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Hi ! GOOD WORK It’s possible put this theme on app store?

Hello, yes. you have to convert the template using PhoneGap! But to use any app for any mobile store, you must purchase an Extended License.

is this theme support right to left i need it for arabic content

Hey there. The template does not support right to left by default.


one problem: When I open a Video at the Video Portfolio in fullscreen mode, there is a bug after closing with the menu. When I click on a nav-item which is above the video area, the nav-item is not clickable. Looks like a z-index problem. What could I do to resolve the problem?

I wrote to your support recently but I get no answer. I hope you read it here.

Best regards


No answer yet. Very sad. I must think about my rating

We replied to your email instantly when you sent it! :) please check your spam folder, if it’a not there, please let me know and I’ll forward my reply from yesterday from another address. Regarding your rating, please keep in mind that we give top notch support to all our buyers, as long as they are patient and abide by our support terms. They are mentioned on our support page. We reply to tickets within 24-48 hours and during weekends that may be delayed. Your patience is appreciated. Let me know if you locate the mail or if I should forward it from another address.

We’ve replied to your reply, did you get it? Just making sure! :)

Amazing template and great support. Nice work guys and thank you :)

Thank you very much for being an awesome buyer! Happy Holidays and all the best wishes! Cheers! :)

Hi, I purchased it, and the purchase code when entered into the support gives me an error.

i tripled checked the purchase code and it is the one given to me.

Was wondering is there any other ways to solve this ?

Hey there! The link to support is here, if it doesn’t work, send us a message through our profile form! Although, we just got a message a few moments ago from another customer though that form. Cheers and Happy Holidays!

I want to give a public vote of admiration for this programmer on as many of his products as possible.

There is a reason.

When we’re buying templates and themes, we need more than a batch of code which works properly. We need to know that the programmer behind it is serious about his or her work, capable of responding, able to offer reasonable custom work and upgrades – and most of all concerned that we get the product we need to solve problems and create solid projects.

Enabled is that kind of provider. I will take as much time as I can to tell as many people as possible how good his work is, how much I appreciate his talent and how much money he saved me in outside development.

When I need him, he’s there. Whether via email or Skype, he provides extraordinary service as if he’s just another seamless part of your team.

I rarely say I can’t wait to buy more of someone’s products, but he is the resource I’ll return to every time I need anything related to desktop or mobile design.

Bring your project, bring your skill level and explain exactly what you want to accomplish. You won’t find anyone better.

The beautiful bonus you get is being able to envision how a theme might work, and not worry if you have trouble customizing it to your own idea of what your project must look like or accomplish.

Ask him, rely on his expertise, and you’ll befriend one of the world’s finest programmers.

I’m putting my name on this, because I believe it with 20 years of experience in tech. Hire this guy, at any level, and you will be pleased with the results.

Jason M. Kibby, CIO Wortham Laboratories, Incorporated HDYellow/CraftGeneration Chattanooga, Tennessee USA

Jason, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an amazing customer and for your purchase and rating! It’s been and will always be an immense pleasure working with you! These are the things that keep us going and keep motivating us to making better and more amazing products, for amazing customers like you! Cheers my friend! Thank you for everything and for your amazing feedback!

Hello, does this template include a login page?

Hey there! As you can see from the live preview, it does not include a login page. Please keep in mind that even the products that do include one are login page templates.So the back end will need to be coded by yourself. Cheers! :)