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Hello, The back to portfolio link on my portfolio pages just links to the portfolio page on which it is on. It should link back to the portfolio homepage.

Many thanks for your previous support which helped a lot.

Hello, you will need to select your home page for back button from the theme options.

Thanks for the quick response, worked as expected.

If you haven’t already, please take a moment and rate the theme for us.


after modifying the theme in a non-public folder on my website, which worked fine, i now want to move it to the frontpage.

But after exporting and importing (including images and files) alle the preview images/gallery images are lost.

Am i doing something wrong? Is there a way to ex-/import them?

Please let me know :( Thanks

Hi, I’m not quite sure, what do you mean by the preview images/gallery images?


please have a look at the screenshots – i’m talking about the preview images of each post, that can be seen in gallery list:

Hi, I’am not sure what’s the problem, try to upload your missed images manually.

Hi, I love yout theme but I’m a new in this I’m a little bit lost. Can I see two galleries in the same page? or Can I put a text under the super smooth slider (the slider template). Thanks ANNA

Hi, sorry, what you’ve described isn’t possible without modification to the theme.

Hi Guys, My problem is when i try to use the LOGO in width 300px, because the header is too small for the size of the logo.

Can you say me what i need to change to resize the header?

I hope you can help me.

This theme is awesome, but when i have a problem nobody can help me… is this the support site??

Hi, thank you for the purchasing!

This modification requires changes in different places in style.css and we would suggest to hire a developer.


I’m setting up my various galleries on my site and recently, even though I can see all the thumbnails on my galleries list, when I click on a gallery to view, none of the pictures load. I’m using the “Slider” Gallery type. The photos also won’t load on my home page where I used the Full Screen slider.

The slider and galleries were all working when I first started setting things up so I don’t know what went wrong. Thanks in advance for your help.

Ah nvm, I deactivated one of my plugins and the sliders now work correctly.

Hi, I was just wondering if it would be possible to disable the “next project” and “previous project” options in the portfolio without having to do a bunch of re-coding. Thank you for your time! 5/5 theme!

Please email us your URL and we will take a look.

By the way did you rate the theme?

ok I will email it to you now.. yes i did rate the theme.. 5/5 stars!

thank you it is working now! awesome support!


I have a problem in which my portfolio pages are throwing up a 404 not found.

Site is (testing site)

Thanks! Sweet theme! Erin

Hi, navigate to Settings > Permalinks and click “Save Changes” button.

If this helps?


In the contact page, How to put a interactive map world (which shows 3 places) in place of a single gps point ?

Thanks BR

Hi, we would suggest to use a plugin for that.

Hi there,

Is it possible to add a welcome message/ info under the logo?


I understand, it should be there. Have you tried?

yes fantastic, got it working, thank you

Can you rate the theme for us please?

Thank you for that great looking theme! best money spent ever ;)

have a look!

Hi, really great!

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Hi, I’ts possible to create a portfolio page, that shows in the main menu, and in the sub menu a direct link to the portfolio items? What I’m trying to do is access to the portfolio items both troght the portfolio page and in the menu as sub items of menu Thanks

Great! If you haven’t already, please take a moment and rate the theme for us.

Done!!!!! and I hardly recommend NextGen Pro pluggin to complete de Theme

Thank you very much!

I’m trying to add long captions to individual images in a portfolio (in addition to the one that displays below the screenshow). Is there a way to do this?

If not, is there a way to substitute Revolution Slider instead of the image display?

Thank you

Hi, it depends which portfolio type you use, do you use slideshow or classic gallery?

Slideshow. You can see an example of what I’m talking about at

I’m adding the caption directly onto the image and saving it as a PNG file to avoid the noise of using characters in a JPG. But it’s a large file which takes a long time to load. And it is very time-consuming to produce. I’d much rather be able to add the captions directly if possible. Revolution Slider allows this, so if there’s a way to support it, that would be great.

Please see the screencast how to add captions

If this helps?


