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Ciao, i’d like to know if you fixed the beatport importer issue, in the last update dated on 29-nov-2013 thanks

It is actually working on many websites. Do you have the api key?

Hi, I get this error, after pasting the link to import Artist pages from Beatport:

Call failed:error Not Found

Can you help me with this?

Please send me your access details at the support email

hi @ all… the beatport importer does not work exactly :(

Please send me your access details at the support email and specify your issue

My beatport also dont work :( i already have Beatport API

Hi sorry if i didn’t see the message but the support is provided at the email that you have in the support page of the manual, which is also here:

If you can provide your website access and a good description of the problem i’ll be happy to help you ;)

Im still not liking/understanding this Event order thing. Why does an event from November still show up in my event list, but my NYE event coming up in a few weeks doesn’t show in the list? I have two categories set up but the widget doesn’t work when I put one in. Help –

Hi, please write to the support email that you have in the support page of the manual ;) I need a description of the problem (just tell me “the djdaddy isue”) and the wordpress access (url, user and password)

Hi! Can I have the Player of Releases in the Artist Page already? Nice one! Best Tom

It is by default in every page… I’m here if you need more explanations, and if you want a faster answer please use the email thanks!

Sent you an email sir. :)

Hi, are you the one who i already answered? Sorry because i don’t have the username-email matching ;)

Yessir. No need to apologize, you have already gone above and beyond most :)

i’m here if you need more help, thanks! :D

Great template but please add a “Download for free”-feature!

And where can I chance the shopping cart icon?

Nevermind. Found it! Future possibility for a German translated theme? That would be awesome!

At the moment you must change the main files for a translation but i am planning of making the international version with the .mo .po files next month…

Thank you Website

Ahahah ;) Finally you updated to the latest version? Filterable releases are coming next month i hope, and the new dj theme as well ;)


Can you please advise if the latest update has fixed the problem with the Beatport Importer and the Audio Player NOT working!?

I can import tracks from Beatport, BUT the audio player is NOT working.

Please advise.


Last version fixes anything if you have the beatport api key ;) because they changed the result… now i have updated it… bye!!

Is this theme compatible with buddypress and woocommerce, the latest versions? And does both theme inherit the themes, style, like font, colors and background image?

And finally, All the features you specify as features of this theme, are they all working to date. Meaning if i purchase the theme, will it do what it says on the box? or is there some bugs and fixes which you are currently working on in reference to the features you specify with this theme?

Hi! Thanks for your questions. All the functions are updated and working, including the Beatport Importer, which is updated to the latest Beatport API. Please note that now the Beatport API requires to be enabled by following this procedure: You must follow thei guidelines, put the Beatport logo in a clean visible place on the website, and specify that you are going to use the API to import your tracks and link to the Beatport release page where the people can buy them. Buddypress is tested and i had no problems anyway whatever problem you will have i will fix them in less than 48 hours (usually less than 8). Here on the comments i cannot answer fast, but the support mail comes directly in my phone in real time so I will answer almost immediately ( Many customers are also using woocommerce also if I just found out that certain pages are not inheriting the styles in the correct way (i’m speaking about a couple of buttons) but I’m already working on this). My support for your website will be fast and reliable with the support mail and i can also help you for free with small customizations or installation (if needed). As you may see by the comments, no one of my customers has been disappointed ;) The manual is up to date and full of short videos ( 2 videos of 2 minutes). The online version is here: The version provided with the theme is a newer one. If you still need more info please ask directly to me at Thanks ;) Igor

I have a couple of questions to ask

1. The music player you have, I will be setting up an ITunes style shop, Can i set your music player to only play the first 20 seconds of the track? 2, I noticed when i went on to the release tab and visited each album release, the player list does not change. so for instance i would like the player to only show the tracks in that particular album. if I move to another album, then it displays the tracks in that album, so on so forth. You will see that the player on the menu bar on your site does not do that. I will be selling multiple artists and albums on my site and would much prefer if the players playlist would display each artist/album individually

Hi. 1. sorry, is not possible to play 20 sec… anyway who does buy a truck after 20 sec? usually preview is at lease 1.30 min 2. the playlist only takes the x tracks from a certain number of releases (customizable in the options)

When I try and upload the theme to my wordpress, it gives me the error “Please try again. Are you sure you want to do this?” Can you please tell me what I’m doing wrong. I tried uploading all the files and the one for just wordpress. thanks!

In the manual there is the solution ;) AND there is also the email of the support service because i see it immediately and answer in few minutes, cos i don’t receive notify of these comments… Sorry that you waited 15 hours… Anyway, upload the theme via ftp cos your hosting is not allowing the upload of the theme because of the file size. Unzip the folder, find the folder named labelpro2 and upload it using any ftp client in the wp-content/themes folder. Here for further needs (but use the support mail please

Got it. Thank you very much!


