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Do you have this template in HTML ? Sorry but I don’t have experience using WP :/ :cry:

Hello! I’m sorry we don’t but please check Sonik HTML is much better

Hi When following the quick install for the demo i get as far as the installer panel. From there it does not fully install. when re trying i get errors says file names already exist so its doing a bit but not completing. any ideas?

i have added comment on the forum but got a response saying they need more detail. the only way to give more detail is for you to log in and i need a safer way to send you my details

Hello, we cannot legally login in other people’s websites, if they asked more details please be sure to provide precise descriptions of what you need to do, what is not working as expected, and any url or screenshot that can represent your issue. We solved now almost 3000 cases without logging in, i think with proper infos this will be silved as well thanks for your collaboration

any update on my post? coming up to 30hrs since i heard from you

COME ON GUYS. its been 8 days since i purchased the theme and had zero support. Looking through the forum and my issue seems to be quite common, only the ordinary fixes are not working. I have posted to your support forum also but not getting a response

It’s NOW 6 days since your first post

PLUS you have not been “waiting” but instead we are going through a debug process with you since a week:

so please STOP spamming across channels, it does not give you ANY kind of proiority, if not the opposite.

I’ve sent an email but got no response.

Using SLAM! v3.4.0 we’re having issues with our slider and image galleries.

When first visiting our home page our slider does not load. When visiting our image galleries they may load correctly, which then makes the home page slider start working, but as soon as the browser is closed and reopened the issue returns.

We also can change from http to https, reload the page and then go back to http and the issue then resolves, until you close your browser and reopen it.

These issues are present whether logged in or not and no matter which browser is used.

Please help!


Well, I posted in your forum, but now it won’t let me back in. It says that I have to purchase support. I’d be happy to do that, except I don’t feel obligated to pay you to fix a bug in your code…

Can you post a link please?


Theme looks really great, btw,

Player: Before have the possibility to go ahead or back with the time I always must pause and restart the track, if not the cue circle doesn’t work. In addiction sometimes, when clicked, it brings the track to half time, sometimes to the beggining, in any point I click on it.

Add media in the releases: If I upload directly the track via the multi-file uploader with “choose file – from computer” the save button works and track and settings will be saved, if I select the track from media through “choose file – media library” the save button doesn’t work

Support: They always reply and they’ll never leave you, btw the reported bugs seems to have no chances to be fixed.

Best regards

I’ve wrote to siteground without specifying your name of course and they replied me this:

“We do have limits in place on our shared servers, and this is only to ensure that all of our customers have an equal share of resources that they pay for on our shared servers. We can however increase this case-by-case and assist you with making it work so that you’re able to import the content from your theme. If you’re looking to have demo content imported for a theme, please provide us with the wp-admin url, username and password along with the steps to replicate and we will be happy to help you get this limit increased so that it works for you.”

Anyway I’ll for sure have a try to the host mentioned by u if I’ll be noticed when published.

Probably they will temporary remove the limitations to your server package while they import the demo contents and put them normal after that, only way possible ;) I’d suggest to go for it.

I don’t need demo contents.. I’ve just sent them your message for hear their words about it.. thanks anyway for the reply