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nice love it :)

Thankyou :)

Nice… Can we get a preview of the Red template? Great work!

Check the “News” drop down in Live Preview, you will see all available color

:) Very excited to work with this template. Thanks for the great work!

Thanks :D

HI, I love this theme and purchased it; but I can’t seem to get it installed. Most themes I just upload the zip file, choose and use, but this one is different, no? Please advise on how to install. Nevermind,, I’m an idiot. I navigated to this theme somehow, I was looking for Wordpress themes and this was awesome for that, however, it’s not a wordpress theme. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Oh well, it’s only $14 lost I suppose. Now, if I can just find this in a Wordpress theme, I’d be real happy! Any suggestions for somehting close?


Sorry about that, I’m not sure when the WP version will coming, maybe in 1-2 months :)

I really like this theme but is there any way to clean up the transition for the navigation? From the hover: ‘rounded box’ to the tab: ‘current page’?

When I click on an item in the navigation it turns into a white square then is turns into a rounded current page tab. It’s a nice idea to go from a rounded hover to a tab but it just doesn’t seem fluid, it gives a jerking feeling to the navigation.

Like when a hover background is a few pixels out of alignment… you know what I mean?

Hi, Thanks, I just noticed that. Not sure what’s wrong but I will try to fix it.