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I have just purchased your theme and have read all of the documentation that is provided. My question is when I create a New Page and set the page template to Galleries List (fixed width) I am only getting one gallery showing. What is going on?

Actually I worked it out. I hadn’t set a featured image for each gallery. My other question is how do I re-order the galleries when they show up on the Page (using the galleries list template). I thought that by changing the date I would be able to change this but it hasn’t worked.

Actually changing the date does work

Hi, I’m not quite sure what you mean. You need to order gallery post type or images in them?

Hey again MegaTheme,

You state on your support page ” it could take us 1-2 business days to get back to you.”

It has now been almost 4 days.. Can you provide me with a direct email – so I can get the little ccs change you guys promised at my date of purchase ?

Regards M

I have sent another email concerning the help I need – hope you answer within the 2 days this time.. Regards M (:

Gonna try here again – Its been 3 days since you guys gotten my login info and said “we are gonna have a look at it” – so I was wondering how long you would estimate it would take to get the menu ccs changes to be done? (:

I really need the page to be done so I can promote it – and thx again for the theme (:

Hi, sorry for the late reply, did you receive our answer?

Hi, I woulk like to buy the theme Skylab, but I have Wordpress version 3.7.1. I’ve seen that your theme is up to version 3.6…. I wonder, is this a problem?

Thanks in advance, Chiara

Ok, now I can see in theme’s details that you made the upgrade :)

Hi again!

How do I insert short codes for 3 columns? I only managed to see 2 columns instead of 3, with the supposed 3rd column going into the next line/row :(

Hi, you must end each set of columns with a last=”true” option such as one_half last=”true”.

Thanks! :)

Is there a way to change menu font size?

Hi, navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Style and add these lines of code to custom CSS block:

#access ul {
font-size: 14px;

Added this code but didnt seem to change anything.

Nevermind I figured it out thanks!

Hi I just bought the seems that when I uploaded the portfolio..and try to view the gallery, it came out as 401 error or something.. does this theme support the latest wordpress?

How do I change the portfolio or gallery to mansory?

what i mean by page setting is page attributes

I solved the number 4 problem and solved the problem with color box, but the rest of the probs still occur. is this theme compatible with the latest wordpress? because when on ipad, the theme doesnt appear has more blank space. i also hv problem opening the website from the mobile. Thanks

Hi, please email us your URL, username and password for your site via our profile page and we will take a look.

how do i access the documentation. it didn’t come with my purchase. rev slider works only when i set to classic gallery. i want full width slider and when i set the page to this option no images appear, slider is black

Hi, you will need to download not Installable WordPress file but Main File(s) where you can find the documentation.

Hi, I am looking for the other styles such as “Cartographer”, “Dark Wood”, “Argyle” etc… What email do I need to use to contact you for these? Thank you and GREAT template!

Hi, you can send us email via our user page contact form here.

Can you tell me why the images on my fixed-width gallery list page are showing up so small:

I set the featured image size to 378×293 on each of the corresponding galleries.

Hi, please remove the frame by clicking Remove iframe button on the top left and re-post the URL.

I can’t find a “Remove iframe button.” Is it in the dashboard view or on the actual published page? Thank you.

Hi, please see the screenshot below.

Hi, I’ve built the following website using your Skylab theme and am really happy with it. I just have a question with regards to viewing it on smart phones. Our thumbnails are much bigger than the thumbnails on the theme, which means our overall image is a lot small. Do you know why this is? Thanks

Hi, navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Style and add these lines of code to custom CSS block:

@media (max-width: 579px) {
.rsMinW .rsThumbsHor {
height: 37px;
.rsMinW .rsThumb {
width: 37px;
height: 37px;
.rs .rsMinW .rsThumb img,
.page-template-page-slider-php .rsMinW .rsThumb img {
width: 37px;
height: 37px;

My tabs are doing odd things. All the text will show up when the page is first loaded and then after a few moments it’ll be formatted correctly. This can be seen here: Can you help me figure out why that is happening?

Thanks! Catherine

Hi, your tabs look fine for us and page loads very fast.


How can I change the overlay color from any pop-up from dark gray to white?

Would really appreciate help with this adjustment.



