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Another question for me as well:

How do I increase the size of the main side-bar on the left? Is there a line of code I can insert to do this? I’ve already looked through the comments with no success.


Hi, sorry, what you’ve described isn’t possible without modification to the theme.

nice theme just a couple of questions
1) is it possible and how can we set number of colums in portfolio section as screen resolution 1440 = 3 colum / 1441 to 1600 resolution = 4 colum / 1661 to 1900 resolution = 5 colum / and 1901+ have 6 colum
2) can we display random portfolio thumbs on each visit
3) can portfolio thumb hover can be 100% opaque
4) can we have category filter always on on each and every page?
5) can we have back button in single portfolio page to go back to where we came from

Hi, sorry, what you have described isn’t available with the theme.

Hi, I am considering to buy this theme for my photography website, but there is one concern I would like to address you before.

Let’s consider the ‘live preview’. I really like the look and feel of the ‘gallery list’, but I am wondering here: - Is it possible to make the thumbnails bigger? - Is it possible to add some sort of padding around these thumbnails? Seems like it’s possible to have some between them, but is it also possible on top, bottom (and have a way so that they don’t ‘stick’ to the left menu)?

I will probably have something like 3-4 galleries, not more. So having little thumbnails that stick to each other and to the top of the browser might look weird…

Thanks for your answer :)

PS: By ‘possibilities’ I mean a direct possibility to configure that in the theme options OR by some little tweaks, like in the css for example.

Sorry, but I don’t need a developer, I’m just asking a few tips to where I can find these details in the css (if they are changeable in the css). This is the kind of information I used to have with my previous theme… I can edit the css myself.


After a certain time, I sorted out 3) and 4). Could you please just help me to find where I can edit the fixed-width gallery thumbnails’ hover color (and potentially opacity). Thanks a lot.


After quite a few hours, I finally managed to solve each of my problem. Some hints would have spared me a LOT of time but anyways, if somebody has the same problem, here are some hints on what to look for in style.css:

1 & 2) a:hover .portfolio-view-wrapper, a:hover .portfolio-view 3) I actually did not change the size of the arrow, but the color. You can look for: #content nav a

I hope that can help and spare some hours :)

Hello, I have created some portfolios and categories portfolios, I would like to create a link from each portfolio to relative fancy box galeries, I don’t know how to do … Thnak you for your help

Hello, you can enter your URLs in Custom URL meta box.

Thank you very much


On the contact form page. I have a paragraph of text and I like to to the contact form on the right side of it ( makes it parallel ). Can you please tell me how to do it ? Thanks

Hello, use column shortcodes.

Hello, I have got some questions regarding Fancybox gallery

1- I would like to change the color background of the gallery, how could I do that ? 2- I would like to get navigation buttons on left and right of images (instead of bottom) Indeed, for point 1 and 2, I would like to get the same presentation than the Skylab preview :

3 – is it possible to change the opacity / transparency of the slideshow background ?

Thanks, Vincent

I have bought this Wordpress theme because of you preview – print screen here : which is perfect I want the same buttons (previous, next, close). I have searched many hours on the internet, but I can’t find by myself. So could you please explain me how to get this ? (The same buttons and display as your preview) Thanks

I would like the same navigation than your preview instead of that :

I’ve answered your question already.

Hi, the captions are not visible if there is horizontal pictures in the slider. (Page template: Slider) either partially It ends up on pictures or some partially empty spaces on the background and become unclear. There is no problem with vertical picture because there is enough whitish space on the left. In order to make it more clear I would like to take the captions above “copy right..all right reserved” would you help me, please?

Hello, we would suggest to add background to your captions. Navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Style and add these lines of code to custom CSS block:

.page-template-page-slider-php .rsTitle { background: rgba(255,255,255,.8); padding: 3px 8px; }


I’m configuring my photography site ( but I run into a problem. I want a page called ‘Blog’ to display posts. As seen on the demo version of this theme, called the Journal page. How can I point all posts in the direction of By my current settings my posts won’t display at all. I can’t seem to find a page template called Journal or something like that. Thanks in forward!


Edit: in my configuration, new posts are configured with following prefix: postname

So, that should be fine.. right?

Thanks, I got it now :)

Hi, i purchased this Theme (Skylab) and i have some trouble with the Styles i added the lightpaperfibers.png image under Background for Navigation from the uploads folder as next i added the lightpaperfibers.css to custom css but the lightpaperfibers apears only into the Navigation Sidebar see here what I have done wrong! :)

Hi, thank you for the purchasing!

Try to upload lightpaperfibers.png for a main background too from the theme options.

