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Great job with this template, it looks great!

Just one issue I found, with JavaScript turned off, it doesn’t look all that good. Any chance of fixing this issue so that it displays the graphics correctly with JavaScript disabled?

Thank you….try to fix asap. This week!

is javascript enable?

Hey very nice theme. Could you or would you make it in a wordpress version? If not, how much would you charge to make edits to it for me?

Thanks in advance.

I’m sorry, I’m still not good as wp developer. No plans at the moment for a wp version

How is it administrated?

Is there an admin panel?

Can more pages be added?

can it handle HTML5 Video and Audio Players?

Slender is an html template, there’s no admin panel. you must have a little knowledge of html to edit it; you can add more panels/pages.

Hi, how does the payment option work? What do I need to do to get it running? Thanks!

Hi…that page is working php form mail….it’s just only a demo of different input fields. how to process your payments it depends on your business strategy….i suggest a paypal solution….easy to integrate in that kind of site….probably you don’t need the sign up page….start the payment via paypal directly from the plans page

Hi, very nice theme. I bought it by the way. _ But I do have a few problems when I was editing the content. I am using style 2 but when I changed the text , the gray bg on the take a tour landing page got cut. I have screenshots of it but I do not know how to attach it so you can see. Hope you can help me soonest! Thanks!

Hi great template.

I’ve just bought it, and am customizing it.

BUT , I wondered if you might explain how to create links which are internal to the site? I want some of my buttons lower down the page to point to other panels in the site. If I create a standard html using this sort of thing.. <a href="#panel-2"></a>, it’s doesn’t do the fancy scroll effect to that panel. Any idea how I might do this?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Please send your files at or provide a demo url so i can check where is the error

Hi I’ve emailed you as requested. Thanks.

hi – awsom theme – can i convert this theme on wordpress theme? Unless there are no any contraindications? ;)

Thank you!!no…i m sorry, you can’t. probably i’ll start a collaboration with another developer

hello i noobie here.. i already buy this wonder theme… i have some question how to make sign up form live? do u have any tutorial for that

cheers rN

use signup.php to send the email

owh thnks that work.. one more question how to integrated it with paypal payment

in paypal site is well explained how to. cheers

Hi, I sent an email through your profile. I have had any feedback yet. Would really appreciate it if you could reply soonest. Many thanks!


Hi again,

I would like to say THANK YOU ! The support and, of course, the theme is simply AMAZING ! Cheers!

“I:Can i convert to wp theme You:no…i m sorry, you can’t. probably i’ll start a collaboration with another developer”

Hm sorry i understand please Explain to me – I bought a html template and I can not use with this database and php? Why?

Hi, i mean that you can not convert my html into a wordpress version and resell it on Themeforest or other markeplaces…

When I try to add more panels, the display below the Slider. I have sent you an email to so you view link.

Hi, I like your design, but are you going to update it to work properly with javascript turned off? Thx.

please fix the display issues when javascript has been disabled.

try to fix in a a week

After uploading this theme in my WordPress, I got the following error message: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Please help ASAP . Thank you in advance.

Mia James

i am sorry but slender is an html landing page….not a wordpress theme

I had no idea this would not work in WordPress. I either need instructions on how to create my website using Slender in html or I’m going to need a refund. Please email me at with details.

Thank you.

Hi…Slender is an html site template…not a wordpress theme. you need some basic knowledge of html to edit it…i m sorry for your mistake…refund in this case i think is not possible. if you need a customization service, contact me at for a quotation.


Great looking landing page theme. Does it support Youtube in the modal popup (not sure what script you are using here), i.e. first screen near the bottom? Also, YouTube support in general as all I see on the demo is Vimeo

Cheers Vic

please send an email at’ll reply with the code or if you prefere i can edit your own files… when i have time…sorry i am quite busy in this period


Love you landing page but for me (not very technically savvy) it looks like theme has multiple pages and not just one. Will I have to pay for hosting to host your landing page or if hosting for a standard landing page is included with my domain registration then I can use yours as well? I’m with GoDaddy.

Please advise.

I don’t provide hosting services; you can use any hosting service (i don’t know GoDaddy) with php support

my logo is larger than the one you have. whenever I put my logo in, it makes the entire page go off line. Is there I way I can float my logo without the entire page going off line?

i’ve tried to a put a logo 300px width…i have no problems….maybe you have accidentaly delete something

I think it’s because the height is bigger than 39 px. the height I want is around 90 px.

I am out of office until 21 August. Sorry

try to increase the eight of bg_header.jpg…adding a black bg on top…then modify this css : #scroller-body into #scroller-body{background:#fff url(../img/bg_header.jpg) no-repeat 0 90px; ..... 90px is the position from the top


I’ve bought this template and love it. I’m however interested to hear if there’s any other icons available for the sprite_nav buttons (featured, pricing plan etc)?

Thank you

if you contact me by email i can give you the set i’ve used