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Is there an easy way to center this whole template so it is not jammed up in the left-hand corner?

Hi, we would suggest to hire a developer to help you with this modification.

Hello, I am using Skylab and the responsiveness of the theme is not working anymore. Could you advise what the problem could be? Thank you, Best regards, Janine

Hello, the responsiveness on your site works just fine for us.

Yes, thank you. I had meanwhile fixed a stylesheet bug. Now I have another question: I am trying to scale down images, but whenever I put a new number in it changes it to NaN and I can’t scale it down.

Please sign in using the profile with which the theme was purchased so we can verify the account and purchase.

Hi, “Mobile Menu” on my site doesnt work. I click but nothing happens. i mean it doesnt slide down. I selected menu from Appearance > Menus for Mobile menu. And when i inspect it from front end, it does have data in list items. but for some reason it doesnt slide down. I am using v1.0.8 and wordpress v3.5.2. Am i missing something? Did you change anything after v1.0.8 that will fix Mobile Menu? I made some changes to the theme, dont want to update the whole thing. Please help. Here is my website:

Hi, I’am not sure what’s wrong, on our demo it works just fine.

If you want to modify an existing theme, it is better to do it by creating a child theme than by modifying the parent theme directly. Read more


Is there a way to exclude portfolio items (or a category) from the portfolio list? I have one category that I want to all the items when I go to ~/portfolio-category/showreel/ but it would be nice to keep those items and that category from showing up on the portfolio (fixed width) template and the portfolio filter. Or is there a way to have two separate portfolio pages with different categories, that could get the same end result.


Question. I last updated 2 months ago. Most of the updates seem minimal for me but if I update will that effect any of my website in a negative way?

Hi, you site should works just fine after the update. After the update navigate to Settings > Permalinks and click “Save Changes” button and to Appearance > Theme Options and click “Save Changes”.

Is there a way to make the mobile version more responsive when you flip form vertical to horizontal.

Thank you

Hi, thank you for the purchasing!

Navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Style and add these lines of code to custom CSS block:

@media only screen and (max-width: 960px) {
#header-wrapper {
padding: 10px 30px;
#mega-menu-dropdown {
line-height: 4.225;

Is there a way to remove the vertical line separating the menu bar with the rest of the page?

Hi, you will need to use styles from lightpaperfibers.css. To install custom styles for your site navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Style and add styles from the “styles” folder to “Custom CSS” block. You can upload a background for your sidebar/site from the theme options panel. You can find all the backgrounds here You will need to download not Installable WordPress file but Main File(s) where you can find the “styles” folder.

Hi, i want change link portfolio’s name to different name Eg: www.mydomain/portfolio/abc to www.mydomain/differentname/abc How can i do that? Thanks so much!

Navigate to Settings > Permalinks and click “Save Changes” button.

It still not working !:(

Please email us your URL, username and password for your site via our profile page and we will take a look.


I bought the theme bought after installing i get:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare has_shortcode() (previously declared in /home/myususername../public_html/wp-includes/shortcodes.php:153) in /home/myususername../public_html/wp-content/themes/skylab/functions.php on line 1902

Can anyone tell me what i do wrong?

Thanks :)


Hi, the issue has been fixed!

Visit your downloads tab and re-download the new version and re-install it.

To install a new version of the theme delete the old one, with a help of FTP for example, and extract file and upload the extracted folder to /wp-content/themes/ folder on your server.


I found a bug in the responsiveness of the theme, I would think it’s a problem in the CSS.

When you look at and resize the browser window I noticed the following:

When the browser is about 1180px wide the 3 columnes are displayed properly. See screenshot: \\

When you resize the browser to about 1170px the 3 columns turn into 2 columns but are not evened out as you can see in the following screenshot: \\

Then when you get down to about 1020px the columns are displayed correctly again. See screenshot: \\

When thw browser is down to about 960px it is displayed in 2 columns again which are not evened out. See screenshot: \\

Whenever the 3 columns are displayed as 2 there are also display problems in the Teams section and in the section with the 6 icons right above the team section. See example screenshot: \\

Am I correct to suppose this is a bug in the CSS and how can that be fixed? I understand that technically this still is responsive but it’s a strange behavior and does not look very good.

Thanks a lot for your help in advance! Martin

Which email address should I use?

You can send us email via our user page contact form here.

I emailed you. Here is another hint: Look at the site with text columns on an iPad. I am using an iPad 1 so not sure about the others but the 6/6 columns are not displayed next to each other on the iPad 1 when you hold it horizontally. The 4/4/4 and 3/3/3/3 and 7/5 and 8/4 columns seem to work just fine.

iPad 1 screenshot of the 6/6 column: \\


Love the template! I’ve put together a portfolio of images but want to change the order of the images. How ca I do that? the only thing I see is to change the publish date and time.

Hi, you can set the order in which project appear in the portfolio by editing the date of portfolio items.

Hi! I just bought your theme and i’m using it on my site, but the view “Masonry (no margins)” doesnt work properly in certain resolutions. Here is a link to a screenshot showing the problem Would be ever thankful if this could be fixed, since I’m using it to showcase photos on my website! Thanks

Hi, on which screen resolutions doesn’t work properly?

*How would it be possible to add the tittle to each image in the gallery?

Hi, which gallery you mean exactly?

I just got this message whenever I’m trying to upload images now. I was fine few weeks back.

“unable to create directory wp-content/uploads…its parent directory writable by the server”

Any idea? My photos are web ready and cropped to 900px

Using your FTP software, change the permissions setting for the ‘uploads’ folder, and all subsequent directories beneath it, to 777.

If this helps?

Hi, How to update your template properly? I don’t want to destroy anything on my web site

Hi, first visit your downloads tab and re-download the new version.

Next activate default WordPress theme and uninstall old Skylab theme. After that navigate to Appearance > Add New Themes > Upload page. Select file. Press the Install Now button to upload and install the theme.

Is there any easier way to do it? Just copy/replace files via ftp manager?

To install a new version of the theme delete the old one, with a help of FTP for example, and extract file and upload the extracted folder to /wp-content/themes/ folder on your server.

Hi MT, I’d like to show certain categories on my Portfolio page. On another theme I use

[portfolio category='web']
added to the text block:web being the category I want to import. In Skylab, the code snippet is visible and I get two buttons, one says All, the other with a link to my categories. Any suggestions how to have the page link directly to my desired category portfolio links? Thanks

Hi, you will need to add your categories to your menu.

Thanks! The code referenced above isn’t needed.

I have a problem importing the Demo data. I import the XML file, select my own user to replace the two users from the demo data and check the box to import all file attachments. After I hit the submit button it takes a minute or so and I am automatically logged out of Wordpress. When I log in again none of the demo data has been imported. I tried it twice but still the same. Can you help?

It is writable. I tested it again with another brand new installation with a new database and I am still not able to get the demo data in.

I edited the php.ini file for a longer execution time. With that I was able to import the demo XML.

Hi, there is a way to have a gallery page as first page?

yes, home page!

is it possible?

Yes of course you can set up any page as your home page.

Hello, I purchased this theme and really like the default slider. Do you guys have it as a plugin? I want to use it on another site.


Hi, thank you for the purchasing!

You can find the plugin here

Hi Guys!! Portfolio with password are not working fine. Its is “blocking” only the text, not the gallery images. I’ve used iOSSlider. Could you pls fix it? Thanks

Hi, we will fix it as soon as possible. You can use gallery custom post type with password.