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septika Purchased

how to translate from this (theme) original language into other language?

Hello, you can use poedit. Please check these resources:

Please note that the theme is not actually 100% translation ready (nor we declare so), so you may encounter strings that needs to be made translatable.


regimix Purchased

Hi, I’m having an issue with visual composer. It just doesn’t work at all. Trying to edit in the back end and it doesn’t load at all. Any solutions. Thanks


regimix Purchased

I sent you the email.Thanks


regimix Purchased

I also can’t make a full width post. Is there a way to do that. I really son’t need the side widget for my posts. Thank you

Posts have a template with sidebar. To change it you can copy single.php in the child theme folder and edit the html to make it without sidebar.

Do your “SLAM theme” allow fans subscribe to receive email newsletters from my website.

Hello! No it requires additional plugins to do that


I am interested in this theme but have a few questions.

1) I do not see a shopping cart or check out option for people who plan to shop. How do you set this site up as an eCommerce platform instead of importing from beatport and and directing them away from your site?

2) how is the distribution of music handled? Do i upload to my server and provide a downloadable link for WooCommerce?? Also, does woo commerce send the download links to the customer once a purchase has been made? It is unclear in the demo of how this process would work.

3) what would need to be done in order to get the site working the way i need it to? Would you be able to assist with setting it up if I purchase?

4) I also notice that when you click on different areas of the site (blog, releases, etc.) there is a delay in loading and a loading icon shows. Is this always active or is it possible to remove the loading icon so it goes directly to the page instead of causing the delay before getting there? In my experience, load times or any sort of visual that shows a page loading causes frustration. I’d really like the site to be fluid.

Please let me know

Hello! 1) You can integrate Woocommerce plugin, and you can put the shopping cart in the sidebar. There is no built-in support for adding it to the top bar but you can do it with external plugins.

2) You add the album or single tracks as single products in Woocommerce then add the links to these products in the releases buy link.

3) No support in the installation/setup is provided unless there are issues with some part of the process, the installation is not part of the product, I’m sorry. Please also note that tracks can have a link but normally it doesn’t “add to the cart” the tracks. Some customers achieved this result bu modifying a little bit the theme but we are not offering this customization. You will maybe need to hire a developer for your purpose, in case you don’t see such function in the demo.

4) The ajax loading is made to keep the music playing across the pages but you can easily disable it by uninstalling the Ajax Loading plugin provided with the theme, is totally customizable.

PS sorry for the late reply, usually the support is within 12 hours, but in the last days we have been a little bit busy.

We are going to publish in a couple of weeks a new theme that allows to directly add to the cart the the tracks, like you said, and if you want a preview I can send it pricately via email. If so, please write me to, thanks!

Works Shoutcast streaming ?

yes, lots of people uses it, and if you want you can also post the URL of your mp3 stream so we can test it with the player. You just need to have the stream set as mp3 and not aac.

ok thanks this is my url for streaming mp3

Thanks. I just tested your URL, lately changed the access permissions so it works with SLAM but only using the channel as FEATURED (is a checkbox in the settings which adds a big play button in the header).

Otherwise you may want to go with our Vice theme:

Which works fine with your stream, or with our other theme “OnAir” which is made specifically for web radios and counts 4 types of radio implementation, and works fine with your stream plus has several functions as schedule, sponsors, charts, team and more

If you need more infos let me know, thanks!

1. im having an issue with visual composer installing. I keep getting an error.

Destination folder already exists. /home/content/33/8849533/html/wp/wp-content/plugins/js_composer/ Plugin install failed. 2. and also Id not valid. No Revolution sliders found with this shortcode.

Can you help with this?

You have it already installed, just go in Plugins and activate it

Hi there. I have sent a few emails through about this theme and not had a response a in a while Could you please let me know when an update is available… I sent a couple of more detailed questions through via email too. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hello, can you please let me know your address? your email could have gone in the filter for some reason (maybe containing URL or other contents detected as spam) thanks!

I have just sent another email, this time sent from – time stamp 21:25. 14/07 and it was sent to

Thanks this one I saw and answered, let me know if it arrived correctly, thanks!

Hello, is it possible to have a light version or white coloured background demo for this template? its looks really nice but how it might work for us with those colors. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day.

