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gr8 work, GLWS :)

Thank you. :)

Just picked this up but it goes pretty crazy in iPhone iOS – any thoughts on this?

Hi jamie48 and thank you for purchase. Unfortunately, this template is not responsive and it is expected to have some bugs in iPhone.

Try this code fix to make timer section more stable. Find this part of code in html file:

<section class=”headline2”>

Under Construction

</section> <section class=”square”>

<section class=”squarecenter”> <!-countdown end-> </section><!-squarecenter end->

</section><!-square end-> <!-/squarewrapper end-> <!-/subscribe-form-> <form method=”post” action=”submit.php”>

<input type=”text” placeholder=”your e-mail adress” name=”email” id=”emailsubmit”

class=”subscribefield” />

<input type=”submit” name=”subscribe” id=”subscribe” value=”Subscribe” class=”buttonsubscribe”/>
    </form> <!-/subscribe-form-end->

    and add a new div around it named “timersection”.

    now, everything is put inside new div with class “timersection”. Then in main.css file find class ”.square” and change width to 660px That should look like this: .square{ margin:0 auto; width:660px; height:184px; }

    also add new class “timersection” that would look like this

    .timersection{ margin:0 auto; width:640px; height:auto; }

thanks for this – and appreciate the file is not responsive!

Hey… nice file… trying to delete the drop down menu at the top as i just want it to be a countdown timer

Any help – thanks

Hi miguel1810 and thanks for purchase.

To delete drop down menu you need to delete all code in html file between these two comments: <!-/moving-header-html-> and <!-/moving-header-html-end->

Also remove js script for drop down menu. To do that you need to remove all code in html file between comments (it is below body tag): <!-moving header js-> and <!-moving-header-js-end->

Hope this helps. :)

Thanks… will do that now… the last bit im trying to update – is the date! its not as straightforward to set it for this Friday in the code….

as in 10th August 2012 at 5pm UK Time

Yep, the moving header deleted code is all good… now just need to be able to set the code for the date and I am good to go… any help and I would be really grateful….

Thanks M

I will try to help you.

Find this line in html file: $(’#countdown’).countdown({until:$.countdown.UTCDate(-1, 2013, 1 – 1, 1), format: ‘DHMS’, layout:

That’s the code line for changing time. Replace it with this if you need counter to be set up for about 4 days (untill 10th August as you said):

$(’#countdown’).countdown({until:$.countdown.UTCDate(6, 2012, 18 – 10, -20), format: ‘DHMS’, layout:

First number is for hours (number 6) and if you replace it with greater number you are going to get counter to be set up for shorter time and if you replace it with smaller number counter is going to be set up for longer time period.

Sorry to be a pain – but just saying “go to http://keith-wood.name/countdown.html" to find out how to change the date – is a bit of a cop out – Im trying to work out the format to the js script to change the date to the 18th August 2012 at 5pm UK – but its not at all easy on how or what bit to update in the code:

$(’#countdown’).countdown({until:$.countdown.UTCDate(-8, 2012, 1 – 1, 1), format: ‘DHMS’, layout:

Any help on getting this sorted would be really helpful….


I just replayed to your message. :)

Thanks :)

Sorted! Thanks!!

You’re welcome.

Looks great, was wondering how it looks in IE7 , 8,9 and in HTML4 browers?..


Hi robertlc,

as far as I know it looks the same in IE8 except it loses css3 flashing hover effect on timer. If you check preview in IE maybe you will see fallback fonts but it is only in preview, you shouldn’t have that issue on your hosting.

Your page don’t work in IE8 and IE9 .

Hi spadasso, can you explain what exactly doesn’t work? I just checked again on my computer in IE8 and template does work.

Sorry now all it’s ok !!

nice file, but my concern is when i resize the browser you will realize that the image becomes smaller and it does not resize it self from one edge to another

any updates on that?

Hi and thanks for purchase.

This template isn’t responsive but maybe I could make it to be responsive in next update.

This mailer only works with gmail’s mail server? :S Cant make the mail work here. What files exactly should we config? Im only edditing submit.php and sendEmail.php

This is the zip file i was provided with after my purchs. [link removed]

Now if you compare phpMailer folder, sendemail.php and submit.php files inside this main file for download with phpMailer folder, sendemail.php and submit.php files that I’ve sent to you, you will see that they are completely the same.

Now I’m going to delete this zip file that you shared here because it is not allowed.

Once again thank you for purchase.


O_o lol. Very weird. When i uploaded via Filezilla the folder that you had sent to me, on my ftp all file sizes were different. If you are sure about files comparison then i guess there must have been smthng wrong with my filezilla. Cant guess something else. However, in case any other customer of yours asks you wether it is possible to use your mailer with an other service except gmail, u can let them know its pretty easy. Im just using pop configuration on your 2 php files and not smtp ofcourse with my servers pop ports. Cheers

And sorry for the file upload, i forgot that this would be spoiler for you ^^.

Pardon me, I’m not a pro in web development. Do you have a wordpress version of this theme?

Unfortunately no, this is html template but it’s simple one, easy to modify even without wordpress.