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Hi Guys!

Thanks for this great theme! One question… I would like to create a single page that appears in the menu with the name “Portfolio”. This one ist set up as “gallery list”. For the URL i would like to have it like “”.

The problem is, that the resource path “portfolio” ist already used. Is there any way to use this resource path? With a bit of research, i came to the conclusion that it has to be hard coded in your theme. Thank you for the support!

all the best Michele

Hi, thank you for the purchasing!

See in functions.php on line 190. Navigate to Settings > Permalinks and click “Save Changes” button.

Hi, The portfolio template is broken on the Skylab theme I purchased a few days ago. It is showing up like a regular blog post. I contacted MegaTheme through their support system 3 days ago and have heard nothing back yet. Please let me know when I will get some support for this before I need to contact Theme Forest for a refund. Thank you,

Hi, we apologize for the delay in response. We will answer your ticket ASAP!

For whatever reason, the Shortcode dropdown isn’t working (doesn’t insert shortcode).

Where can I find a simple list of the shortcodes so that I can manually type them into my pages? I can’t find them anywhere.

Hi, please create a support ticket by following this link and we will share the list with you.

SHARETHIS button not working properly. please help.

works fine on firefox but NOT on chrome.

Hi, please create a support ticket by following this link and provide us with your UR and we will take a look.


Please can you let me know how to display the ‘porfolio category’ name on the gallery listing page.


Hi, I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand your question. Can you try restating it or adding some additional information?

Hi, I have got a problem of portfolio display when I visualize my website on Firefox and Internet Explorer. The portfolios are not very well aranged, there are some blanks … please see the printscreen :

Tks for your help Vincent

Hi, please create a support ticket by following this link and provide us with your URL and we will take a look.

Hi there! This theme is absolutely perfect – but two questions, please. Is it possible to please have captions under the photos in the Smooth Slider option. That is the one thing missing in this theme that I’d really need. ALSO, I noticed that the Smooth Slider is one of the Revolution Sliders. Is it possible to be replaced with a difference Revolution Slider if purchased separately? Perhaps then captions can be achieved that way?

Thanks so much, look forward to your response. Cheers!

Hi, please could you help me. I would like to remove the thin line dividing the navigation and the page, like that one example you have, can you assist with that? Cheers! :)

Also, is it possible please, to adjust the paragraph spacing between? For example in the footer, if I press return to write on the next line, the gap is so big that it looks awkward. Thanks again!

Hi, please create a support ticket by following this link and provide us with your URL, username and password for your site there and we will take a look.

Hi, Trying to figure how to size my photos on my front page, using Full Width Slider Page. they simply don t strech. I already used “Aligns image to center of slide”. All the photos were cut from the bottom and from the top. Left and right seems to be ok. PLease let me know if there is a solution. The website is: Thanks!

Hi, it’s impossible to scale a full size image without either the width or height being copped due to varying browser dimensions.


What file in your theme would I be able to add custom taxonomy for tags in the portfolio items?

Nevermind. Found it in functions.php

Hi… Thanks great theme.

i use qtranslate plugin . i want the flag on my front page. i usually put this code ” <?php qtrans_generateLanguageSelectCode(‘both’); ?> to show on any front page that i have been made. However, I donot know where i insert this code into the theme?

maybe in the head.php i guess.

Please let me know..

Many Thanks.

Hi i ‘ve solved the problem but my flag is disappeared when it hover Will you please check : check the flag…

Hi, it don’t disappears for us on hover, looks fine.


1) How can I change the width of the page portfolio (fixed width). example for understand better:

2) When I watch my website by iMac 24” the columns are different (they are 5 and not 3 like I have choose) I would only 3 columns for every screen resolution.

Thanks so much, look forward to your response. Cheers! Lorenzo


  1. What you have described isn’t available with the theme.
  2. Find
    if ( IS_PORTFOLIO_FIXED_WIDTH.length <= 0 ) {
                            colWidth = 5;
                        } else {
                            colWidth = 6;

    in js/jquery.portfolio.js on lines 66-70 and replace it with

    if ( megaPortfolio.portfolio_columns == 'portfolio_four_columns' ) {
                            colWidth = 4;
                        } else {
                            colWidth = 3;

How do I automatically set the portfolio results to display alphabetically? My client has hundreds of submissions and editing the date is not an option.

