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On Safari and Firefox at the following address:

1) I am working with the “Insert Shortcode: one_half” When the “Heading Tag” and/or the “iFrame Tag” are used in the second column, the “Shortcode: one_half” stops working. Please tell me what to do so that the “Shortcode: one_half” continues to work.

2)The [/one_half_last] or [/one_half last=”true”] at the end of the second column shows up in the browser on the front end, so I had to give it a color #f5f5f5. Please tell me how to make it disappear.

Please Note: I used the “Contact” page template because of the screenwide light grey background which is preferred over the thinner default template. These same issues occur in the default template.

Hi, we would suggest to ask a refund.

Figured out 1) and 2): Use Div labels in the content section
<div class="column one-half">
<div class="column one-half column-last" /></div>

Figured out 3):

Goto Appearance->Theme Options section

Upload Image or select from Gallery

Press “Show” by the selected gallery image (not necessary if uploaded)

Press “Send to Option Tree” button to activate


I have purchased this theme and I’m going to modify this theme for me like the style on your live preview. How can I install demo data? You discribed that “One click install” available in theme option settings but I couldn’t find that. Please let me know.

Thanks for good design theme.

Hi, thank you for the purchasing!

Please read the documentation that comes with the theme, any common questions can be answered within the documentation.

I am having a huge problem with how slow the theme is ( mainly on admin side, but it reflects on the user side as well ) Even when i turn off all plugins , the time it take to add a post or simply reload a page is beyond my patience compared to other themes. any ideas ?

the website:

Hi, I’m using qtranslate pluggin and i can’t see the languaje selector anywhere? I would like to see it in the menu. I have activate de widged. Do you knoew what i’m doing wrong? Thanks

Hi, sorry we didn’t test any language plugin within the theme.

Finally I use the qtranslate pluggin, I solve the language chooser issue adding this code: <?php qtrans_generateLanguageSelectCode(‘text’); ?> (For anyone the parameters (I know of) for that function are “text”, “image” or “both”) But now I have another problem: I can’t see the language chooser in the mobile menu. And the last thing is that with this pluggin there is a problem to translate the subpages ( for example the portfolio items) What I need the template generate the complete url with the language (?lang=en). I find this but I don’t know where to paste it.

<!- GET THE URL OF THE ACTUALLY PAGE -> <?php $url = get_permalink( $post->ID ); ?>

<!- CHECK THE LANGUAGES OF THE URL -> <?php $str = $url; /* CHECK IF URL CONTAINS LANG-FR / if (eregi(’\?lang=fr’, $str)) { $lang = ’?lang=fr’; } / CHECK IF URL CONTAINS LANG-EN */ elseif (eregi(’\?lang=en’, $str)) { $lang = ’?lang=en’; } else { $lang = ’?lang=en’; } ?>

Thanks a lote, I’really enjoying your theme

Hi, we would suggest to hire a developer to help you with this modification.


how to embed a video (in post or page) from a url present in my website and not on a video-sharing website like youtube or vimeo?


Hi, sorry, what you have described isn’t available with the theme.

Hi, I’m sorry, you have answered the first question or the next note? So you can not insert a video into a page or in a place who does not reside on an external file sharing website like youtube or vimeo?

Hi, sorry didn’t quite understand your question.


At Portfolio fixed width thumbnail area divides 1,3 or 5 thumbnail groups depends on the browser resolutions. But some browser resolutions remains big blanks areas. Is iti possible to divide olsa 2 or 4 thumbnail groups.

Thank you

Hi I am using themes Version 1.1.7.

Below how it’s look like with resolutions. ( blank areas and divides 3 groups) ( this is for higher resoultion and its ok)


Hi, in style.css find

width: 15.4%;

and replace it with

width: 10.4%;

Clear the browser cache. Read more

Don’t use any cache plugins yet.

If this helps?

Thank you very much, it helped a lot.


would you kindly explain to me how i can change the format of portfolio project pages from single project classic to single project ios slider or to single project full width slider? I cannot seem to find this change anywhere. even looking at the demo pages I cannot seem to determine where this change occurs.

Many thanks

Hello, you can find these settings in Portfolio Settings meta box in your portfolio post type.

Update theme to support latest Font Awesome version 3.2.1. I need new icons from this font.

Hi, we will update the theme as soon as possible. Please stay tuned.

I’m sorry to be so insistant but I really need to put a language chooser in the menu and I can’t find any pluggin that works. I try the qtranslate and in the forum they say it’s a template thing. Please can you tell me if it’s possible and I’m doing something wrong? or if you know hou to use a make a multilanguage web with you template.

Thanks a lot

Hi, try WPML, it’s the best in our opinion. I believe it should work fine with our theme.

I cant seem to get dropdown menus to work. I want to use a link thats not really a link (if that makes sense), but then have sub-categories drop down from it, like in the demo. When I try to add a Link to the menu without an actual link it doesn’t show up.

Worked like a charm! Thank you!

If you haven’t already, please take a moment and rate the theme for us.

Rated it for you :)


rjx Purchased

HI there,

Great theme, however I am having a few difficulties with the mobile theme.

1. When using the Gallery with No Margins homepage template, the quality of the images on the mobile site is very poor (however if i click the image to open in a lightbox, the quality is fine), can this be fixed?