Thank’s for the quick answer ! :)

I have a page on which I display some galleries. The page is, but whenever I want to create a gallery on that page it makes itself a prefix like I want it to have a permanent link as the page itself, like: Can’t seem to fix that..?

Hi, sorry it’s not something which is included as an option.

Hello. I’m trying to get my logo to look nice when viewed on a mobile phone. If you view my current website my logo is very small on a cell phone as compared to a browser on a computer.

My website:

I noticed that this customer was able to have his logo look the same in a browser as on a mobile phone:

Could you tell me how he did that?

Thanks, Catherine

Hi, navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Style and add these lines of code to custom CSS block:
@media only screen and (max-width: 960px) {
#site-title-custom img {
width: auto;}

I added that code but it didn’t change how my logo looks on my website on a cell phone. Is there another step I need to follow with a logo I’m uploading or something else? It seems to be loading the retina logo on my cell phone.


@media only screen and (max-width: 960px) {
#site-title-custom img {
width: 158px;}


Just bought Skylab Portofolio and uploaded the theme. Here is what I got from that:

I have set up wordpress sites before, but either there must be something off with my download or I must have missed something? Are you not supposed to get something to work with in the start? Are there no instructions avalible?

Cheers, Raymond

So I found the manual, ang got most things figured out now. But with the iosslider, below the images the title shows in big letters. How can I make them smaller? Takes too much attention.

Hi, thank you for the purchasing!

It’s not something which is included as an option.

Yes it is. And you have answered on this before, so I managed to google it.

Hey, great theme. I am wondering – is there a way how to control the size of the thumbnails in gallery or portfolio list? I am asking because my portfolio has only few sections (portraits, product, events, personal and video) and it would look weird if the there war only five small thumbnails while the rest of the page would be empty.

Hi, what you have described isn’t available with the theme.

Hi MegaTheme,

I want to post a downloadalbe PDF page of contract on my website. I tried with “Posts” and “Page” with different templates they provide but nothing seems to work. I was able to post a contract with word but I’d prefer if my clients can just download it. My link is Also on a side note, I was wondering if it’s possible to have a gallery where clients can click and select the images they like so they don’t need to e-mail me the file name each time they make selections? Any suggestion is appreciated! Thank you again for this great theme.

Hi, sorry, what you’ve described isn’t possible without modification to the theme.

I am really interested in this theme.. my one concern is from web to mobile. Because I am a photographer, I shoot a lot of Portrait and not just Landscape/Wide shots, so the Full screen slider doesn’t really appeal to me, especially because it cuts off images, but for Web i REALLY like/prefer the Super Smooth slider.. BUT i noticed there is a border/background around those images in the mobile version as well as the full site which makes the images appear much smaller on mobile.. is there any way to make it so the images appear bigger on mobile? for example: —I really love how that site looks on mobile because the images take up the whole screen pretty much, is something like that possible?

Hi, what you have described isn’t available with the theme.

is there any way to change/remove the border around the image on the Super Smooth Slider? Basically so it’s to the edge width wise but not to the edge towards the top (like the full screen)

It’s not something which is included as an option.

I have many question .

    1. I want to display my website like a “DEMO”, have 3 columns and large size. how the resolution ? height x weight ? or the crop ratio is 1 : 1 and make the column square ?
    3. For “full width of window slider”, what resolution for the best image and full screen ? without cropping ?


No you can not.

so, how can i do that ? my friend purchased it, but he don’t understand about this theme

We would suggest to hire a developer to help you with this modification. Check out Envato Studio

Hi, I have some problem the button ”add portfolio image” doesn’t work! I Can you help me. Thanks

Hi, please create a support ticket by following this link and provide us with your URL, username and password for your site there and we will take a look.

Hi, It’s a great theme ! I have some troubles with images quality. some of the pictures are downgraded by Funcybox or by theme (?) it looks very bad ( in gradients ). Every pictures has this same size and image quality but on website are very different (quality)

Thanks, Peter

Hi, thank you for the purchasing!

The pictures are downgraded by by theme. We would suggest to hire a developer to help you with this modification. Check out Envato Studio


In the demo version I can see some sort of tagline on every photo on the Portfolio page. It’s like: Title, Tagline, Category. I’ve been searching but I can’t seem to find the tagline option for the thumbnails. Where can I do that?

Nevermind, I found it: Theme Options > Portfolio Meta > Both.

Hi MegaTheme. This template looks amazing! Before I buy, can you tell me if this allow for - custom size (or smaller) thumbnails - custom grid size (beyond 4 columns by _ rows)? I’m looking to have a grid of hundreds of smaller photos that build as you scroll down. Thanks so much!

Hi, what you have described isn’t available with the theme.