I mean the color of the overlay when using a gallery with pop-up. When using masonry/magnific popup gallery and you click on an image the image pops up in front of a dark gray overlay / semi-transparent background. I would like to change that transparent dark gray overlay/background to transparent white (so change it from gray to white).


already added some custom css

Hi, navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Style and add these lines of code to custom CSS block:

.mfp-bg {
background: #fff;

Is it possible to add icons/images to the left hand menu? Just above the social media icons? I’m looking to add Professional Associations Logos and/or awards.


Question #2…. When having a gallery in the blog (or journal in the demo), portraits photos are justified to the left, how can I center them?


  1. It may well be possible with some modification but it’s not something which is available out of the box I’m afraid.
  2. Please email us your URL and we will take a look.

Hi, I could like to add a vimeo video link on the page. I created with blank page. i find out the vimeo video frame show on the top left concern with white color background, but the page color as #F5F5F5. However, it show everything OK if i use the “Full Width” under Template except the video frame stretch width.

Here is the screenshot with (noparent) & (default template) under the new page. Is that a way to change the color to same as the page color and center it? I tried add the tag under the iframe tag: color=f5f5f5” align=”middle” , but it still doesnt work.

Also, is that anyway we can search the keyword or question under the comment? i guess that could be a best way to look for the answer. Thanks!

I found out that the template”Masonry/Video/Mixed” works fine with vimeo. however, how can i change the background color from Black to #F5F5F5 ?

Hi, navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Style and add these lines of code to custom CSS block:

.page-template-page-gallery-fancybox-php {
background: #f5f5f5;
color: #111;

Hi, how can I have 2 columns on a page with text only ? thanks

forget my question, Ifound easy columns, thanks

Hi, it’s possibile to add on single image in Gallery post with Masonry(No Margin) his title, or description compiled on Media import? Thanks, many thanks

Hi, do you mean for an image lightbox?

sorry, for my English. Yes, the problem is in Megapopup lightbox…when i use Masonry(No Margin) the ALT text of media image don’t showed…. now i resolved: in function.php add this row (“titleSrc”)


image: {   
                tError: '<a href="%url%">The image #%curr%</a> could not be loaded.',
                verticalFit: true


image: {
                titleSrc: function(item) { return item.el.children().attr('alt'); },     
                tError: '<a href="%url%">The image #%curr%</a> could not be loaded.',
                verticalFit: true

Hi, I would like to supress on the top of the blog part of my site the text:” CATEGORY ARCHIVES : xxxxxx”. I searched on web sites and it seems I have to change something in “archive.php” or “categpry.php”. Can you tell me more? or an easier way? thanks

Hi, see in category.php on line 17.

I want to know how to make my submenu stay open once Selected. I tried the solution with the code <script> jQuery(’#access .current-menu-item’).parent().addClass(‘sub-menu-current’);</script> in theme option général / tracking code and .sub-menu-current { display: block !important; overflow: hidden !important; height: auto !important; } in css code but it does not work. Could you help me?

thanks !

ps : sorry for my english

Hi, navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > General and add these lines of code to your Tracking code block:
jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
$('#access .empty-link > a').attr('href', 'javascript:void(null);');
$('#access .current-menu-item').parent().addClass('sub-menu-current');

Finally navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Style and add these lines of code to custom CSS block:

.sub-menu-current {
display: block !important;
overflow: hidden !important;
height: auto !important;
#access ul li a:hover,
#access ul li.sfHover > a,
#access ul .current-menu-item > a,
#access ul .current_page_item > a {
border-color: transparent;

If this helps?

Can we use a URL and a screenshot of your site in our theme description please?

Thank you very much it’s working ! Of course you can :)

Thanks! If you haven’t already, please take a moment and rate the theme for us.


I have a gallery with videos, and they won’t stay in the right order. It’s correct in edit mode, but then they rearrange themselves on the site. I’ve tried different browsers, being signed in and signed out, re-inserting them into gallery, but no matter what I try it stays that way.

Any suggestions?

Hi, please email us your URL and we will take a look.

The images in my portfolio gallery are taking awhile to load. Is there any way of speeding up the process?

Hi, please email us your URL and we will take a look.