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Thank you S, works Fine :)

Yes that was the good way. Keep a tracking of all your customizations (e.g. make a txt file) in this way you will be able to grab them when i make a new theme version. On february probably a good update will be out..

Hello, i presume someone ask already but i will take my chances. I buy you theme for second time simply because is brilliant. First one is here and everything work just amazing. Now i purchase second time following my radio station to create my record label site in same way. But i have face problem. Seams the Beatport API have some problem. Simply doesn’t exist following the link in the theme options. I have contact Beatport because i have more then 100 releases with them. Hope they will come back to me. In a mean time i want to ask if anyone experience any problem or know about quick fix of this issue. I have to build back catalog and this will be a lot of work so i hope you can help me. However like i mention i contact Beatport witch could solve the this issue.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi, you have to go here: Send them an email at Put a nice beatport logo in your site and link to them writing “powereb by Beatport” and put the buy link to the beatport page if you don’t have it, then they’ll send you the new API key. If you send me an email i’ll help you more, thanks!

Thank you, i have send them email and still in process of deciding. It’s a good future from them but they have some restriction for ads on my website and also i sell my label releases on other stores with looking the terms of Beatport they are not happy about it. However i have send them last email today with few more question to see what they think. I will send you the terms so you can have them. Sending from


Can you add price and genre tag for releases to Beatport importer? Please edit Contact Info on layout and add other ways to contact (facebook, twiter, etc.). Did any chance to add this layout new part of the menu ‘Charts’?

My site (powered by beatport):

Hi, unfortunately you have a plugin “like to see” that is not working with my facebook account and i’m not able to see the website, anyway I can add the genre and the price, i put this in queue for the next theme release on february. If you need a Charts menu voice, you can add it by going into appearance/menu

I think i will also add a function to import the dj charts aswell as the releases are now imported, i think this might be useful.

I can also add the contact of facebook and twitter to the contact section, that’s a great idea thanks!

So stay tuned for the next theme release in less than 1 month and all your requests will be accomplished ;)

Another proposal

- increase the number of displayed releases (post_type=release) of 8 to 16, or add an option where you can select the number of display release - allow segregation by date added, and date release - if you open another tab (in the browser) did not start playing music - adding a constant search (right corner)

If you wait 120 seconds you will have the opportunity to see the content of my site.

cool ideas i put them in the list! I will for sure add an option for the number of releases and artists in the pages… i think a lot of people will love them, thanks!


How can i download the new update on this site because i have the 2.8.1 version ?


oh sorry, i just have to download it again…

ehehe yes, please pay attention to the attached text file in the product zip to learn how to update only the beatport importer (i think you might need only this no?)


BUGS: publishes a maximum of 10 tracks (even if there are more in the release) —> release on beatport

That’s happening only on your site i think something is crushing the jquery, maybe some plugin because the theme is actually working correctly, check this out: is working correctly. I checked your site and yes, it is working strange. I don’t see any js issue… do you have plugins you can try to disable? Or did you change some file?

so it was the fault of the plug :) and now is working ! thanks for the tip :) Yesterday I made some changes that made that my site has gained even more attractive..

Do you are able to create tab ‘Lebels’ with functionality tab ‘Release’?

Sorry i’ve been super busy til now because obviously i have to give priority to the paying customers and I wanted to do that for you for free… i must ask you one day more…

damn, its importing only 10 tracks max here also, i just realised it ://

they must have changed the feed… tomorrow i check… sorry

Hi, I have a issue when i don’t put a feature picture on a release post… the system don’t listed it when i click on release or in the carousel.

Do you have an idea ?


Yes, the carousel only lists tracks with featured images. If you think that a stock image was better for releases without a cover, the system allows you to upload whatever image that you want. Obviously this must fit for the masses and I didn0t want to choose a stock default for everyone… Any suggestion to solve your problem? What do you expect the theme to do? Let me know and we find a solution for you ;)


I have installed your theme on my VPS but homepage youtube slider is not working. you can see here that will appearing differently.

Please look this ASAP.

Thanks & Regards

write to support email please, you can find out how to request a support in the support page of the manual, thanks ;) (cos maybe is not a simple answer).

