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How do I install the updates? Please help.

Hi, first visit your downloads tab and re-download the new version.

Next activate default WordPress theme and uninstall old Skylab theme. After that navigate to Appearance > Add New Themes > Upload page. Select file. Press the Install Now button to upload and install the theme.

After uploading the theme, you have to activate it. Navigate to Appearence -> Themes page to activate the theme.

is there a load more feature? I’m currently using a masonry style gallery but the loading is very slow. It seems like your galleries load fast. Does your Heat Theme work the same way?

Cheers, Michael

Hi, please email us your URL and we will take a look.

I haven’t bought the theme yet. I wanted to know before purchasing.

Hi, sorry, what you have described isn’t available with the theme.

hi, i have a problem about the sub-menu active item color, please help: screenshot: Thanks!

Hi, you will need to install styles from black.css file.

To install custom styles for your site navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Style and add styles from the “styles” folder to “Custom CSS” block. You can upload a background for your sidebar/site from the theme options panel. You can find all the backgrounds here

You will need to download not Installable WordPress file but Main File(s) where you can find the “styles” folder.

If this helps?

thanks for reply. but I already have black.css installed, and i have another screenshot to make my problem clearly: thanks for the help.

Please email us your URL, username and password for your site via our profile page and we will take a look.

Hey, I’m thinking of buying your theme, but before I have some questions: Is there any chance to - remove the margins at “magnific popup”? - change the size (e.g. the number of pictures per line) of the pictures at “Galleries List” - let the pictures pop up like “magnific popup” (lightbox) in the “Galleries List”?

Are the pictures in “Galleries List” always in the landscape format (even if its in portrait format)? If not: Is there any chance to have a grid view (so that the pictures are 1:1 in length and height?

Thanks, greetings from Germany!

Can i change the size of the pictures in “magnific popup”?

Hi, sorry, what you have described isn’t available with the theme.

Hi, can I add a filter function to the “masonry with n margins” template on a page like the filter for filtering galleries or portfolios? Maybe by changing something with the editor? Thanks for help

Hi, sorry, what you have described isn’t available with the theme.

Hi, how con I organize in the order I prefer, the portfolios? (es: ) I don’t want to have all the portfolios organized by alphabetical order, but as i orded by “PORTFOLIO”left menu bar thx

Hi, you can set the order in which project appear in the portfolio by editing the date of portfolio items.


is there any chance to use in the “fancybox gallery” the “next/prev”-arrows from the “gallery with no margins”? i mean the arrows, with which you can navigate the slideshow, if you click on a picture. That would be sososoosososososoososo awesome!

best wishes.

Hi, it may well be possible with some modification but it’s not something which is available out of the box I’m afraid.

Hi. I’m confused how to setup my project page to look like this example:

My portfolio page is at and is set up with the “Portfolio” template since I like the grid of featured images.

When you click on “Filipino Pride Day Posters” (the center image, bottom row), it takes you to the project page. I didn’t want to use the slider so I inserted the 3 images into the post itself using the “Add Media” button. However, I don’t know how to get all the project details to the top of the page such as in your Nike Woman example.

Am I using the wrong template or am I supposed to use custom CSS to bring the details to the top?

Also, since I didn’t use the portfolio gallery, it says “No images found, please add some images” at the top of the page. I don’t want this to display or is it because I’m setting up the page incorrectly?

Hi, thank you for the purchasing!

You will need to create portfolio item and select No slideshow from Portfolio Settings meta box.

Within the portfolio item’s page, I selected “No” under Enable Slideshow. But all this did was move the message “NO IMAGES FOUND, PLEASE ADD SOME IMAGES” to the bottom of the page. And how do I move the project details to the top of the page?

Hi, have you uploaded your images from Portfolio Gallery meta box?

hello, It’s possible to protect the image from >Copy image or download?


Hello, navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > General where you can find Disables right click option.

Thanks, but can I protect the image from drag and drop?

Try to find plugin for this.

Does doing that also move the project details to the top of the page?

Hi, sorry didn’t quite understand your question.

Hi Megatheme, I am just wondering if I could somehow change the “all” filter in the portfolios to read “projects” instead. - thank you for all your help so far 5/5 theme!

Hi, thank you for the purchasing and for rating!

Use Codestyling Localization plugin to translate the theme.

Sorry I am not exactly sure what you mean? Isn’t this plug in for changing the language?

Yes this plug in for changing the language.

