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Very clean work! Wish you the best with sales ;)

Thank you!

Nice work mate, great luck with sales.

The http://propelui.com/themes/slate/ui-elements.html does not work for me unless I remove envato frame, just a heads up.



Thanks for the heads up! The demo is now fixed.

Does this include SCSS or LESS files as well as just the CSS ? I bought and love the old version, just weighing up whether or not to update!

I don’t want to be rude, neither aggresive, but for the ones who bought version 1, don’t you think they expect to keep getting updates and this should include this 2.0 version? It’s almost the same with some addons and graphic revamp, many themes in this marketplaces had suffered even bigger revamps without asking for price again, striking for example.

It does not look the same in IE8 : no icons on the main page, boxes not rounded, button labels not aligned properly etc. Looks very impressive in FF & Chrome, though.

An update for the icons is in the queue and waiting to be published!

As for the rounded corners IE8 does not support that feature so it will not be available.

Which version of chrome are you using? My chrome work perfectly. It could be a temporary loading issue.

Using Crome on mac

I tryed to delete my temp files, reload. But the same.

Icons and checkboxes are not align properly in IE9 .

Icons are not visible in IE 8 , can you fix this problems?

Working on a fix for this. Will be released shortly.

An update for this is in the queue and waiting to be published!


Any answer to my question about whether this includes LESS or SCSS /SASS files?


Sorry LESS is not currently available. I will be working on including LESS but it won’t be started for a few weeks.

Is it possible to include videos in the gallery?

What an amazing template. Absolutely love it, just trying to find a use for it now so that I can buy it! :)

I love this. Very good color contrasts, very clean. Nice job, will be using this for my next project.

Nice work. ;)

Is also a PSD File available?

Sorry there currently is not a PSD available. I will look into creating a basic PSD in version 2.2

I REALLY like this one. Best admin template among the most recent ones. Only criticism is the top dark blue header. I think it will look better with 100% width.

Pretty slick, What can it be used for? Like, is this for a specific content management system or is it just a shell to be used in any job?

This is just a shell. It can most easily be used in a custom backend project.

Doesn’t it support liquid layout ? and May you provide an optional side navigation ?

I will look into adding support for these 2 things in the next version.

There’s a small bug in 1024×768 chrome windows 7

when scrolling the first few lines the header disappears momentarily

What is the exact version of Chrome are you using?

21.0.1180.60 (Latest)

Hi, what could be the reason why the lightbox evolution pops up two windows when I click on the same link more than once, been trying to wrap my head around it and am wondering what I must have done wrong. Please help

Please disregard my earlier post, I realized my sillyness apareent my called page was also calling the lightbox x_x

Hey there, love the theme!

There does seem to be a file missing though – http://propelui.com/themes/slate/login.html gives a 404 for the signin demo javascript – here’s the console message from chrome: GET http://propelui.com/themes/slate/js/demos/signin.js 404 (Not Found)