Hello, in my eventlist, FEBRURY is shown as MARCH How can I fix this?

hi, i noticed this thing on certain servers, there is already a fix. Please write me to the info address to get the updated file, thanks

Is there anyway to turn off comments on a certain page?

yes: enable the discussion (page options button, top right corner of the page admin screen) then go to the bottom of the edit page and disable comments

Thanks I actually found out how to do this as soon as I posted this!

1) Next question, how can I disable tags from showing on the front page for recent posts, but keep them on the post page itself?

2) I also have a problem with the Theme Options now, it displays like this

Any help would be appreciated!

You options page seems like: A- a plugin is smashing jquery B- you are missing theme’s files C- you customized something D- your server is out of space and your cache cannot work correctly

With the access to your wp admin i can check and fix (send all to the support email please ;) Cheers!! wish u a good day

Do you are able to create tab ‘Lebels’ with functionality tab ‘Release’? In text create a post is bug.. tag h2, h3, php, js are bad created after clicking on the button this characters ; ; [ php] ; [ js] should look like that: <h2> ; <h3> ; [php] ; [js] </h3></h2>

Hi, 1. yes is possible but SUPER TRICKY and expensive… I can purpose you a trick: you can more easily (with my help) add a new taxonomy (label) and creating a template for the taxonomy, we can display that taxonomy in any way (also like a big title or whatever). That costs less than 1 hour work and will not smash the site… Plus it can be an additional module so you won’t need to do a thousand things to bring this customization to the next theme version. If u like the idea simply write me by email and we do it ;)

Hello, there is a problem with soundcloud podcast. it seems they updated something ? the player is too big now. Also, still no fix for 10 track max limit for beatport releases ? ;) thanks in advance S

answer in your mail ;)

works :) !!! awesome

The new version will be official in few hours. Changes: v 2.8.3
  • fixed artist image zoom
  • fixed background image color for qtslideshow in pages
  • Added new homepage module: podcasts
  • Added youtube proportion resize
  • Fixed excerpt text and added link in frontend_functions.php
  • Corrected server glitch for month name in events archive in the loop-archiveevent.php file, line 38 $mname = strftime(“%b”, $time-1);
  • Main.js added max height for soundcloud oembed
  • woocommerce.php added dark background to the page
  • QT slideshow added height responsiveness
  • Fixed limit on Beatport Import tracks number by addind ‘perPage’ => 100 in _common.php
  • CSS: Better font size for the artist release list in the artist page (bootstrap.qantum.css -> ul.qw-artist-release-list li)
  • CSS: Removed minimum video height for the youtube videos in the artist page (.qw-detail-medialink)
  • Fixed Facebook Comments on Events page
  • Added Comments Closed custom text

Hello, is it possible to see the events (in the widget AND in the event page) ordered from the most recent to the older rather than older to newer? Cause my latest events are at the bottom of the page, and it’s not verry clear for the visitors.

Thank you for your help!

Thank you very much, that’s working fine!

One Last please? On my podcasts page, when I click on the “view more” link, the sound cloud insert is too big and is going in front of the other links. Is there some options somewhere or a way to fix that?

Thank you for your support.

there is a fix in the next theme version, out next week, btw you can do on your version like this: Main.js added max height for soundcloud oembed then podcastarchive.php near line 35 do the same, like that $.getJSON(‘

note that you only have to add maxheight=140&

Hi, at the artist page I want to change the size and to put in the middle the name of the artist, How can I do??

in the css area (in the qantum panel under the colors tab) add h1.qw-artist-title { text-align: center; font-size: 54px; font-weight: 800; }

Hello, nice work. Is it possible to have add to cart on each track?

it0s already in the theme since version 2.6 ;) there is a link field for each track btw u gotta put it manually as importing the release will only create the link to the release…

Ola :) where can i cnahge de number of slide for the bootstrap slider ? its currently limited to 3. cant find the code to edit

includes/bootstrapslider.php change the query with this ‘post_type=sliders&post_status=publish&posts_per_page=12’

change the 12 with whatever

Just awesome!

Up and proudly running at:

Months ago and we still have no API for Beatport. Does anyone have a API??

When will come the next update for the Theme??

Yeah Thank you!! Everythings works fine now!!

Cool thanks!! very nice music as well!!

Hello. I wanted to buy this theme. I have only a curiosity. The player works if I enter a url for an external mp3 file?

Example: Does the player? I read it?

Yes it works