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Is it possible to choose which layout appears on the home page and are the sizes of the images that appear on the home page capable of being adjusted in size.

Thank you! And final question, the portfolio with visible titles option. Is that the only way for the titles and captions to be visible for the images on the home page without them being hovered over.

Yes it’s the only way for the titles and captions to be visible for the images on the home page.

Hi I Have just bought the theme and after many hours trying to make this look like your demo mode i am no where near, i have just read a post from you which says to get the theme to look like the demo mode you need to hire a developer this should have been said from the outset i now feel i have been mi-sold this theme. surely people buy these template so they dont need a developer. please can you explain why i need a developer

Hi, thank you for the purchasing!

To make your site to look like our demo you don’t need to hire a developer of course. Please be more specific which difficulties you have? Please create a support ticket by following this link http://megatheme.ticksy.com/ and we will take a look.

Hi there, I am experiencing problems displaying images with the proper sRGB color profile. The pictures are edited in color mode sRGB and saved with Photoshop Save For Web option where i specifiy embed color profile and convert to sRGB. When i upload this picture to my gallery, i experience different colors from my photoshop version. could it be that the slider plugin interferes in a way with embeded color profiles somehow? Thanks for your good work on this theme and hopefully you can help me with this issue. Best, Daniel

Hi, you will need to save your images for web.

Hello. I just got the theme and I have some problems with portfolios. Firstly there is no option for them in dashboard. There are only posts and galleries on the side. When I create new portfolio from New option it gives me only 3 portfolio options. Can’t find single project classic. Also when I use classic ios slider it crops vertical images. Is the any specific size i should use? Could you please help me with it. Not sure how to move further. Thanks :)

Hi, can you email a screenshot?

Hi. I’m getting really confused here with the quality of our communication. Screenshot of what you want me to send you, and what email you mean. I send 2 emails via tickets support. You seam not getting any of them? Can you please answer in the way that actually will be somehow helpful. Thanks

Hi, try to email us via our profile page. You can send us email via our user page contact form here.


I just buy this theme but i can not install it because it is missing the style.css file within the package. msg:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme… themeforest-4740718-skylab-portfolio-photography-wordpress-theme.zip

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Can you help me urgently?


Sergio Santos

Hi, please take a moment to follow the visual guide below.

My problem was not how to install the theme on wordpress, but that it does not by a message saying missing the style.css file. I already solved the problem by installing the template via FTP filezila.

Thank you.

Uploaded a logo and looks fine on computer and iphone, but twice the size when looking on the iPad. Logo size is 100×100. Retina logo is 200×200. I typed in 100×100 when asked for the retina sizes. How can I fix this?

Hi, please email us your URL, username and password for your site via our profile page and we will take a look.


I love this theme and am very close to purchasing. I am new to wordpress and so will be learning as I go. One of the things I want to have on my site is a email subscription option. Will it be easy to add in a web form from a third party like Aweber or Mail chimp ? Also, does the theme work easily with plugins?

Thanks so much for the help. I apologize in advance – I am starting as a newbie so maybe these are goofy questions.

Thank you so much for the quick reply. The form would probably be in a sidebar or at the bottom of a blog post. It looks so easy to do when you review the process from these sites. Knowing where it would be placed, do you think it can be done without difficulty? Thanks!

I believe there should not be any problems. You will need to paste a code in header.php.

Thank you so much for the quick responses. It helps a lot!

How can I increase the max image width when using classic gallery?

Hi, please create a support ticket by following this link http://megatheme.ticksy.com/ and we will take a look.


First off, this is an AWESOME theme. Thanks so much for this.

I have one question though (the rest is perfectly explained on here & answers found in the previous comments):

On my homepage, I’ve decided to use the Full Width Slider. As you know, this shows a series of images that are set in the Home Page Gallery editor.

My question is now: Can the order of these pictures be randomised? More specifically, the first image the user sees should be different every time the user visits the website.

I can code quite some myself and am therefore not asking for a ready made piece of code to do this (although that would be brilliant :)) but perhaps a bit of an indication to how to tackle this.

Thanks in advance, this theme is great!

Kind regards, Sam

In functions.php find

slidesSpacing: 0,

on line 1583 and add

randomizeSlides: true,

after it.

I can’t believe how simple that was. THANK YOU!

If you haven’t already, please take a moment and rate the theme for us.

Hello i bought the theme and i am very happy! It works great in general!

