Discussion on SLAMR - Ultimate Resume and Personal Portfolio

Discussion on SLAMR - Ultimate Resume and Personal Portfolio

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Hi, Is there any reason that the gallery section might not be scrolling to content? It displays above the gallery but it does not automatically scroll. I can’t figure out how this is configured to troubleshoot.

Can you give us a link to your site, so we can have a look?

Hi, Portfolio comment section is previewing fine but after uploading, the description sections are not hidden and instead displaying. Do you know why this may be happening?

Hi marissalt. Thanks for purchasing SLAMR and sorry for the late reply. Could you please provide us with a link to your page, so we can have a look? It sounds like a CSS issue. thx alot

I think I figured this out. It was a CORS error. I updated the google links to https and it works.

great! thanks for your feedback

Hello again,

Is it possible to amend the portfolio section similar to isotope.js—whereby the selected option brings those thumbnails to the top and makes the other ones disappear ?

Also when in mobile view, the portfolio thumbnails automatically open when you hover over them. Is it possible to disable this and have it so you need to manual click on them?


Hi There,

Thanks for making such a great theme!

I'm trying to use the Magnific Popup and just can't seem to get it work. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but my images don't trigger as a Lightbox popup.

Is this something you can help me with? Not sure if I can do this for carousel images as well.


Hi there,

Thanks for the reply, I don’t have hosting as yet as the website is still a work in progress. But I’ve just uploaded it to my Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DWlF4CGKzsoNlrPrJfuTKi_9HtvftMWN?usp=sharing

Hope that helps.

Thx for uplaoding the files. Please delete them again otherwise everyone with that link could download the template ;)

i had a look at your page. Ive not seen an instance of the magnific popup in your code (im refering to the file index-pattern.html). Which was the last file you’ve modified.

Anyways. If you want to show an image in a lightbox just do the following

<a class="image-modal" href="LINK TO YOUR IMAGE">TEXT</a>

Explanation: Just append the class “image-modal” to the element that should open the lightbox. Link the image you want to be displayed inside the href attribute. That is it. SLAMR will handle the rest.

That’s it :) It would be awesome if you could rate us ;) thx in advance and have a great sunday. Cheers

Thank you, that works! I guess I was just looking for the html code ;)

I’ve removed the files from the google drive, sorry about that I don’t have hosting at the moment.

Will definitely leave a positive review.

Thanks again for your help! :)

The navbar burger menu does not seem to work on mobil screens. When you click on the burger menu, all the list items populate. However, if you click on any of them, the list items do not go away. You have to click on the burger icon to close them.


I found this template through your website (createbrilliance.com) and did not realize I wouldn’t be able to upload it to Wordpress as a theme. Can I please receive a refund?

where is the wordpress version?

I would like the money back thanks

What files am I actually getting if I purchase? I see that you mentioned theme… do you give us HTML, CSS, JS files? Not sure how this works…

hi I would like the money back I thought it was a wordpress theme

hi I would like the money back I thought it was a wordpress theme

Hello there, i’ve fixed majorities of issues i’ve met with the temaplate (scrolling issue with portfolio section due to chrome, “Hire me” issue, place holder with video template on mobile…) The template is very good, but I still have a huge issue with the portfolio section on mobile, I can’t scroll items: as said above, the swipe is considered a click. Could you help to fix that? Thx a lot !

Hi. Wondering if this issue was fixed: when i view my site on smartphone, when i try to scroll by portfolio items, i can’t swipe through elements, because the swipe is considered a click. Thx!

Hello ! Could it be possible to have customization service? (I can pay for it)

where is the stock favicon located, i would like to adjust ?

dear GaiaDas thanks for purchasing SLAMR. you mean the favicon.ico? per default there is no favicon integrated in the template but you can easily create your own…here’s how: 1) create a favicon e.g. here: https://www.favicon-generator.org/ 2) copy the favicon to the folder where the template is located 3) in the head of the template insert the following line <link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon" href="/favicon.ico"> that’s it. if you need more help just let us know. cheers

I just realised this is not a wordpress template also. :(

hi darrenbooy, thx for purchasing SLAMR. too bad you need a wordpress template. if you want a refund, just contact envato. cheers

Hi, I have bought this template 3 days ago, everything works nice but I have a big problem in Chrome, in the gallery section when I click one of the projects the section with the description of the projects it’s open above but the page doesn’t scroll automatically there… and I find this as a big issue for user experience, on all the rest of the browsers it works fine. do you have any kind of advice?

dear gabrielflorinpojum first of all sorry for the big delay. which version of chrome are you using? I’ve just checked the demo and its working in chrome (65.0.3325.146). cheers

Ok I haven’t heard back so I’ll ask again. The “hire me” button does not take you to the contact form on a desktop, however it does work on mobile. Also, where can I add a background image to the mobile site? Main CSS @media background? Followed your instructions to setup the email but it still is not functioning.

The email works now. I’m assuming that because I’m using the Video template that it’s gonna just add a dummy image to mobile devices? The video doesn’t show on the phone. Also the “hire me” button doesn’t do anything on the desktop but works with mobile.

hi chrispy1975 here are the solutions for your issues. video: you are right, if a “touch” device is recognized an image is shown instead of the video. if you want to change this please do the following: a) open up main.js (located in the js folder) b) on line 237 to 244 you can see the code for processing the video based on if it’s a touch device or not. c) if you always want to display a video delete the above mentioned lines EXCEPT 239… so your code would look like this SLAMR.videoBgYT = function(selector,video){ $(selector).tubular({videoId:video,wrapperZIndex: 9999}); }; hire me: The hire me stopped working because the scrollTo plugin its using is outdated … there will be a fix on the way…if don’t want to wait copy the code from this url: https://github.com/flesler/jquery.scrollTo/blob/master/jquery.scrollTo.min.js

open up plugins.js and replace the current implementation (which is located on line 81 to 87) with the code from the above url.

thats it :) cheers and hopefully everything runs smoothly now

OK your instructions to change the code within plugins.js did not work. The code from github you offered is much larger than the one it’s replacing in lines 81 through 87. Are you sure the code needs to go there? It says nothing about ScrollTo in lines 81 to 87. Line 87 has no code in it… The scrollTo code is actually on lines 9 through 23 in my plugins.js file. It says version 1.4.3. I replaced it with the 2.1.2 version you offered from github and it does not work either.

In the freelance section of the page there’s an onclick action for the hire me button to scroll to the contact page. It’s not functioning…

Where is the video located within this template’s files? I’d like to use that index but changeout the video.

Dear chrispy1975 thx alot for purchasing SLAMR :). I case you didn’t find it yourself already … please choose index-video.html. in the file you will see the line: SLAMR.videoBgYT('#video-wrapper','PUOun9RImC8'); change PUOun9RImC8 (which is a youtube video id) to the youtube video id you’d like to display. thats it. referring to you question, there is no local video necessary to change. once again thx alot for purchasing. cheers

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