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hello. 1. how I can change color of a font in a field of a contact form? 2. what changes in the new version of a template? as I can update without changes on a site


  1. Navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Style and add these lines of code to custom CSS block:
    .wpcf7-form .input-block label,
    .wpcf7-form .textarea-block label {
    color: red;
  2. You can see the change log here at the bottom of the page.

thank you…and color of the text after addition. in an inactive condition

Sorry didn’t quite understand your question.

Hi, how to do Galleries list like this one; i didn’t find it on the documentation.


Hi, to set up the page which displays all the gallery custom post type, create a new page by navigating to Pages > Add New. Give it a title, select the “Galleries List” template from the Page Attributes section and click Publish. Your page is now ready to showcase the gallery custom post type items.

To add a new gallery item, navigate to Galleries > Add New.

thanks, i don’t know how to link the new page created and the new Gallerie created.

We would suggest to read more about WordPress first

Hello there! great template! I have a pre-sales question. How can I add a full background video? For example, I want to display as for the homepage a video as the background. Is this possible?

Thanks for your assistance. I’m impress of the level of free support you provided to your customers. Kudos!

Hi, sorry, what you have described isn’t available with the theme.


I do not understand at all how the theme, I’m completely lost, even with the “demo” does not work well with the installation. Do you have a video?

thank you

Hello, sorry we don’t have a video tutorial.


I am using this theme in another language so i wanted to change “BACK TO PORTFOLIO, NEXT PROJECT PREV PROECT” texts. Which PHP file should i modify?


Hi, use Codestyling Localization plugin to translate the theme.

thanks it is great plugin but i triied to change Next project ? NEXT PROJECT text but i couldnt manageed it. I changed “ALL” in the portfolio fixed via editor in themes php file. But i coundt find the php file for them. I dont wanto change the whole theme. Is it possible?

i found it under single-portfolio.php


Is there a way to directly target the logo and resize it from the CSS so that it’s Retina ready? The option inside the template doesn’t seem to be working anymore. I’d rather just put a width and height on it and be done.

Yes correct.

It doesn’t resize on my iPad and iPhone. It remains the larger size. I know how to simply target the logo and resize it with CSS, but I don’t know what the logo is called; do you?

Hi, please email us your URL, username and password for your site via our profile page and we will take a look.

How can I add a link to the title text of an image when using the full screen gallery like you do in the demo on the page with “Sandra / Lovis Co”

Thanks so much!

Thanks. But I would like is to make the caption a link as you did…

You can use any HTML there. Example:

<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

thank you!


I see that the theme doesn’t treat the password protected pages the same way it does the password protected galleries.

For anything non-gallery related (ie. full width page) and with the password protection turned on, the MEGA theme black SUBMIT button doesn’t appear. Instead, it’s the standard gray “submit” button.

For password protected galleries (slider/masonry, etc), the submit button is the one styled as per the mega theme.

see photo

See the above screenshot,

You can also test it on your end… a protected gallery will use the embedded theme’s button styling, but for a protected page/blog post, the password field and submit button are not styled the same way. It appears that protected galleries are calling a different CSS style than the protected posts.

My question is – how do I ensure that my protected pages (ie. full-width pages, or blog posts) are styled the same way as protected galleries.

Hi, please email us your URL, username and password for your site via our profile page and we will take a look.

I managed to find it myself:

Basically, page-full-width.php was missing this code in the header. Now it works, which means protected pages will be styled the same way as protected galleries.

<?php if ( post_password_required() ) : ?> <?php the_content(); ?> <?php else : ?>

and this at the bottom before closing the content.

<?php endif; // end if ( post_password_required() ?>


I’ve set a page to have the “portfolio” custom post type,b ut I’m not getting the portfolio settings options. When I click the ‘Screen Options’ tab a the top of the dashboard page there are two ‘Gallery Settings’ checkboxes but nothing about portfolio settings. I’ve tried turning off all plugins but this is a new install and there were only 2 on anyways. Am I missing something?

Hi, I’am not sure which settings you mean, please read the documentation that comes with the theme, any common questions can be answered within the documentation.

is there a way to set a custom background to different pages or you can only use one photo?? HELP PLEASE!

