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Hi I just purchased and I really like your work. I am having trouble with the charts. I was hoping you could post an example of pulling data from a mysql database and turning that data into a pie chart. I have read a couple of tutorials on using flot, but would appreciate any help you could provide.


@newvoicetel – You will need to turn your mysql data into javascript formatted variables. If you look at the demos you’ll see how the data is imported. You just need to replace that with your database records.

Hi there, love this theme. I am trying to integrate it into a .NET admin panel however my buttons are not submitting to the server. Any idea why this would be happening?


Is there a simple change that will make the menus expand on mouse over instead of having to click on them?

Can I open an ajax page in the modal window?

@Gamerholic – Google loading ajax from bootstrap modal

To fix the nav bar disappearing when scrolling on the ~1024px version in Firefox and Chrome, change the following line of CSS :


Move line 190 (position: fixed;) to the CSS class starting on line 191 (body.nav-fixed #nav)

    position: fixed;
body.nav-fixed #nav {
    top: 0;
    left: 50%;

    margin-left: -470px;



body.nav-fixed #nav {
    top: 0;
    left: 50%;
    position: fixed;
    margin-left: -470px;


I have a problem, some form items do not work when accessed by an android phone. The Combobox is only active with the phone horizontally, what should I do to solve this problem? :(

In the normal version of Slate are the option buttons well designed. I miss these designs in version 2.0. for option and control buttons. Is it possible to update that?

Hi there! I purchased the theme and I really like it… however there is a minimal bug on the login screen:

I use Google Chrome and when I save the user name and password (when the page is submitted) and then logout (which goes back to the login page) Google Chrome will focus the inputs automatically and give it a yellow background instead of the pretty images you have: http://cl.ly/image/3W2U2H2n003A


Hi there,

I’m trying to modify all the colours (create my own theme) – in the documentation you mention I should edit theme.css – but there’s no such file included!!



@jkritikos It doesn’t exist. Recommend that you create your own and place any changes you make to any of the css in that file. I made the mistake of tweaking some bootstrap settings and not placing them into the new file.

Having too much fun with this theme.

The responsive icon-cog and icon-home (collapse) are not showing when I shrink the browser view to mobile: http://cl.ly/image/1c2D3z3o1R0N

Any ideas?

Please ignore my previous comment. I was able to fix the issue.

Can you please update this theme to use the latest Bootstrap 2.1.1 release? They made some big changes.

Please include change log file so we know what to change in our existin theme.

Thank you!

Hey ! This Template is really awesome! i just bough it! but i having issue to use my MySQL data into JavaScript i cant do that, if u send me a file with an example about how can i do this i will appreciate, i select my database with PHP and the variables i cant use on a JS file because its on a PHP file.

Thank you So Much

How do I make the image gallery work with next/prev buttons, should be able to switch between images in a set and not open/close each one individually.

Please help me .. Can you send to me example for index page at state right to left ?


There is an error in CHROME .

Open login.html http://propelui.com/themes/slate/login.html

type something…

Then open login.html again…

The fields become YELLOW !!

What is that ?



rogerior, that is autocomplete with chrome.. has nothing to do with the theme..

Man, where do these people come from?!