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deevoe Purchased

Hi! I use the unboxed header version. Then the nav-menu is at the top and the logo and social icons are below. How is it possible to change the order (logo at the top/ nav-menu below). Apart from that is it possible to put the Logo and the social icons next to the menu-bar at the top? Thanks.

Hello, there ase hard code customizations, first is very very hard to do that, and second, I’m sorry but these customizations are not part of the normal theme support. You need a developer to help you doing this, but is not something easy to do.

Plus consider we made these choices for the best user experience and usability goals, why would you change this behavior in such way? I think is not good at all for the user… Is like giving all the time the possibility to go out of your site to visit your social…

i updated, and out of support, and now no beatport releases get called in at all :( I have the API right, I have everything activated, it just never imports them :(

Hi! Please use the url with not the new and it will work fine ;) Sorry but they changed url so many times we can’t catch them with the updates… You just need to change www with pro in the url you import and it’s done!

Thank you so much, that worked :)

Very good thanks for the update ;)


deevoe Purchased

Hi! More than two weeks ago I sent over an email request to beatport but I haven´t received an anwer yet. As I got no reply I resent it to them a few days ago for the second time. Do you know if there are problems to get the beatport api key or can it take longer for them to reply? In one of your past replies you mentioned a temporary api key? Is it possible to get it until I get the one from beatport?


deevoe Purchased

Thanks for the prompt answer, the very good template and the good news! I still have 2 issues. I use the Facebook Fanbox Widget at the right sidebar. Unfortunately it does not behave in a responsive way that means it is only possible to enter a fixed width and then (depending on the device I use) the widget is beyond the border of the sidebar (if I use the ipad). When I use the computer everything is correct. Besides the Play-button disappears when I use mobile devices and I cannot listen to the music. Do you have tipps how I can solve these problems?

Hello! Facebook widget is very old technology and is not responsive, we can’t do nothing about it i’m sorry! Maybe there are some 3rd party plugins which can help you better…

For the buttons, please post your question on the forum but please put a screenshot as I can’t understand. Thanks!

Hi, I bought and installed the theme as directed, have also added the code as directed but there is no ONE CLICK INSTALLER anywhere on my dash board, how do I find this One Click Installer.

I purchased it from the site link you gave me, and you said you don’t have the theme on themeforest. and the paypal Transaction ID: 0N386003MR700673K, I just need to signup with the support forum

My support forum user name is darkcreek studios

Ah ok I see! You bought the OnAir theme on the 23 Sep 2016! Perfect, but on the forum the transaction ID is requested only for Slam, Sonik and Vice, On Air support forum anyone can subscribe without any purchase ID.

I think you tried to post in the wrong forum ;)

Pre-Sales Questions:

1. I wanted to know if it is possible to add videos under the events tab?

2. I wanted to know if it possible to add additional fields under the artist profile like photos, Instagram profile, or other related information?

Also can the photos in the Latest Release tab on the home page be shown in carousel view?

Hello! 1. You can post videos in the single events page, or create a page Events an post whatever content you like in that page. But I’m not sure I understood the question…

2. The artists have some social icons you can add: website, facebook, twitter, youtube, beatport, soundcloud, mixcloud, myspace, resident advisor and youtube. If you need to have another icon we can add it (like instagram) then you can add all the infos you want in the bio section, which actually is normal content like a page.

3. photos in release tab: no actually this is fixed, sorry

Thank you for the reply

Thanks for the refund, I have a question about using the child them or the main theme, it’s kind of confusing as to why have a child theme if both are the same, which leads to my question, which of the themes should I use for my site, the child theme or the theme and what is the difference?

Anyone else have an issue with the latest version and the artist page youtube links not working? Mine show a 404 error page for all the links. I have an older version installed on a different server and they work perfectly. Any help woul dbe appreciated

Hello! Please open a ticket on the forum we check immediately, be sure please to add your site too. Thanks!


DJArea4 Purchased

we get this error when loading this theme: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare podcast_register_type() (previously declared in /home/scottsdalenights/public_html/wp-content/plugins/qt-radio-suite/custom-types/podcast/podcast-type.php:11) in /home/scottsdalenights/public_html/wp-content/themes/SLAM/custom-types/podcast/podcast-type.php on line 77

Hello! You must have some plugin active that is interferring. Please disable ALL the plugins, and retry. Please for further support use the forum, can’t provide a quality service here, thanks!


DJArea4 Purchased

HOW do i disable all the plugins

Greetings I was wondering, Is there a way I can filter my Releases or Artists page the same way that Podcasts do? I might have 200 artists / albums and should be nice if users could discover music by genre on top of each page. Thanks for your time and answer.

Hello, you can add taxonomies for every post type (like the categories) then in the menu, using the screen options (top right corner of the menu editor) you can enable specifi catonomies like genres or podcast genres, and a new panel will appear on the left column of the menu editor.

From there you can choose the taxonomies and add them as sub elements of the Podcast or Artists items in the menu.

Thank you for the reply. I’ve already did that to the menu but I was wondering if there’s a way it can be showed like the Podcast Taxonomy instead of a menu item.

Yes you can do the same but taxonomies have different names. On the left menu, under artists and releases, you can see the names of their taxonomies.

I’m having trouble getting the artists to appear alphabetically, not seeing where to add the orderby. Also is there a way to exclude specific genres from the main page?

There is no alfabetical option you can use the order attribute of the pages to sort them.