Hello, I would like to create a menu with sub-menus (which would display a summary page with several thumbnail galleries), but for the moment, when I create pages with different titles, and I insert portfolios or galleries, these are grouped on the same pages … In short, what I would do is a menu called “my pictures” with “portrait” submenu, “baby”, “children”, “nature” ... and when I click on “nature” for example, I see a page that displays multiple thumbnails (Model Portfolio List), and markers allow me to enter the page detailing the subject. But how? Thanks, Sabine

Hello, currently the theme supports categories pages with Portfolio (Fixed Width) style but not Portfolios List.

Hello, I have a question. I installed theme by quick installation rar file and I am wondering how to set black style, because I cannot see any switcher at “style” tab in theme options and pasting black.css into the Custom css form and it’s not working. What should I do?

Hi, unfortunately, due server limitations you will need to change permissions for dynamic.css using chmod so the server can write to the file. I have had the most success setting this single file to 0777 but feel free to play around with permissions until everything is working. A good starting point is 0666. When the server can save to the file CSS will automatically be updated each time you save your theme options.

Hi thank you for answer unfortunately both settings 0666 and 0777 didn’t help. I don’t know what else can cause a problem.

Please email us your URL, username and password for your site via our profile page and we will take a look.

I am really enjoying your theme. I do have one suggestion for a feature that I believe would take the theme to the next level:

Add the capability for adaptable image sizing i.e. image download sizes change to suit the device accessing your site e.g. as accomplished by the ‘Hammy’ Wordpress plugin (unfortunately my programming skills are not up to the task of integrating this with your theme); with this capability enabled, mobile users without a fast connection would not have to wait for full resolution images to download.



Hi, there aren’t any plans for what you have described but if the demand is there it’s possible.

Hi! My customer wants that the main menu remain opened in the current section, because if we have, in example, a page onto a third-depth menú container, it’s impossible to have a visual reference on the menu about where we are. It’s possible to achive such funcionality?

One more thing. Using on the home page the ‘full width silder’, it occupies all the content area, but he wants that the photos doesn’t crop, always using the full image even if it makes some vertical or horizontal margins. Can you hint me on how to tweak it?

Thanks in advance!!

Ups… doesn’t seem to work that trick… can i sent you my site privately?

On the other hand, the use of the slider it’s not an option, my client loves the fade effect and doesn’t want the thumbnails strip… Maybe it’s possible to modify the slider template making a copy to remove the thumbnails strip but.. it’s possible to change the slider effect for a fade? He also prefers such effect in the ‘slider’ if possible…

Hi again! Can you help us with that menu issue and the slide effect? Thanks in advance and sorry for the inconvenience, but some clients are very stubborn ;)

Hi, please email us your URL, username and password for your site via our profile page and we will take a look.


still enjoy your theme :)

Nevertheless, two questions:

1. Whats the max width for pictures if i choose “image gallery” in gallery styles?

2. The contact form on my website doesnt work anymore. It used to work, some days ago, but it does not work anymore. Could you please have a look? URL is

Thanks a lot

Can you please translate what that message means in English?

The message can not be sent. Please try again at a later time or inform the administrator of the website.

Use these support channels appropriately.

  1. Docs
  2. FAQ
  3. Support Forum


hello… i also am liking the theme… I have a very simple question, should be easy…

So i Made a 2 portfolios in the Pages section, Now i want some portfolios to go in one section, and others in another… I created 2 different Categories in the actual Portfolio section… But now what? How do i tell the Portfolio “pages” which portfolio section to filter? Right now ALL the portfolios I make are going to both sections.

thanks! Dylan

Hi, I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand your question. Can you try restating it or adding some additional information?

Hello, I’m not good at these things, but I really like your theme, and I would like to set up on my site the same portfolio this site but do not know how to do. I trust in your help. Sincerely

Hi, thank you for the purchasing!

Please read the documentation that comes with the theme, any common questions can be answered within the documentation.

The homepage load time is really long using the “Full Width Slider” template. I’ve scaled down my images as much as I can. But, it doesn’t seem to have made a difference. Would the home page load time be better if I created a Revolution Slider ?

I’ve noticed that the demo site [] seems to load quite fast. Are you using any kind of caching? What’s the secret to the fast load time? :-)


Hi, we use hosting by Media Temple Also you can try cache plugin.

I’m not completely unable to add images to my galleries… When I click on the ‘add images to gallery’ link… nothing comes up. It just scrolls to the top of the new gallery page and nothing happens. I disabled all plugins thinking that may have been the issue and that did not help… What gives?

I’m NOW* completely unable to add images

Hi, please email us your URL, username and password for your site via our profile page and we will take a look.