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Hello there folks!

Sorry for the broken live preview and the messed up zip file it is all corrected now.

I think themeforest needs an e-mail notification system for the replies and comments on seller’s items, it would help the comunication very much!

Thank you for your understanding and support!


Is this WordPress? If not, I’m off…

This is not a wordpress theme.

hello.. the version of JQuery and JQueryUI used in this template is pretty old (atleast in the version I bought), how can I upgrade these versions? Simply X-Copy?

I am having some issues with JQuery UI, which I believe are fixed in latest version.


Hello effkay!

The verison of the jQuery is not that old, it is actually the latest version (1.3.2). The jQuery UI’s version is the latest also.

IF you need help please e-mail me.

Thank you for you purchase!

hmmm.. confirmed, I am having a little issue with calendar, it is showing unreadable characters; will drop you an email if I am unable to fix it.

Thanks for the great support… you rock!

Hello, i am a click away from purchasing this project to skin a CMS i will be implementing on a few websites. I am unclear as to which license i should purchase since i will sell the CMS to multiple clients yet it is the same CMS . Thank you for your reply.

Hello fspadvocate! I think you should buy a web services license if you plan to use this theme for a CMS which you will sell again.

Please read the licenses to be sure.

Thank you!

Umm I did read them… and the wording is quite cryptic to me which is why i said i was unclear… I seemed to me that since i would not be rebranding/redesigning the CMS for each client and the project will remain the same, it would coincide with the following: “For example, you may incorporate the product in a brochure you design for a client. An unlimited number of copies of the brochure incorporating the product may be made”

as far as web services, i wont be hosting web services on my clients behalf so that definitely not it…

anyone who already knows this situation mind confirming?

You should relly post this question to the forums. They can help you better.

Thank you for your purchase!

Good idea, thank you for the help, and the flawless work you did!

this is one of my favorite admin panel templates

I am new to this…how do you apply skins to existing admin pages?

Thanks, Will

You implement this admin skin by using the HTML and making it dynamic with PHP or ASP or any other programming language you use.

If I purchase a copy for each of my clients, can I use it in many similar projects without a need for an extended licence? I created some sort of framework for my clients’ intranets and I would like to skin it with this design, but I won’t have 50… so I would rather buy a regular licence every time I set a new client up than an one-time extended licence.


You should really consult the Envato Support team about this problem. Post a message to the forums and you will get your answer for sure.

I have been looking for a admin-panel-design for a long time now. And i cant figure out why i did not see this earlier.

I have ben browsing the category alot the last time, and first today i soo this :D

It’s a very nice template, first time i’m editing stuff using the 960 grid, but still it’s easy to find out what-is-what.

Element etc. are named well, they make sence.

I also like that you let the slices etc. stay in the PSD -file, many other people selling in here, don’t do that, so when you edit the design, you have to do it yourself, = finding the right size, sometimes can be difficult.

But overall it’s a great skin, easy to edit, and well designed , filled up with small tweaks etc.


Good work!

Thank you c00ki3!

It is hard to find someone who really appreciates your work and the details which make all the editing and customizations easy.

Thank you!

Hello – this theme looks really good – congratulation on your job… I’m interested in buying this template, but I’d like to know if:

1) I will be using YUI2 – could it interfere with Jquery somehow? 2) Could it be possible to use the template as 1 column only?

Thank you in advance!

Hello sybeck2k!

You can use the jQuery scripts with other libraries but you will have to apply some fixes. You should read here:


About the 1 column layout:

You can easily create a full width div by copying the current content’s css style to another selector eg. ”.content2” and set the width to 100%.

After this you just have to delete the right column and you’re ready to go.

Hope it helps!


I’m very interested in your admin theme. Is it possible to use it with wordpress ? Is there a tutorial explaining how to use it with wordpress ?


Good job leeching my style