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Another great design. GLWS :)

Thanks, much appreciated! :)

Good Job and I Like It. GLWS ;)

Thank you, much appreciated! :)

First: A really good job! But I have a little problem: If the HTML page is very short (little content), then the menu is always displayed below the footer. Example: [link removed]

Hope you can help. Thank you. Donni

Please remeber to close the div classes, the code above doesn’t show the ending < / div > for some reason.

Thanks. It works!

Glad to have helped! Don’t forget to rate 5 stars! :)


i was wondering is it possible to make the main links in the sidebar clickable ? Like FEATURES isn’t clickable!

Hey there! Features is a drop down menu! You can have regular items, regular links, like the Homepage button, or drop down menus like the Features button! :)

Hi I would like to buy this, but before that I wanna ask as there is Walkthrough in Duo Drawer them can the same thing be added to this??

Hey there! Slideby does not have coach arrows!

Awesome template.. Love it :)

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it! Please don’t forget to rate it 5 stars! It helps us a lot!

Hi. If i buy this, can i make sticky header like your Swipebody template?

Hey there! Yes, you can, but you need to modify the CSS. At the moment the header does nat have preset sticky settings.

Very good job and great documentation. Thank you. And if you can share the code to make a sticky header which also works under android 2.3 devices, it will be awesome :)


I’m interested in purchasing this, but would like to know if it would be possible to make it available for iPad users in offline mode, using the HTML5 application cache, like described in this article: http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/appcache/beginner/

Thanks, Opher

Hello, I’ve been purchase this theme and it’s just an AMAZING job !

I would like to do something more but it’s hard ! Can you help me ? I need to have another side panel when I click on the “mail” button (top right icon) like the menu button but a side panel come from the right of the mobile and not the same like the left menu side panel.

You do this in the Duodrawer theme. Can you help me ? Thank you very much and sorry for my bad english !


Hey David, unfortunately, it’s not that easy to add another sidebar. The entire structure must be changed. We will be releasing a new template very soon ( two weeks ) that has two swipable sidebars! You can Like our Facebook Page to keep update or Follow Us on the marketplaces to recieve updates when the item is released ( it will show up on the front page right side thumbnail pack )

Nice mobile template, Enabled.

Speaking to one of your previous comments about the “coach arrows”- would it be possible to add that to this template? That is a very handy feature for new users of the app and pretty much the only feature i would like to have added to it if i could. Just let me know what you can do.

Thanks! :)

oh and btw, i tried using your “Enabled Support Page” but did not see support for the mobile templates listed?

Thanks for the quick response, Enabled. I am sending you an issue i found via the support page now in hopes we can work out the kink.

Hum i submitted a support email over 2 days ago.. I got faster responses here.. I really need the bug to be fixed. I think i found where its located (originally thought it was snap.js but its a CSS issue).

Wooops! It hit the spam folder for some reason! Just replied! Sorry about the delay!

I purchased this item, how to change left navigation menu to right side

It cannot be changed. It’s made for the left side.

hi, i want to buy this item but i did see another item that is http://themeforest.net/item/photroller-mobile-tablet-responsive-template/6150430

what is the difference between these?

Hey there. Each have unique set of features. Check out the live previews on your mobile device and see. Each have a different content layout and a different sidebar design.

I purchased this item, and I have some comments/question as the following: 1. Can I change the Navigation sidebar from right to left? 2. Can I fixed the bread-crumb header? 3. IOS7 there is a pace at top 4. Windows Phone there is space at the bottom.

Hey there, first of all, sorry for the late reply, had some technical difficulties! Regarding question 1, by default no, you need to heavily alter the code. Yeap. position:fixed; width:100%; height:value; 3 In Safari or when added to the homescreen? 4. What OS?

When clicking on the preview page it looked awesome on all my devices except for my Amazon Kindle Fire. How difficult is it to add Kindle detection (a ‘flavor’ of Android)?

We’ve never researched Kindles before, but this might help out.

uhm… where can i add the logo ?

After installing the template on my site, I noticed that the main menu does not work on Windows Phone (IE mobile), is there solution? Thank you!

We’ve tested it on Nokia Lumia 920. Works like a charm!

I’m using the windows phone emulator (microsoft official app) and IE 11 (Windows Phone emulation – Developer Tools), and i have an error in snap.js and the menu not open. Can you try it and help me to fix it? Thank you!

Well, we don’t use emulators. We use the real phone, and it works like a charm! :)

Hey, i’m having issue with google maps api. If i insert a map using GoogleMap Api the map still gray. the code is correct if i delete the framework.css include the maps is working properly.

Hey there! Please send us a message through our support form with a link so we can inspect your code and we’ll gladly assist you via direct messages. Cheers! :)

Ive downloaded the Slideby theme from themeforest but when i install the theme on my wordpress site i get this error: http://cl.ly/image/0Q3S3Y3q330D It says the theme is missing the style.css stylesheet but it is located under the Code folder. Please advise.

Hey there, thank you for your purchase, but unfortunately, Slideby, as the title says, is a Mobile & Tablet Responsive Template, not a WordPress Theme. But don’t worry! You haven’t lost your money and you can get a refund by following these steps.

  1. Do not rate or leave a review the item. Not a positive, not a negative rating, as per refund terms.
  2. Please visit the Envato Refund Page.
  3. In the first dropdown, select Slideby | Mobile & Tablet Responsive Template
  4. In the second dropdown select the reason “It was a mistaken reason.
  5. In the message box, describe that you believed this item was a WordPress Theme, and in fact it is a Site Template

After following the above steps and submitting your request Envato will grant you a refund in the shortest possible time. This usually usually takes between 24 and 48 hours.


Excellent theme.. can you have a call button in this? how easy or difficult it is to incorporate one?

Depends where you add it but call buttons are just simple hrefs. Cheers! :)