Hi, sorry it’s not something which is included as an option.

hello, a small question, I would change the permalink to have cosmetic personal info, but when I do that, nothing works in the portfolio (fixed). is there a solution for this?


A very big thank you to you.

If you haven’t already, please take a moment and rate the theme for us.

Well, it’s done.

5 stars for you.

Thank you again :)

Hello, I have 2 question: 1- Is there any way to have a full width video on the homepage? I’d like to have the same effect of the full width slider but with a youtube or vimeo video… 2- How can I change the height of the full width slider in the portfolio page? I’d like to reduce it a bit because on big screen it takes almost the full window height.

Thanks for this grate theme!

You will need to crop you images.

I tried to load 2 img 1000×200px and nothing changed. the slider stretch them to fitt the fixed height. What I’m making wrong?

Hi, try 1920 × 925.

Hello, i have a question about contact form. My contact form looks different as your preview contact form. It is a little bit hard to describe how looks different without picture.

on my contact form, all of filling blanks, which are name, email address and phone number etc, are shorter than your contact form’s blanks. i did full width but it doesn’t change at all.

so how do i set up contact form that looks same as your one.

Thanks :)

Hi, please email us your URL, username and password for your site via our profile page and we will take a look.

Hi there, I am finding the mobile version very difficult to understand. I know that many other users also complained about this, but I can’t see a clear answer anywhere on how to make this work in a decent way. Right now the logo appears HUGE on smartphones and you get zero thumbnails for projects. Gallery images do not resize properly to fill the screen, and because of the size of the logo being ridiculously huge galleries are virtually impossible to see. The home page gallery also looks really bad because it does not resize to fill the screen. Can you please help ?

Hi, please email us your URL and we will take a look.

Hi again, I tried reducing the logo size to 300×106px, and things are looking better now on the mobile side. However I realised that I can’t get thumbnails to display on the mobile homepage, as all of my “Portfolio” items are actually Pages. Is there a way to display the pages as portfolio items so that they appear as clickable thumbnails (or featured images) on the mobile homepage ? Thanks!

I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand your question. Can you try restating it or adding some additional information?

Hello, I have another question: would you know how to get more padding on the top and bottom of the homepage logo? It looks like there is something setting it at 218px padding, but I can’t see where? I tried looking at the settings for “header-wrapper” in style.css but I can’t figure it out… Could you tell me what I can do to set it at 300px?

We would suggest to install and replace all the 218px by 300px.

Hello, i have questions about uploading images on website. I’ve got an email with help.html from yours and i followed tutorials or guideline on help.html

However, i have problems with uploading pictures and vimeo videos. i tired to upload vimeo videos and images on background manager but thumbnail window doesn’t open. then i click the upload thumbnail and tired to click the select files button for uploading images. But it does not open the window for selecting files.

Moreover, i uploaded two videos. One is from Youtube and the other one is from Vimeo. Video from Youtube plays on center of website but video from Vimeo does not play on center of website

I have no ideas what is wrong and how to do. I cannot upload any images or videos on website, also Vimeo video does not play on center of website.

please tell me what to do ASAP. Thanks

Hi, please email us your URL, username and password for your site via our profile page and we will take a look.

Hi team,

How I can get those 2 effects –

1) Counter of images (from left side)

2) In the url every image has it’s own number: …/peopletwo/#image3 / /peopletwo/#image4 and so on.



Hi guys!

No success with any questions!

1. Nothing happened.

2. I used Sublime text to find a line 1456, added the code you’ve sent, no numbers appeared. You can see it here –

Regards, Igor

We would suggest to hire a developer to help you with this modification.

Sorry, do you mean with all modifications?

I did exactly what you said, do you know how to fix those features? Why they work at one sites, doesn’t work at others?

Exactly the same problem I have with captions for horizontal images, it seems you simply forget to customize a theme for them.

Hi how i can get this efects in my template.

Hi, thank you for the purchasing!

Please read the documentation that comes with the theme, any common questions can be answered within the documentation.

Hello, is it possible to add to the “galleries-list” template empty space around each single image like in masonry-magnific-popup template in the demo version?

Thank you very much

Hi, it may well be possible with some modification but it’s not something which is available out of the box I’m afraid.