In the blog template, how can i display only the excerpt instead of the full article text?

Hello, you need to use the More Tag. You can find the More Tag button in the first row of the visual editor toolbar or by pressing Alt+Shift+T:


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Dear Megatheme,

Is there any way to add the numbers to Gallery Slider style? Similar to the numbers seen on full window slider?

Sorry, add this lines of code instead of previous one

<?php if ( is_page_template( 'page-full-width-window-slider.php' ) || is_singular( 'gallery' ) && $gallery_type == 'Full Width of Window Slider' || is_singular( 'gallery' ) && $gallery_type == 'Full Width Slider' || is_page_template( 'page-full-width-slider.php' ) ) { ?>

So i have added it to the following site but still do not have any luck

All I want is for the page to show the numbers that you can you see on this page just above the social media icons

Hi, please email us your URL, username and password for your site via our profile page and we will take a look.

Hello, is it possible to have categories in a masonry gallery? like on default every picture is shown and you have different categories n the left for example portrait, fashion, landscape. now when you click on one of these categories only the pictures that belong to this category stay visible. hope you understand what im trying to say. thank for the good template anyway. regards

Hi, i was talking about the masonry/magnific popup gallery. When i open the gallery in the demo all the images apear on screen how it should. then there is this “category” link on the left which contains “branding” “advertising” “digitalart”... is it possible to have images in one masonry gallery from different categories (sport, portrait, landscape) and get them filtered with a click on a category (sport) so that all images from the gallery disapear but only the images that relate to the sport category ramain visible. sorry im not that good at explaining these kind of things in english. thanks for your patience

i guess what iam looking for is isotope. can i filter images in a gallery with masonry/magnific pop-style without modifying the whole theme?

Hi, it may well be possible with some modification but it’s not something which is available out of the box I’m afraid.

Hi, great theme… love it!

I would like to eliminate the dividing vertical line between the sidebar (left) and the main area like in the demo:



Hi, you will need to use lightpaperfibers styles. To install custom styles for your site navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Style and add lightpaperfibers.css styles from the “styles” folder to “Custom CSS” block.

Just purchased Skylab! Can’t wait to get it running!

Hi, thank you for the purchasing!

Feel free to contact us with any questions related to our theme.

Hi, is there a way to have the portfolio categories show on menu on every page? It only show when I click on the “portfolio” on the menu. Thank you!

Hi, I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand your question. Can you try restating it or adding some additional information?

When I click the “portfolio” on the menu. The categories option will aotomaticlly show on the menu.  But when I am not browsing the portfolio. The categories option won’t show  on the menu.

I want the category option always show on the menu. How can I do that? I tried  one  way by directly changing the menu options. The categories showed on menu. But the format when I clicked in is different as it used to be. What can I do ?

Make sure your categories are not sub items in your menu.

Hi, thanks for the great theme. I was wondering, I want to have a front page listing all gallery projects with Gallery List then a series of sub-menu links with different gallery categories also in Gallery List format kind of like on your preview site but I am rather new and unsure how to do this? So one can navigate projects by year on a series of separate pages..but always using Gallery List. Any help much appreciated! I think this might be similar to LarsFranzens query

Hi, thank you for the purchasing!

Please read the documentation that comes with the theme, any common questions can be answered within the documentation. You will need to download not Installable WordPress file but Main File(s) where you can find the documentation.

Is it possible to make the menu stay expanded instead of compressing after taking the mouse away from the menu area?

If not, is it possible to customize the delay before the menu condenses? Thanks, loving the theme.

Hi, see delay in js/jquery.mega.js on line 588.

Thanks! I was able to adjust the delay as well as the speed of how fast the menus pop in and out.

I was also wondering, for my current home page I am using the “Gallery with No Margins” page template. However, the images in the mosaic seem to be very fuzzy and not sharp. I just tried regenerating thumbnails with the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin, but that did not seem to improve the image clarity. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi, we can’t do nothing with it unfortunately, it’s how WordPress crops the images.