Is there a way to do it on in the coding? I’ve got way too many to have to work with the page order to keep it alphabetical

Yes, using pre_get_posts you can customize the query. You see an example in the functions.php at line 256 to 326, but code customizations are not provided with support so you have to check on the codex for the correct parameter.

I think you can work with something like $query->set(‘orderby’ , ‘title’);

More info:

luizgc Purchased

i need to activate the visual composer plugin who cames with the theme, with the license key of the theme he don’t active.. what i do?

Is bundled there is no activation unless you buy a single license. We provide updates monthly or contact us via email for an early link, thanks!

I cant wait to design our site with your app. Ive read the stylesheet support at least 15 times yet the error reading keeps smacking me down with stylesheet is still missing. Where is the darned thing so I can get past this really frustrating issue that I keep thinking is my fault but more and more appears to be something else.

I made the big mistake of uploading the shell zip file not the slam zip file inside it and now I cant delete it. It follows its binary code to install when it is clicked on do deleting it is useless. I tried a file name change but no luck. I tried several other ftp raw commands and had no success. So I have to have tech support from my isp remove it. I was 75% done building the site when I clicked to save a change and ended up back the installation page for This happened twice. This shell zip file must be interfering. I reinstalled everything under a new directory and still this one sits there. Unless you know of an end-around because I can’t think of one.

if you have the time, I am rebuilding the site. would you want to email me the activation key this time for security purposes? I am not certain I will make it through your protocols twice.

What you mean? You don’t need to reactivate the theme, just paste the same codes you had before, or if you lost them you can reobtain te activation key as always from

I am instrested on buying this theme or On Air theme from you… every time i go to your page it says “forbidden”... I am developing a web radio with Shoutcast V 2.4.7 . Is it compatible??? Also your themes are using HTML5 players??? I am asking because the latest version of Google Chrome does not support java or flash players any more. Thank you for your time

Hi! Your server is offline so I couldn’t test now:

But it looks like a normal shoutcast stream so once is online you can use it with no problems using the url;listen.mp3

I know , thank you very much for your time, we had some technical issues , now we are back on air

Hi! Your stream is up but you have shoutcast v 1.9.8 (see top right corner It should work but your service uses a mp3 url which is unusual or protected. Usually it is;listen.mp3 or similar but I can’t find it for your radio. You should contact your streaming provider and ask for the URL of the direct mp3 stream. Thanks!

Notice that your theme preview doesn’t have an example shop so was just wondering if SLAM! is compatible with WooCommerce?

Yes, but I’d suggest to go for Sonik which is much more flexible and you have so many more functions for woocommerce.

we can ‘use the player for a web radio? can add even more radio stations? The streaming player is customizable? The player reads the AAC shoutcast ?

no only mp3

Greetings. I love the way that the default blog page shows my latest posts. But I want to change the title or translate it to Spanish. Im not able to do that and also doesn’t work when i put it on Module 1 on the Quantum Panel – Home Settings

It could be nice if I can customise my own blog page to look exactly the way it is by default.

Could you give me a hand please? thanks

Hello! You can edit the file “loop-archive.php” to modify the strings of the blog. To create a home like the demo, you have to create a page and choose the template “Home”, then set this new page as home page in the reading settings. Don’t set a blog page.

Then in Qantum Panel you can enable the single modules.

Thanks for the tip… Just to be clear, I shouldn’t make or set a Blog / News page?

If thats the case, How can I call certain kind of news from the menu? for example. Concert news (posts), artist news, etc.

Ps: My homepage looks like a charm now!


You create a page and choose Blog from the template of page on the right column ;)

How do I fixed my blog and home page conflict?

When I go Dashboard > appearance > Customize > Static Front page and set the setting as “A Static Page” and them the Front Page: Hone and Posts page as “news” but both home and news pose as the home page? Extremely confused and need help fixing this bug this has really delayed my 2017 label Launch D :

do not set new page in this theme is not needed, creates conflicts

Whenever I click “insert into post” to upload new release tracks, the choose file screen just goes blank. I can’t get any music inserted.

Thank you!! That worked

Home slider and widgets on other pages don’t appear when you click on the page. You must refresh the page for everything to show. How do I fix this?

Hello! Please be sure to remove ANY animation (like fade in and slide in) from Visual COmposer, as they are not compatible with the QT Ajax Page Loader plugin (we contacted the Visual Composer staff about that but they didn’t help at all, so no solution for animations)

Hi! QantumThemes. First of all, congratulations for this awesome template. Keep the good job.

Im working on it, and I was wondering if there´s a widget or functionality that could relate events with artists that I can put on the Artist page. (Just like the podcast tab)

For Example: If I have 5 events from 2 different artists. Could they also be displayed separately on their respective Artist page with a widget or section?

Thank you very much for your response. Have a nice day! :)

Hello and thank you for appreciating our theme :) About that function, it’s a good idea but in over 4000 sales of our music themes, it has never been requested before, so it doesn’t exists for the moment. For sure you can understand that a single request cannot justify hundreds of euros needed to create it, so unfortunately i can’t provide the code or the update for you. My best suggestion is eventually to use some external plugin, like visual composer, to display the event post type via shortcode inside of the artists page, and filter it by eventtype. then for each event add to the eventtype categories the name of the artists. I think is the fastest solution. Thanks!

Wooa.. hehe I understand. Thanks for that suggestion. Will be working on it. :)