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awesome work! Good luck :)

Thanks mate. Feel free to ask for further improvements ;)

nice this is exactly what I am looking for

Hey! Happy u found it! Please help me with a good rating ;) And dont be afraid of asking new features!

Great Theme, Good luck with sales ! ;)

Thanks also your works are looking great!

Wow Great Work ,Good Luck :)

Thanks! For any request please ask ;)

And leave me a rating if you can please, BIG THANKS!! :D

very good job, what is the font that is being used in the logo.

Dylovastuff, from, is free! Bye!

Great theme!! What is the font of the logo?

Dylovastuff, from, is free! Bye!

Slider works but no image displayed

Can you give me the site? I can suggest to see the videos for more detailed istructions, but if you refere to homepage slider, you have to: - Create a slider (under the slider post type on the left) - upload an image (is a custom field not a featured image) - publish it - Go in the QantumThemes Admin Panel (under Appearance) - Go in the Home tab - Enable the slider - Optionally: go in the slider tab anche choose some options

Remember that only the twitter slider is responsive, the other one (Nivo) will be hide in mobile browsers

Tell me if you resolved and link me your site if you need ;)

Demo site not working :(

Sorry hosting is making changes and i recived a huge increase of traffic since i published this theme, i’m making an upgrade. To have another preview please visit:

New demo websites are coming soon ;)

Looks great. I really look forward to working with it soon. It would be good if it integrated with WooCommerce? or does it integrate with a shop plugin already?

Hi, i never tried but integrating with an e-commerce plugin was already my next development plan. Plus a very huge social integration to help owners in the online PR work. If you want to try to use woocommerce or other plugins and tell me the result i can start working on it or help you to integrate it!


Great plugin, i purchased it yesterday, but i didn’t realize one important factor to me:

How can possibly add category filter for the releases? I really need this to be able to use the theme.

Looking forward to your help.


Hi, giving you an answer in few hours, thanks. Let’s say it is possible but actually release categories ar same as posts categories. I will create a custom taxonomy for releases so you can use them to filter releases ok? And still preserve release archive visualization

Gat it.. Thanks alot!

hi did you download the latest version with categories for releases and podcasts? Note: after the upgrade refresh the permalinks and if using SEO permalinks use this as custom structure: / category / postname / and not only / postname /

New version available. Please contact us in private for it.

I’m trying to view the live view but I cannot see a live demo of the theme. Please Help!!!!!!

Sorry i’m making a hosting upgrade i have too much traffic. Instead you can watch: it is not a full features preview but you can have a clue.

Demo doesn’t work. Shame really, I was interested in this theme.

Sorry i’m making a hosting upgrade i have too much traffic. Instead you can watch: it is not a full features preview but you can have a clue. I’m preparing also a demo on a new server.

Here there is a customer’s website, consider he is still working on it and it has some customizations (like he didn’t want it to be responsive so is fixed width)

PS. which problem do you experience in the demo site? Does it stuck on load?

It seems the whole provider (netsons) is experiencing some problems. Please try so look it in few hours…

check now please

I sent you a private message regarding the update, but haven’t got a response yet, can you please get me that?

We will like to complete our project.


Hi, you can redownload the project you purchased from your themeforest page, the new version has been released ;)

Thank you.

Can you please specify exactly which files was modified or added? We have customized the theme to meet our needs, so re-uploading everything will mess up everything we have done so far.

Looking forward to your kind response.

I was able to figure it.

But when i go to the genre link it doesn’t filter, it shows all releases together, even though they have different genres assigned.. did i miss any file? i only re-uploaded “custom-types” folder and the 2 “taxonomy” files.

Also how would it be possible to add the genres list as a widget just like the categories sidebar widget?


Never mind, i fixed the first question regarding genres sort, i forgot some files.. it works perfect.. Great job!

Now am left with having release genres list as a widget just like the categories sidebar widget.. Could you please help with it?

Ok, let me better understand please: you switched to latest version (1.2) right? Than you want to make a widget with genres list right? This is a wonderful idea and thank for it. I will work on it and meanwhile i suggest you to try this:

Sorry i didnt answered fast, i promise i will help you with customizations, you have great ideas. When finished, if you want feel free to suggest the website for the demo list ;)


trying to save change on the Qantum Admin Panel and this is the error i receive:

Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /homepages/22/d279350397/htdocs/jperry/site/wp-content/themes/labelpro/admin/adminindex.php on line 127

Warning: file_get_contents( [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /homepages/22/d279350397/htdocs/jperry/site/wp-content/themes/labelpro/admin/adminindex.php on line 127

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /homepages/22/d279350397/htdocs/jperry/site/wp-content/themes/labelpro/admin/adminindex.php:127) in /homepages/22/d279350397/htdocs/jperry/site/wp-content/themes/labelpro/admin/adminindex.php on line 139

Ok, it has something to do with your hosting. We can resolve it but i need to check a solution. You have some security restrictions or maybe you deleted files in the ”/fonts” folder?

Ok, this is the problem:

URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration

Your hosting has blocked this in php.ini: allow_url_fopen

The solution is that if you have curl enabled i can make an alternative file for you and we can fix it.

SOLUTION 1: download this: Rename admin/adminindex.php in adminindex.fopen.php Unzip, rename the file in adminindex.php and upload it in the /admin folder

if the curl extension is installed it will work for you. If not, replace the new file with the old and go to solution 2:

SOLUTION 2: contact your hosting provider and ask to set allow_url_fopen = On on php.ini

This will also fix the twitter widget. No other solution is now possible for the twitter widget at the moment, sorry. You can use other twitter widgets from wordpress repository.

SOLUTION 3: If no solutions works for you, please consider changing hosting provider, because it is a little limiting for the theme.

I can anyway give you an extreme solution, disabling the font function: Download this: And proceed as the solution 1

FontFace won’t be available. Sorry but hosting limitations means limitations for wordpress.

Hope it helped. Have a good day!


SOLUTION 1, work for the admin, but for twitter i used an alternate plugin.

Now, i wonder if it possible to have all my RELEASE to be play on the top player, not to be downloadable.

The same javascript that send PODCAST on the top player, i would like to have it on each LATEST or SINGLE RELEASE play button.


Hi, i tested your website with ie and chrome and any release play button is actually played on the top player. You have only a problem with the mp3 of PLANE (KANAVAL 2012) because you have brackets in the mp3 url. All other mp3 plays fine ;)

thx, it’s work, the issue was from a software on my computer.

np have fun! Great music my best wishes 4 your career! PS. i will release some amazing softwares to better integrate and automate your website with social networks, so stay tuned if you are intrested ;)

Lovely theme!Is it possible to put itunes,amazon,etc links instead of buy now on the release page?

yes it is, please list me the websites you would like to use not any website in the world, the realistic selection of the top 5-6 websites) please. I can add some custom fields on the release page where you can add the url and they will display the icon.

And please use the official support e-mail provided with the theme manual for further assistance, thanks!

hey how do I change the text color of the text where it says latest releases to white?

can you please link me the page?

Hi, I want to buy this theme if i can make it ecommerce? Is it compatible with woocommerce??

Hi i did not try. For sure i will soon make an integrtion with woocommerce but is not a fast work, so i think i need at least a month.