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soooo freeesh!!

Looks nice, good work Webguru, and what a price they have estimate the theme to, could easily have been set to 20-25 USD

I know Christensen, but this is my first item…so maybe that’s why it’s only 10$.

Looks nice.

No normally a admin skin don’t cost a lot of money, so 10 $ is normal.

Really cool and simple. Great job!


I want to upgrade it to multiple colors and maybe a color changer if the demand will be high!

Hope it will be :)

Make classes for edit, and delete and integrate some editor in it, and maybe u will get better results!

What do you mean to make classes for edit and delete?

Can you please be more specific?

Thanks for the info, I will implement an Editor!

I am trying to buy this theme but my credit card is not working (I am trying Master Card which is issued by Royal Bank of Scotland in Pakistan) :S…

Try contacting the support of ThemeForest about this issue here:


They will be glad to help you, and I will be glad to sell you these skin.


Just bought this template and its awesome!

Haven’t checked in depth, but a question: when I open the file dashboard_orange.html, no CSS is attached with it. What could be the issue? Apologies if I am missing anything from readme.

Overall, 5/5.

Hello Effkay!

Thanks for your great feedback!

I’ve just checked the dashboard_orange.html and It has the orange.css included.

it is the 4th css included from the top.

Please check it again :)


Man… what a day it is!

I implemented your theme in my current project, and today was the demo with client and yes.. I have sold the system! I must say without this template it would have not been easily possible… 50% credit goes to you!

I have following suggestions for you regarding this theme:

- On odd rows, you have assigned class called “odd” at TD level. If possible, assign the class to TR instead of TD, it will reduce the code - Most of the applications consume AJAX , adding a stylish preloader (like system messages) would make this theme rock - To make multi-column forms in tabs, I had to work hard :\ - For submenu there should have been a class called ‘active’ just like for main menu, so that one can easily see which screen is open

Implement these suggestions – raise the price to 50 USD and I will buy it for my next project agian :)

Best admin panel theme!

Hey there effkay!

It is nice to hear the sound of good feedback!

I will try to make the changes you’ve requested, maybe that’s why my sales are so low. :)

But first I have to complete a new admin skin I’m working on: Modern Admin.

I hope you will eat a lot of ham with the money you made on that project of yours! :)


I seriously wonder why sales are low!

about ham.. nain.. I am veg! perhaps you can say lot of subways :)

I see lots of issues with Internet Explorer 7 and 8. Content/Login is not centered. Menu breaks apart. “X” to close to-do and notifications are outside the boxes. Are you aware of these issues? Can they be fixed to work in IE?

Let me know. I would like to buy, but must work in IE.

Wow bgslaght!

Thanks for pointing that out.

The messy IE7 and IE8 behavior was caused by a javascript HTML encrypter to protect my code.

You can see now at the Live Preview that the issue is corrected!

Thank you for your feedback!

Hi webgurus,

I just bought it, but when I click in both dashboard_orange.html and dashboard_sand.html what I see is a unformatted HTML , different from the dashboard.html that shows that nice formatted green screen. Am I doning something wrong or it’s a bug ?

thx in advance, Marcio

I see the problem….

there is only the file green.css, but I there isn’t neither sand.css nor orange.css inside the .zip file.

How can I get it my friend ?

thx in advance, Marcio

from what i can see in the live preview theres alot of css problems here