I tried adding ‘order’ => ‘ASC’, under the ‘orderby’ => ‘title’, in the functions.php but it doesn’t work.

Found it under page-portfolio-fixed-width.php … edited

<?php $wp_query->query(‘post_type=portfolio&posts_per_page=’.$portfolios_per_page.’&post_status=publish’.’&paged=’.$paged.’&orderby=title&order=ASC’); ?>

has this theme been fixed to stay consistent on large and small screens on all browsers? I know I’ve had the ‘gallerys list’ and the “masonry/video/mix’ galleries change from 3×3 to to a 5 column set depending on the monitors/browsers they were viewed on. Really frustrating. Has this been corrected?

Hi, please create a support ticket by following this link and URL and we will take a look.

Hi, is there a way to disable responsive resizing on all ipad/mobile devices so the website display exactly as on desktop? so users will need to zoom in and around instead, because on mobiles the full width page images does not fill screen and leave big spaces above and below, and all my thumbnail galleries show full images with a big white column on the right, this pretty much destroys the whole look and feel of how I set everything up on the desktop website.

Hi, sorry, what you’ve described isn’t possible without modification to the theme.

hi, how do i create a FAQ accordion as shown on your shortcodes page?

Hi, please create a support ticket by following this link and we will help.

Hi, I have made a page displaying pictures using the masonry (no margins) layout. It is working well but when the user hovers over each picture the browser’s status bar displays the url to the picture. That is annoying because it not only makes it very easy to download the pictures and it tells everybody that I am using Wordpress, which for security reasons I would prefer no to reveal so easily. You can reproduce this on your demo installation on themeforest and it is the same for several gallery options (magnific popup and the various masonry ones). How to prevent the url to the pictures to be shown?

I am a developer myself, and I just need you to tell me whether that’s feasible and which files should be modified. Unless this standard answer that you use very often is just your way of saying “I don’t know” ?

See in page-gallery.php on lines 151 and 157 but I don’t know if it’s possible to disable links.

Thank you, that’s the kind of answer I was expecting !

Hi I like theme simple and clean but.. i use “ios slider” but it loads very slow. For ex: 6 images (total 700kb around) anyway it takes a while to load all and slide function enable.

Thanks in advance

Hi, please create a support ticket by following this link and provide us with your URL and we will take a look.

Hello I want to buy this theme. But before I have juste one question : When using a “full width” gallery, is it possible to insert something other than just pictures? Let me explain, I would like to create a gallery for each of my projects and insert before the photos of this project, an explanatory text (or html). Thank you in advance.

Hello, you can put captions bottom left or right of your photos.

HELLO! How are you?

I have a question – these theme is awesome!

I really love that you put examples of people using the template below. My favourite is:

He has photo captions for every image on his smooth slider which is awesome. However, I noticed they have a white background on the horizontal photos so you can read the captions. Is there a way please, that you could put the captions UNDERNEATH the image so there is no overlapping or obscuring of the photo at all. That’s the ultimate thing! :)

Please let me know, and I look forward to purchasing this this afternoon!!! :)

Hello, what you’ve described isn’t possible without modification to the theme. We would suggest to hire a developer to help you with this modification. Check out Envato Studio

Hi, it’s me again. The social network logos in the left margin are not visible in Firefox for Mac). This problem occurs since at least version 28 and is still present in current version 31. It works fine in Safari. No need for me to give you the url to my site because it can be reproduced with just any of the sites listed at the bottom of the Skylab Themeforest page. So you can test it.

Is there anything you can do to fix it ?

Hi, can you a support ticket by following this link and post a screenshot?

OK, will do. Thanks

For everyone’s enjoyment (or sadness, it depends), here is the answer one of the Megathem crew gave me on the support link above: “Looks it’s a bug. Please contact the author of the browser to fix it.”