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Love the professionalism yet simplicity of this theme. Just purchased and used for cheazza.com.

Code was very easy to work with and manipulate. Great work!

Found one bug: When sending an email, the [$topic] doesn’t get passed from the subject drop-down. I fixed it by replacing line 30 of slickapp.js with the following:

var topic = $('select#topic option:selected').val();

Hi joemaz,

Thanks for the compliment!

Just submitted an update to fix that mentioned bug :)

Thanks again,
- Eric

Hello again!

I’m interested in using this for a new app and was wondering if there are any plans in making the site responsive?

Thanks for all the hard work.

No plans at this time. Thanks!

Really good, but couldnt get PHPMailer working. Got the error: PARSE ERROR : SYNTAX ERROR , UNEXPECTED T_STRING, EXPECTING T _OLD_FUNCTION OR T _FUNCTION OR T _VAR OR ‘}’ IN ….

Fixed by downloading the PHPMailer for PHP 4 at http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpmailer/files/phpmailer%20for%20php4/PHPMailer%20v2.0.4%20for%20PHP4/

Hey Thanks for the Great Looking Site. I used it, and had no problems modifying the HTML /CSS very well documented and written, but as for the .PSD you could really spend some time naming and organizing the content, i found it very troublesome to find the layers that i needed, and kept getting lost. otherwise i Enjoyed your template.

p.s. your menu is broken (Contact is outside of the div width and breaks the menu)

hello, i used this as a test for http://cacaoweb.org I would like to ask you if you think this theme is easily adaptable as a wordpress theme? Or maybe you know someone who could adapt your theme to wordpress for a fee? We want to have it a wordpress theme so we can handle translations and new pages in an easier way, as well as improving on the SEO side.

Apologies, there is currently no plan to make this into a WordPress site.

Does this template support Android app?

How do I go about installing this theme purchased it but stuck

Hey there,

Not sure what you mean exactly, but basically all that you need to do is downloaded the theme from your ThemeForest dashboard, and using the FTP program of your choice, upload the folder called ‘HTML’ to your domain.

If you are having trouble outside of this please visit our support desk so that we can help you out further.


hello i want to buy this template but my question is can this template be used as an app on app store or android market ?

Not sure what you mean exactly. This is an HTML template that can be customized however you’d like.


Hi Looking forward to purchasing this theme… but I need to know if it is cross browser compatible with the latest versions of Chrome, IE & FF

Yes, this theme is compatible with the latest versions Chrome, IE and FF.

Your script isn’t working, nor have you answered any emails or posts on how to fix…

Are you not supporting your product anymore?

Hello, not sure why your script is not working for you. Have you submitted a support ticket? Support for all of our themes is conducted through the Two2Twelve support desk, so feel free to signup and post your inquiry there and we’ll get you sorted out.

Visit the support desk – http://support.t2themes.com/

I just did that, my apologies… In my rant to get it done, I was unaware of the proper way to request help.

Great Theme!!! Easy to use and customize!

Heyy Superwomen! Glad to hear it :) Appreciate you taking the time to comment!


Submitted a request in support forum, has yet to be answered :( Can I get some assistance?

This template saved me a ton of time. Well done! It was easy to modify to my needs and looks great.

Thank you for the compliment Patrick! Glad it’s working out well for you :)

Hey again! Any plans to make this site mobile friendly or, better yet, responsive?

Keep up the awesome work!

Hey there, thanks for the compliment :) I’m afraid though that we have no immediate plans to make this theme responsive. However if we get more requests it’s something we may consider.