. Site was tested on few machines at 1920px width screen and I randomly had 1 or 3 columns.

Plese help me with this problem.

My site:

So I am waiting for my fix :)

What is the status of my isuue?

Hi, I’am afraid there won’t be an update for that.

Hello, I have a problem with the gallery (masonry margin and no margin), with many elements the page is very slow and laggy (mac and iOS, safari, chrome, firefox latest versions). I had a different theme before (elastico) with the same elements in a masonry gallery no margin and it was super fluid, can you fix this? maybe loading pictures while scrolling down? apart this, great theme, love it.

Hello, fixed! An update should be approved tomorrow.

Hi, I just got the update notification – is there any documentation that outlines what has been updated?


In 1.0.4 version of the theme style.css was affected only.

Me again… I see 1.0.5 released already and I haven’t had the chance with my web guy to develop the child theme as you suggested. What files were affected with 1.0.5… seems like it’s only the full width slider, but want to make sure. Thanks again for your precious help.

Hi, functions.php was affected with 1.0.5 version of the theme.

I want one of my Skylab style galleries to be the homepage. I can’t figure out how to it. Wordpress forces me to choose a page rather than a gallery. How do I sort that out?

Hi, you can create page and choose between different galleries page templates.

After reading your documentation it seems that I should have an extra options panel in pages for adding a gallery. For me this shows briefly (a second) and the disappears! Help!


Could you tell me how to align footer text to the left?


Many thanks

If you haven’t already, please take a moment and rate the theme for us.

Done five stars!

Hi there I am having issues updating to the most recent version of Skylab. Currently only running 1.0!

Is there an easy way I can update from within Wordpress? Because Wordpress is telling me that the theme is up to date, and upon searching for it, it finds no results.

Thank you

Disregard my last comment/question. I have since solved this issue.

Many thanks.