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It’s nice! Good luck.

love it so nice well done

woaw this rocks…

really clean

Thanks for the compliments!

Amazing :) one questions, is it easy to adjust the size of the preview ( i mean when you click the image and the window opens.) Right now it’s very small for my use, i need BIG previews, but maybe it’s not a big thing to change?


It’s not a major thing to change in order to be able to see a “full-size” version of a clicked image. I may actually update the documentation for the theme to include this step as well.

For the moment, anyone looking to make this modification can feel free to email for instructions on how to complete this.

hi i really like your template ! but i do video and i like wmv or m4v can i use this kind of files instead of the pictures ?

Hi mulivan,

It’s definitely possible to display videos instead of photos. To do this, You’d need to do a few simple template edits for the lightbox to allow the embedding of video.

As mentioned before, you can feel free to email me for instructions on how to complete this.


I don’t know if i missed reading this in your description or not, but does this template require a lot of PHP skill?

Hi Devan,

Though the theme employs a good deal of PHP code, no experience with PHP is required to use it.

It’s extremely simple to populate the theme with your own portfolio items and details without modifying any code whatsoever.

hey man, can you include additional images in the popup info box? and then open them in light-box??

Hello, I purchased your template and I’ve edited to my satisfaction then uploaded to my server, but it didn’t display the portfolio so I turned on error reporting in the index.php and it says that the scandir() function is not defined.

Any ideas?


Hi slappedmonkey,

Since the “light-box” used is essentially a hidden div that opens when an item is clicked. Virtually anything can be integrated into them. Then, items clicked within a “light-box” can be opened in another “light-box” (div).


Hi rawservices,

After some research into your issue, I’ve noticed scandir() is a function only available in PHP5 . That meaning, if your server isn’t built with PHP5 , portfolio items won’t be displayed due to this missing function. However, I’m working on a way for the theme to detect what PHP version your running, then use an appropriate function (either scandir() or a valid PHP4 equivalent) for that version.

I’ll update the theme and email you with this modification as soon as it’s complete.


Hey two2twelve,

I had that thought as well and realized that my online web server could render php 3-5 depending on what I define in the htaccess file, but my MAMP installation rendered it just fine.

I looked at MAMP and saw PHP5 on so I reasoned my other server needs it as well.

However, please do add the auto-detect feature for less experienced users.


Hi there, just purchased this template and think its great.. however a couple of issues.

1. Not sure why but when I view the index.php offline in firefox, the portfolio section is missing..?

2. I have also checked on my web server and all sections are missing bar the top nav.

Checked on my web host and the server is running PHP4 /5.

Hope you can help..

Thank you tram

This is a great theme, good work!

I am having trouble linking the contact form to Gmail…

Anyone have suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


For problems with sending emails through gmail, please try making the following changes: http://pastie.org/403433


HI im still waiting a response to my earlier message.