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Thanks 9dlabs

But I used your code and all I get is a not found Error :(

Please help



Could you please send us your files in attachment and we can check of what has been done wrong.

Our email: “9dlabs@gmail.com”

Thank you

Ok Ive emailed the files over to you



Hello, I’ve purschased your template and i’ve send you a private email the 13 october but nothing today, i’m sure it’s a mistake! Now, i’m waiting urgently to put my site in my hoster BUT i repeat my question : Impossible on ‘h1’ to write the “É È é è ©” with Sansation font or the others i’ve tried with cufon (i’ve followed all the operations strictelly – chnage the 2 js : cufon-yui.js and Sansation_400.font.js – changed on html page the <!-Cufon Starts -> with the others fonts) BUT impossible to get those special latin fonts on ‘h1’

Could you explain me the operations or in private mail, i’ll sent you the link of the site and all you want to have my “urgent” solution. :(

Regards Franck

Sorry incase we missed your email. Further it can be possible because cufon may not support this feature. A very quick way to fix this issue is to use Century Gothic font as standard and not cufon and then you can implement all the fonts signs that you mentioned.

Incase you face difficulties doing this please email us and also send us your files to us in email attachments and we will do whatever is required to provide you a solution to this.

Please be assured that we are always here for your help…

Thank you


Thank you for the answer, i’ve already tried this but I really want to do with cufon because I think it exists a solution… With using Century Gothic font as standard, i’ve a effect of aliasing and i’ts not beautifull design on web…. So until, if you have a solution, it will be the best for me. Without, i’try to found. Thnak you for your answer. Best regards. Franck

Could you please send us your customized files to our email at: “9dlabs@gmail.com” ?

As soon as we receive it, we will see what can be done to have your requirements fulfilled with cufon.

Just please send the files in both Century Gothic (to exactly have the text you want in cufon) and also with the cufon which doesn’t currently shows your required texts.

We will forward it to our technical team to have some solution for you soon…

Thank you


i like this theme but please can you convert this theme to Wordpress?

Sleek n Ultimate VCARD – IN 5 UNIQUE COLORS The bes theme for grapic designer just i want to be in wordpress?


Sorry, this vcard is currently not available in wordpress version for sale at Themeforest.

Btw, we already have another awesome vcard with more enhanced features that is available for sale in wordpress version in this link: http://themeforest.net/item/super-slick-vcard-7-skins-now-in-wordpress/140081

You can buy this another awesome vcard in wordpress version right from the above link!

Also if you have a request to convert this vcard into wordpress version then please kindly email us at: “9dlabs@gmail.com” and we can then convert this vcard in wordpress version for you. :)

Hope this helps you in someway…

Thank you

Thinking of purchasing, but before I do, one quick question: how hard is it to remove the social media icons?

It is too easy, just very very easy. :)

Just open the HTML and delete the following region of code where you see this comments:

<!--Social icons Starts -->
Some code goes here…
<!--Social icons Ends -->

Thats It, ALL DONE ! Now please save the HTML and you will then not have any social media icons there in your vcard.

Hope this helps, additionally please feel free to email us at: “9dlabs@gmail.com” incase you need any help/support from our end and we are always here for you.

Thanks Again…


Hi, nice theme

I have a little problem, the service site does not display properly.

Have a look: www.photoartist4u.de/testseite

Hi Domic,

We just check the link and it seems everything is displaying correctly. It would be good if you can send us some screenshots of the issue you are facing and we can then visually see and trace the issue to resolve it asap.

You can email us your screenshots to: “9dlabs@gmail.com”

Hear from you soon…

Kind Regards

I have a quick question.

I just purchased this theme and it won’t let me: 1) Change the fonts 2) I can’t seem to fit all of my content onto the first page. How do I make the encasing (for the content) bigger?



No problem, its absolutely simple. :)

Currently you are unable to change font because cufon is being used. If you want to use other fonts then you have to remove the cufon script and use any other system font you wish. You can find this inside the head tag on top of the XHTML file.