BUT i have one problem…

When i see the site from an ipad for example it does not link some things that i have on my pages, could you please help me? It’s not happening at all pages and more i can’t understand why is that happening, because when i see it from a normal pc or mac it works great…

The site is this one ontheroad.gr and the pages in which i have problem are the following:

• inthespotlight • contact • and all the workshops (the list in yellow that you see at each page Thailand/Ethiopia/Turkey/Iran/etc….)

Thanks in advance!

Hello, thank you for the purchasing!

Please create a support ticket by following this link http://megatheme.ticksy.com/ and we will take a look.


I would like to have 2 filters to categorize my Portfolio posts. The basic filter that is “Photo, Branding, Design…” and another one that will devide the Portfolio entries in 3 categories: Personal, Commissioned and Collaboration. This second one is the most important for me because I want to keep this in my side menu, dividing them in this 3 kind of works. Is it possible? I can´t figure it out.

Thanks a lot!

Hello, sorry, what you have described isn’t available with the theme.

Hello! Ok, I found a solution. Another question, please: How can I change the colour of a small part of the text? For example, I have a text in black about myself and I want an extract of this text in grey. Can you help me please?

Hi, please create a support ticket by following this link http://megatheme.ticksy.com/ and we will take a look.

Hey, My website url is http://kaisfoto.ee/ I still have a problem with imac with 27”screen. Firstpage thumbnails aren’t clear. What would you suggest?

Hi, in functions.php find


on line 88 and replace it with


After changing these settings you will need to regenerate your thumbnails http://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

Hi, The super smooth slider (http://demo.megathe.me/skylab/super-smooth-slider/) is broken in IE11 – if you click a thumbnail nothing happens. Can you fix this?

Hi, thanks, fixed!

Hi, is it possible to make the margins smaller between the images in the masonry mode? Also, is there a way to have the masonry mode with full screen without the menu on the left side? Thank you

Hi, sorry, what you have described isn’t available with the theme.

I really like this theme!! I want to know if it’s possible to make a space to leave a comment for each picture?

under or at the side of DATE, CLIENT, FILED UNDER, LINK (in your demostration page) I found the share button but I cannot find the comment (or leave a comment) button. Is it possible to make it appear? I really like to discuss with friends about pictures by comments. If not possible, could you add this at the next ver.? Thank you^^

Hi, it may be possible but it would most definitely be a task for a developer.

I have not purchased your them yet, but I like what I’m seeing. I have a question…I noticed that not all Portfolio and Gallery options are available on Android Phone (SG4 is what I have) In the setup of this theme, If I select a Gallery option that is not available on the Android phone what format option the gallery default to on the phone? Can I set the gallery format for the mobile phone independently from the gallery layout on computer or iPad devices?

Hi, sorry, what you have described isn’t available with the theme.

Can you please specify which areas were updated (pages, etc.) for the latest theme updates?

Hi, in 1.2 js/jquery.royalslider.min.js has been updated.


i’m thinking about purchasing your theme because it looks great and has a lot of features im looking for. you did a great job on this one :) could you tell me if there is a way to open photos from a portfolio in lightbox from the listed portfolio view? the magnific popup gallery works kind of this way but i don’t want to show every single image on the list, just one featured image that opens the lightbox. i hope you understand what i mean. looking forward to hear from you!

best regards julius

We would suggest to hire a developer to help you with this modification.

hm…i was looking for something without extra costs for an developer to get my website up. if you could help me i would love to buy your theme right now!

Hi, sorry, we would suggest to check out another themes.

Was notified that version 1.2 is out, but when I download the file it is still version 1.19 I install?

Hi, sorry, fixed, should be approved soon.

Hello, I have just added Skylab theme to my site but masonry/magnific pop up is not coming up as an option for a gallery? How can I access it? Thanks

Hi, thank you for the purchasing!

Please read the documentation that comes with the theme, any common questions can be answered within the documentation.

You will need to download not Installable WordPress file but All files & documentation where you can find the documentation.

Please see the screenshot below.

Thanks – I just read through the documentation but it just says we can choose from these galleries… “choice between “Image Gallery”, “Slider”, “Full Width Slider”, “Full Width of Window Slider”, “FancyBox Gallery” or “Classic Gallery”.

But in the demo there is a gallery called Masonry/magnific Pop up – but I cannot see how to add it / apply it in the theme?

Choose between “Image Gallery”.