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Some of the icons render incompleted with IE8 . Unfortunately I have no ther alternative. My work only allows IE8 at the moment. :(

At the home page, the home icon toolbar on the top is not showing the “Home” icon. The shortcut icons are also not showing properly.


Hi, Great template, I liked very much. But… Did you remove the People Listing page that was present in version 1?

Hi, I’m wondering why most bootstrap templates, like yours, do not support IE7 , although boostrap does. Can you tell me which features are not supported by IE7 excactly? Thanks, Uli

We are facing issue in the sign up page, if you open your page in IE any version the html text box are visible without label. so its confuse for the users, each text box are not understandable, please fix this for us. Also “signin.js” is missing in the source

Can somebody explain me which icons can be used in this template? I found this: http://www.petefreitag.com/cheatsheets/jqueryui-icons/

But most of those names (even after removing the ui-) can’t be used.

Is there a list available for all available icons?

myp939 the icons can be found here: http://fortawesome.github.com/Font-Awesome/

We want to buy Slate Admin v.2.0 but it work only with IE8 ,9. Will be any update for other browsers?

About which kind of bugs are you talking? For me it was working in all browsers except IE 9 and older.

(Thanks ShadowRunner :) )

Since compatibility section mention only IE8 and IE9 we assumed that it is not working on other browsers. Do you mean that it is working on all browsers (chrome, safari, opera, IE …) except IE9 and older?

you are welcome myp939 :)

@MadeByAmp or anyone that knows how to… Can i validate one specific step on wizard, only for some fields ? Do you have an example ?

@cetinyasar In my machine, it works on all browswers, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, iPhone, iPad, Android (Little weird), IE9 with no icons from font-awesome (looking for a fix)

I don’t know why i can’t EDIT my latest post… anyways… I found the solution for the icons and the IE9 when serving the content from IIS .

You need to add a new mime type on your IIS

fileExtension=”.woff” mimeType=”application/octet-stream”


Really enjoy the theme, utterly hate the documentation. There are docs that come with the theme, and then some portions link to the official Bootstrap site where you get more details on other aspects of the theme like badges and labels.

Then there are portions of the theme that have minimal documentation and give the end user no examples of how to use the features except for copying HTML and editing it.

Really needs to be improved.

Hello I have a problem and I hope to help me to resolved quickly

All Icons do not appear in my website :(


Note: they appear in the local server!! How I can solve this problem?

Slate Admin  2.0

mamb121, Your resources are not locating the image properly. You have some weird stuff going on with ASP . That’s your first problem.

In related news, I think the author must have died in a car crash or something.

Hi, Got a problem with the logout link. It works fine in “screen-view” but when it comes down to “mobil-view “and you have to click up a box with logout-button it isn’t clickable anymore.

Do you have any clue why?

Best regards Igor


eyyy, I had the same problem a few years ago with some images I uploaded with filezilla/dreamweaver. Try changing between ASCII and binary upload mode. Hope to inform you enough with this, if not please tell me your ftp client.

Hi, how can I show a “please wait” message while waiting for response.

Hi, On mobile phone the main menu does not close after click. I load page with ajax and not reload the page. Can I close the menu with javascript.


I am interested in using this theme for an app I am building. I have noticed the author isn’t really responding to questions and stuff lately. Is this now being supported by other developers or what?

any updates with new features coming out soon for this template? FYI, I love this template! Keep up the good work!