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I am having some problems with the Revolution slider, and my home page :( All of my images on the slider are chopped and I can never see the slider even when I insert it.

Also, I don’t have the documentation that is shown on the Item Details. Well, I do but it is just a bunch of gobbledygoop. Maybe I am just too much of a noob to this website stuff.

Can you help me?

Hi, I’m not quite sure what you mean. Your slider works just fine for us.

I’m getting what looks like a smiley face above the slider on the mobile version. Any ideas? Using slider template.

Hi, go into your Dashboard -> Jetpack -> Stats and click the configure button. Check “Hide the stats smiley face image.”

Oh snap! Thanks.

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I must say.. this is one of the more interesting portfolio style themes on here. I think I spent 2 hrs playing around with the demo and some of the live sites. My presale question is in regards to the blog. Is there any way of making the blog wider? thanks.

Hi, navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Style and add these lines of code to custom CSS block:

.archive #main,
.search #main,
.blog #main {
max-width: 1135px;

Next in functions.php you will need to enlarge your blog thumbs on line 91.

After changing these settings you will need to regenerate your thumbnails

ok great… haven’t bought theme but great to know how to do it :-)


Hi, In the demo you show a gallery called ‘masonry/video/mixed’. I can’t seem to figure out how to add a video to a gallery…or to show the video arrow in the thumbnail and make it play in the lightbox. Your help would be so appreciated!

Thanks, Zoe

Hi, please see the screencast how to add videos

Thanks so much!

hi, Is there a way to change the template for the category portfolios? I want to change the category portfolio template to “porfolio”. but there doesn’t seem to be a setting.

Thanks Dan

Hi, I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand your question. Can you try restating it or adding some additional information?

HI there, just bought the theme. Is there a way to switch the portfolio and the blog? I want to present the blogposts on the homepage with tiles such as with the portfolio. How can I do that?



I’ve just been testing the site I have put together using your theme. I have been using a bandwidth simulator to test the site’s responsiveness to different download speeds and I have discovered that the thumbnails on a ‘Super Slider’ page of about 30 images load so slowly that I am going to have to disable them. Is there a logical explanation for this? I have created the exact same slideshow using the Royal Slider Wordpress plugin and there are no delays loading the thumbnails. Is there a way to replicate the fast thumbnail loading with your theme’s implementation of the Royal Slider?

Many thanks


I should add that, when I disable the thumbnails by editing the ‘functions.php’ file, the page loads at a decent speed, which leads me to believe that the issue lies in the generation of the thumbnails. Liam

Hi, can you email your URL where you use Royal Slider WordPress plugin with your thumbs?

Looking for some direction… trying make a structure that follows location based categories. Want to have 3 separate portfolios (NY, FL, MA). Within each are categories (Interior, Exterior, etc). I am trying to make it so that you can have NY > Exteriors and FL > Exteriors and MA > Exteriors, but the 3 don’t cross on the site.


I understand that and have done so, but how do you separate Categories in the admin? The only way I see it is that you would have to put the category name as “New York Exteriors” and “Florida Exteriors”. Because if you had portfolio categories of New York, Florida & Exteriors and you select New York and Exteriors category for one, then selected Florida and Exteriors for another, both would appear in the category listing. Does that make sense?

Sorry, what you have described isn’t available with the theme.

It’s a weird request from the client. I don’t suspect any themes in the WP environment will work that way as the Categories module doesn’t allow for sub-groups. The theme is great and I will continue to try and find how to make it appear to work.


I have purchased Skylab Portfolio/Photography Wordpress Theme. It is live here:

My client wants a page with a fullscreen background image and a text. Can you tell me how can I use your theme to do this?

I have a problem with the text. If I have more descriptive text, I cannot see it, I have no scroll on the page. You can see this here:

Thank you.

Hi, thank you for the purchasing!

We would suggest to hire a developer to help you with this modification.


I have bought the Skylab template and have installed it in Wordpress. However, I am not able to see About (Studio) and Contact Pages in the templates section. Please let me know where to find these pages.



Hi, please sign in using the profile with which the theme was purchased so we can verify the account and purchase.

Hi, I trying to password protect the portfolio and It dosen’t work? I can oly protect the portfolio items. Is it normal?