2. On the mobile site, when using the Full Width Slider, the menu bar flickers heavily when opening (this does not happen with the Gallery with No Margins template on the mobile), can this be fixed?

3. With the Full Width Slider mobile template, is it possible to flick through the images, like you can with the Slider mobile template (ie. swiping through images with your finger)?


Hi, thank you for the purchasing!

  1. You can increase image sizes in functions.php on line 90. After changing these settings you will need to regenerate your thumbnails
  2. I’m not quite sure what you mean. Which device you use?
  3. In functions.php on line 90 find

    ad replace it with


Hello, Nice work on Skylab. I’m currently using Home Page- Portfolio theme with Masonry. My Masonry images link to Portfolio Pages linked to a Post. All the posts and portfolio pages are categorized and tagged. Looks wonderful.

My question: The Home Page menu in the right block below the header shows links to my three pages. Below that, all my categories are lined up nicely and linked to corresponding image-portfolio-posts. Looks perfect except I can’t get the same category links in the same position on the left block on all my Portfolio-Posts. The Posts only show my three pages.

Many thanks,

Hello, I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand your question. Can you try restating it or adding some additional information?

No prob,sorry for the confusion

My Skylab Home page has rows of masonry-style images on the right and a left sidebar that contains my logo, below that, my pages Contact and About, listed and linked. Below that, my seven categories are listed. When I click a category link the screen shows portfolio images linked to the respective category. This setup is perfect. I’d like to show this menu structure on all my pages and posts.

FYI, Each masonry image links to a Portfolio page with a secondary link to a post. The About and Contact pages link to /about and /contact. When users click on these pages/posts they see About and Contact without seeing the category links.

In your demo, all the pages, etc show the same menu structure. I don’t need to show dropdown categories menu items, just allow users to click on categories and show masonry images specific to each category.

Thanks again

All fixed-I bungled a menu-portfolio category setting


The Portfolio Custom URL doesn’t seem to be working on my site.

If you go to and click on “Salt Life Food Shack,” the URL that is then displayed is

I want “portfolio” to say “design” instead, but even though I entered in the Portfolio Custom URL field, it still keeps the word “portfolio” in the URL.

How do I change this? The same goes for the galleries. I want the structure to be “” but the site still automatically names it as “”

Thank you.

Hi, sorry, what you’ve described isn’t possible without modification to the theme.

Hello! You write me it is possible: 1) to have images and video together in one project and 2) to change the height and width of images. So, I purchase this sweet theme :)

But I have problems. 1) I try all options but I don’t manage to have both on my project. Could you explain to me what I have to do please? Where put my images and my video in my edit portfolio?

2) How change the height of images in portfolio full size (Enable Slideshow-yes) ? I would like it was bigger to show my work. What lines of code css do I have to change?

Thanks you very much.


  1. Use visual editor to embed your videos.
  2. You can change the height of your images in my graphical editor.


-My video is in high quality. But when I embed in visual editor, so in an article, it’s become mediocre. In low quality. I don’ t want that of course. -I change the Slider Height but it doesn’t work with full size (Enable Slideshow-yes).

I hope you can help me. Thks.


  1. Which video service you use?
  2. Yes, it’s work only with default slider.


I bought the template two days ago and have been woking on it since then, cool template :)

I just dont undestand why my The Options keep resenting after I make a change. Very often when I want to do changes and save them, sometimes i get the Service Temporary Unavailable message and then sets all settings back. Kind of annoying. Is there a way to fix this? Thank you! :)

Hello, thank you for the purchasing!

Try to contact your hosting company to help you with.

“Service Temporarily Unavailable” message appears very often after saving some chages in the Them Options.

What is wrong? Is there a way to fix this? It even sometimes sets all settings back to default, expect for the logo. Thanks!

Try to contact your hosting company to help you with.

Hey, I tried a lot but I just don’t get it: I started to create a Wordpress-Page with your theme. And I want to have a main Site like in your demo called “Pictures” und if I hover above it there should pop up the different categories / sites like in the demo with my images. But I don’t know how I can manage that (even read the documentation): Where I could create the main site “pictures” and where to create the sub-sites with galleries (for example with the theme “magnific popup”). Would you help me, please? Greetings from Germany!

I managed to do nearly everything. But one question is still left: If I created the main page “Gallery” what do I have to do, to remove the link? So that you can not click on the site like in your demo. So that the other sites underneath “Gallery” show up.

Hi, when you creating you custom URL menu item add this line to it’s URL

Hi, i have no access to my website this morning, just this page:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare has_shortcode() (previously declared in /homez.311/ludovicmw/www/blog/wp-includes/shortcodes.php:153) in /homez.311/ludovicmw/www/blog/wp-content/themes/skylab/functions.php on line 1900

any idea how i can fixe that? thanks!

Hi, the issue has been fixed!

Visit your downloads tab and re-download the new version and re-install it.

To install a new version of the theme delete the old one, with a help of FTP for example, and extract file and upload the extracted folder to /wp-content/themes/ folder on your server.

Could you find out why isn’t my google map displaying in my contact page? I can email you my access codes.

Hi, please email us your URL, username and password for your site via our profile page and we will take a look.

hi, can i turn on the comments function in “full width” page template? thanks!

Hi, sorry, what you’ve described isn’t possible without modification to the theme.