Now vcard has a specific height of layout so incase you need to increase your content then you have to use scroll function to do this…

Could you please send us some screenshot to let us have a look in which section you want to add more content. This will help us to guide you properly. :)

You can email us at: “9dlabs@gmail.com”.

Also do send us the screenshot where you want to change the font so will guide you in that as well.

Thanks for buying our theme and supporting us!

Kind Regards

Hello, Great template :)

Couly you please tell me how to change the main background inside the frame ?


We already replied you. :)


Hi 9dlabs – I’m having issues with the mail.php contact form. On my site: kjh-pims.co.uk/ when I fill in the details and hit contact it appears broken…

Apologies in advance for being a complete dunder head, I know it’s probably something really obvious and simple but it’s the way I row. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and love the V-Card!

get back to us with your installation FTP details and let us chk if its a server side error or a script error.

You can email us your details at: “9dlabs@gmail.com

Just to make sure we are always available for your help…

Hear from you soon.

Thanks & Regards

Hi 9dlabs, thanks for the nice stylish card!

Is there a wayto get a scroller inside. i want to get more text in the area “home” and “about” so i need a scroller… Can you help!

Greetings Olli

Yes, we can help for sure, just please email us so we can guide you thoroughly with some screenshots (as & when required) so you can achieve the results. :)

Our email: “9dlabs@gmail.com

Hope this helps…

Thanks & Regards

Great theme – enjoying working with this immensely! However, I have one issue when trying to adapt the navigation system – I have sent you an email.




Thank you for loving the vcard.

Please do let us know if you are still facing any problem and we would be glad to help you out…

Thank You

Hi, great work!

I need the same modification as one of the guys here

Can I move from the Home page to the 2nd page (About me page) with just a text link on the home page?
Your answer was
This can be a bit tricky and we recommend you not doing such changes if incase you do not have good hands on coding (HTML,CSS & JS).

I can handle the HTML , CSS, but I am lost on JS. I can work with the JS when I see it, but I can’t code it. Would you be so kind and post JS code to make that work? I can then code CSS and HTML myself….

I guess there need to be just a slight modification of this JS
<script type="text/javascript"> 

  $(function() {


        fx:     'blindX', // You can choose any effects that you like, from the Link reference : http://www.malsup.com/jquery/cycle/browser.html

        speed:  'slow',

        timeout: 0,

        pager:  '#nav',

        pagerAnchorBuilder: function(idx, slide) {

            // return sel string for existing anchor

            return '#nav li:eq(' + (idx) + ') a';





You can see for what I need this here e1v2.techenergo.net

Thanks a lot Robert

Okay let us check and we can get back to you soon with a solution…

Could you please email us the same question in our support email: “9dlabs@gmail.com”

We can the forward your question to our technical support team.


Hi I really like the design,

Can we add vimeo and youtube videos in lightbox? PS: The videos should automaticaly start playing once you click on the thumbnail, and you should have the full screen button


Full screen have to be done manually after the lightbox is clicked and loaded :)

Yes both Vimeo and Youtube are supported in lightbox :)


Hi, I need to decide between this one and the other design http://themeforest.net/item/stylish-vcard-11-modern-skins-html/242484?WT.ac=portfolio_thumb&WT.seg_1=portfolio_thumb&WT.z_author=9dlabs

Can we do the other design colors same as this one , bright and light colors…. Then i will buy the other design,

if we cannot do then can we add the names to the navigation menu HOME , About Us etc.. as you have in the other design, and also the pictures under it?

They both looks great, but i really like the light gray color of this design, and if it is possible would like to have the same for the other one…


All of the things you mentioned can be done… We just need to customize it for you…

Let us know incase you are interested and we can do it for you… :)

Thank you

Hi have you received my email?



Newbie question here – Having difficulty installing this theme.

Can I just upload the folder using wordpress theme upload?

Thanks, M

sleek n ultimate vcard is a “site template” and not “wordpress”, this is where you are having problems uploading the theme…

Hope this clears up…

Thank you

I am very interested in this, as it looks awesome. For the content within the card, is it able to scroll down within the card (side scroll bars) to reveal any text or images that are below the fold?

Or, is one limited to only the space within the card area?