Hi, currently password protected portfolio doesn’t work.

Hi team,

Just installed a theme and can’t figure out about 2 moments:

1) Tried to import a demo file, and it’s about 50 minutes passed, and with no results. How long importing is continued?

2) All my urls have a strange ending – #sthash.meMxrmmQ.dpbs – How I can delete ???


Kind regards, Igor

Hi, thank you for the purchasing!

  1. It depends on your configuration. Contact your hosting company to help you with.
  2. Go to the advanced tab for the AddThis plugin settings and uncheck “address bar shares”.

1. Solved 2. Solved

Thank you guys!

Hello, in your last update 1.1.7 could you please specify which files have been modified?

Thank you!

Hi, functions.php has been modified.

Hello again guys,

Just found a bug with a horizontal photo’s caption – – first three images

Is it possible to make a little customization – that a caption appeared right below a big photography and above thumbnails – in the middle of an empty space? I guess if a caption will be centered it’ll look great.

I think a lot of photographers will be grateful to you. We all have a lot of horizontal photos! And all professional photographers have a necessity to describe images with little captions, to help photo editors to find what they needed.

Thanks advance!

Regards, Igor

I’am not sure if it’s a bug.

Hi, can the caption be below an image, not closing a part of it? Thanks!

Hi, sorry it’s not something which is included as an option.

Hi I purchased the theme a few days ago and I want to start using it. I have a question, is a way to install the theme with the demo ready? I mean to install the them as it appear in the demo with galleries, pages and images ready and included, so I can edit it from there?


Hi, please read the documentation that comes with the theme, any common questions can be answered within the documentation.

You will need to download not Installable WordPress file but Main File(s) where you can find the documentation.

I am using a full width of window slider for home page. How can I have my logo appear with this selection in place of the site title? Thanks much

Hi, I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand your question. Can you try restating it or adding some additional information?


Excuse my english, I’m from Montreal and I speak french.

Your theme is great but I have some questions.

When I set a page in “slider” mode, I need a SCROLL EFFECT with the trackpad. How can I add this?

Also, I need to add a little text behind each picture, where can I adjust this option?

Thank you so much for your help!


How much if I want to add the scroll option?

Thank you!

Sorry we aren’t available for freelance work.

Hi there,

I just bought your theme and installed. I’m trying to achive “portfolios list” home page on your demo, but I’m afraid no luck.

My question is you mentioned in your documentation that there was a Masonry(No Margins) page template, but I’m afraid there isn’t.

There are “galleries list” and “galleries no-margin” templates but then it asks me to put some gallery posts which I don’t need to.

Thanks in advance,

Hi, thank you for the purchasing!

  1. Can you try adding some additional information?
  2. You will need to use Gallery with no margins page template
  3. I’m not quite sure what you mean.

Hi, I just purchased this theme and I have a few questions. 1. I created my wordpress site with a different theme. For this I created a menu structure with pages and categories. In your theme galleries and portfolios can be created. How can I use these and add these to my already existing pages? I’ve created a few test galleries and portfolios, but they can not be added to the menu or inserted into the pages.

2. I want to create an even looking grid (preferably with square thumbnails) using ‘galley with no margings’. The overview page keeps showing the original picture forms (a mix of rectangle and square). I tried to make the thumbnails square by cropping them individually, but this doesn’t work. Then I recropped the whole pictures and even that doesn’t work. In the media gallery the pictures are cropped and resized to 1000×1000 but they still appear a reactangles on the overview page. What am I doing wrong?

add 2. I tried: cropping only the thumbnails to exactly 281-363, cropping all the pictures (including the thumbnails) to those dimensions, cropping some of the pictures and some not, refreshing the image gallery time after time, deleting the pictures and adding and recropping them again. But the images keep appearing in their original dimensions, even if the image gallery displays them in their new dimensions.

Hi, thank you for the purchasing!

  1. Please read the documentation that comes with the theme, any common questions can be answered within the documentation.
  2. WordPress crops them automatically.

Hi, how can i stop a link on a parent-page?

on your exemple there is no link on “pages”


Hi, you will need to add


to your menu item.

thanks, but i can’t find exactly where i must add it…can you tell me some more?