Yes it has also light skins too ;)

Thank you for your answer. but I meant a live demo here on Themeforest. To see it before I buy it. :D

We don’t have it available I’m sorry!

i wish the beatport importer was available as a stand-alone. seems like you could make a killing if you put that to codecanyon. i won’t by the theme just for that, but i’d pay $20 for that importer easy!

Hello! I know but for rule is not possible to sell any product based on that. In fact as specified in our themes description is only a free addon not a part of the themes, because they can suspend or block the service anytime and there are no warranties…

i won’t tell anyone if you don’t ;)

Ahahaha ok but there are other issues: this plugin is based on the structure that we use for our themes, using it with any other theme will not give you good results unless you don’t have implemented all the template structure needed to extract the data. This means that requires a lot of work to make a plugin that works with any theme.

Doing this without the possibility to sell the product, is simply not possible for a matter of costs that cannot be repaid with sales ;)


pippip2 Purchased

Howdy Great theme

Just wondering how easy it would be to create an events page that is a visual masonry grid of say 4 columns each with an image in A6 pro (responsive of course) that has rollover to basic details and a read more, buy tickets link or a block of text underneath in a neat boxed grid (with say share buttons)

The events list is nice but could this be added as a page template by yourselves?

I will buy pronto as I need this as a front page as it were so it is events biased as an install. Please advise…


pippip2 Purchased

Also monthly events list with headings per month? and Recurring events facet?

Hi! Actually is pretty complex to do a template, but you can already pull events in a masonry grid using the visual composer, then create a page like that and in the Qantum Panel add it to a module of the home page.


T3Kaos Purchased

TEMPLATE QUESTION: We’re running Buddypress on the site and it works really well with the template. How much would it cost to integrate Buddypress Profiles and Artist Pages/Profiles?

Hello! I’m really sorry but we don’t have the work power to provide this service, I’m very sorry! you can check on Envato Studio or Codeable for a hand on that


thorin77 Purchased

hi there,

i need a little bit of help, i cant find the correct file to change some colors of the subscribe to podcast widget. Now they have the colors purple for itunes, green for android and orange for rss. I need to change the color so it will be matching the website. Any idea where the file is located in the SLAM folder?



Hello! Subscribe to podcast widget is not really part of the theme, I don’t know what you mean exactly…

Good Morning,

Two questions:

1. How do I change the order of the modules? Say..if I want “News” or the “Podcast” section first (image attached)?

2. I uploaded my logo, but it keeps showing as a smaller version (image attached). Is there something I’m doing wrong or is there a way to change the dimensions to allow for a bigger logo?


Hello! Modules: this theme doesn’t have that option but the file is made in a way that allows you to easily change this.

1) copy the theme’s file page-homepage.php in your child theme’s folder 2) edit the file, is a very small file where there is a row of code for each module. You can invert them to fit your needs.

About the logo, probably when you upload it, you have to choose the correct media size in the uploader window. Is taking a thumbnail size actually.


IM working with this theme right now and all the sudden the editing for Visual Composer doesnt work correctly. WHen trying to edit, it simply goes to the “text” section for HTML stuff.

Hello. Please don’t use the frontend editor of the visual composer, just use the backend one (the frontend is very buggy for complex themes).

If you still have problems please use our forum where we can answer more effectively and use screenshots and links. You find it at

thank you!

Hi, I’m tying to design an interactive website for a new Radio station, my design idea is do you think I can replicate this site with your theme?

Thanks for the quick response Is the SLAM! Music Band, Musician and Dj WordPress Theme the same as the radio wordpress theme and is the radio wordpress theme compatible with visual composer

I see that you guys also designed Vice: Music Band, Dj and Radio WordPress Theme, so what that different between the three themes. Vice: Music Band, Dj and Radio WordPress Theme, SLAM! Music Band, Musician and Dj WordPress Them and radio wordpress theme

Some functions are in common, but while vice and slam have more or less the same post types, OnAir is totally dedicated to radio stations and have other type of functions. My suggestion is to check the demos and compare them with your features needs to see which one fits better your requirements. For any doubt, from our site you can also access the manuals to check the functions more in depth.

Is it possible you guys could add an Instagram and maybe some other social media platforms in the Link details section of the Artist edit page?

HellO! Yes we can, which social you feel missing?

Great job, I wanted to ask if you can import music from youtube channel, vimeo. Thank you

No this is a wordpress theme cannot do such functions, you need to upload your mp3 samples for each track. BUT you can set a youtube, vimeo or soundcloud URL for each track, and in the release player the external players will be embedded in the page.