If i upload the “DEMO CONTENT.xml” file. It doesn’t show the website as the same as here online. Is it possible to send me the .sql database file, so we can upload it. Thats makes things faster.

Best Regards, David.

Hi. Yes I can do it, but you will miss anyway the files (which are many). Anyway please send me this request at

Hi, i cant get the QTslideshow to work, also your website is showing an 403 code when clicking on the “Open Online Manual” link.

i have added the shortcode for the QTslideshow in the admin panel “1” and enabled the slideshow. also tried the shortcode..

the homepage either shows an error or just a grey bar. also when previewing the slider as a “post” it shows nothing.

best regards.

Hi please send a request to, hard to give support on this thread. Thanks!

Just wanted to take the time and thank you for the great Theme. It really is incredibly feature-rich and has a ton of flexibility for a variety of uses. Additionally I think its great you continue to make improvements, add new features, and stay in touch with people via support and the forums here.


Hi and thanks… unfortunately i’m moving country and i cannot check this forum so often this month… a new release will come in february ;)


Thank you, i install it perfectly. But how can i remove the left side bar “Customize theme” ??

Thank you, David.

In the qantum panel you can disable it. Sorry for the delayed answer but the support email given in the manual is the preferred support channel as we can read it in real time. If you need more help write to the mail that you can find in the support page of the manual. Thanks!

Found out that the TinyMCE support for fluid grid system (“custom grid” option) won’t work. Just edit this js file in the theme:

../wp-content/themes/labelpro2/plugin/dw-shortcodes-bootstrap/assets/js/plugins/grid.js at line 30:

change: tb_show('Custom Grid', '../wp-content/plugins/dw-shortcodes-bootstrap/assets/js/plugins/grid.html?TB_iframe=1'); to: tb_show('Custom Grid', '../wp-content/themes/labelpro2/plugin/dw-shortcodes-bootstrap/assets/js/plugins/grid.html?TB_iframe=1');

and now you can use the it ;).

Hi and thanks a lot… which was the bug? This was a free plugin that i customized for this theme and i already fixed a tons of bugs from the original version but there may still be some… I’ll put the fix in next theme release! ;)

Mate I bought this theme a while ago already and now I can finally get started with it, however I am a label myself, spoke to Beatport about the API and all that, but they don’t hand out any API keys at the moment.

Obviously this is pretty annoying, is there no way to get some form of access to do a one time import!? I need to add about 100 different labels to my website.

Additionally a label importer would be a lot cooler too, now if you import and artist you also get releases you don’t want and need to delete them out.

Please send me a message what can be done.

An additional problem by the way, I wanted to import all my Mixcloud podcasts, results only in import of the first page, then all others don’t get imported, what’s the issue with this!?

Hi, that’s strange… Please send all details and wp access to the support email that you have in the manual, thanks!


I have interest for buy it, but a question: you say “player can continus playing across page” BUT when i click to another page in the main menu, music stop playing…. Possible that music dont stop when you change of page `? Or not ?

Best regards

If your connection is not very fast, you have a small delay in the music… Is not as the new Soundcloud as making the site like that would have caused thousand of problems with any other jquery plugin that a user could have use… Sorry was the only way for now… to avoid other issues.

Hello, it’s Sophie again :) First of all I’d like to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! :) first problem: The Beatport Importer is not working correctly. The connection with beatport is working and I can choose a release to import, but when I imported the release, the theme generated only a clean site without content:

second problem: Then I have another question (I already wrote you an Email but didnt get an answer yet- maybe you are working this feature out for the next backup ;).. so I only have to wait for the backup :) On my website I’d like to show two categories of Artists on one site. Each category should have an headline. First there should be shown the Artists which can be booked and second there should be shown the artists that only realeased on our label. I know, that there is a categoryfilter for muscistyle which I could use for this in some way, but I want all artists to be shown on one single site one “category” underneath the other. And I don’t know how to generate this one single site. The Name of the categories should be the headlines per example “Booking Artists” and the next headline “Release Artists”. Kind regards Sophie

Hi and happy new year to you! For the beatport importer, simply donwload latest theme version from Tforest and update the importer. You need the API key, and it works fine. I had to push an update because the beatport api changed. There is a text file in the product page that explains how to update only the importer plugin. For the artist thing, simply please write me an email with your site access and i’ll see the situation and help you doing this. Sorry for late reply i am moving home to a new country… I answered to all the emails but maybe i skipped yours. Very very sorry