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Hello, did you get my questions last week?


hi, i replied direct last thursday. hope that’s helpful.


Before i buy this i just need to know 2 things?

How easy is it to apply to wordpress? Can you add more pages and sub pages?

Thanks andy

i’ve never created a wordpress theme based on this. i have thought about it. it wouldn’t be very straightforward i suspect, due to the multiple-pages-in-one structure. it might be better to use a simpler ‘in-place-editor’ CMS like perch or unify in many cases. adding pages is a little manual at the moment due to the nature of the ‘auto-spread’ algorithm, and there is really a limit to page numbers due to performance and UI. this template is best for small scale sites.

Hi – I have bought this template and done some tweaking, am struggling though with getting fancybox (or touchtouch, or any kind of lightbox plugin) to work. I know you don’t support it here, but any pointers on possible known issues? I’ve followed all the instructions and done a fair bit of research, only thing I can think of is some sort of jquery conflict with the scroll jquery you’ve used? I’ve built a simple html page and successfully implemented it but when I try to incorporate in your template it stops working… Any help or direction much appreciated.

Thanks – thats what gave me the idea however as already purchased slidexy want to try incorporate in there – will play around a bit more. thanks..

have a look at the source of http://www.tallhat.com/templates/scrollcase/ – i have a vague memory that the position of the touchtouch jquery call (it’s near the bottom of the pageload) might be significant (??).

awesome will play around and post solution here if I find one for benefit of others….cheers

Hi, I have removed the menu and basically want to make all content wider and higher. I am struggling to figure out the logic – where are your specifying the width and height of the sections. I get it must be relative to the screen size and cant be tweaked much without messing things up but basically want to make the content sections a bit bigger all round – can you point me to where you are setting these values?? Thanks

hi thanks for the quick reply….i played initially with those values in the style sheet but it seems the jspContainer and jspScrollable classes seem to be auto calculating widths. If i make the div content wider then the content is still chopped because of the above classes – just not sure where these classes are coming from?? Thanks,

those classes are coming from the bundled standard libraries, so i think those are red herrings here. maybe try using firebug or similar to help work out the classes you need to adjust (and note you may need to look at wrapper classes). NB be aware that the sizing/widths were designed to fit nicely on key devices (ipad) etc. – going wider may throw up some issues and will require some device testing.

there are some complex JS calculations going on in the index.htm file which computes the ‘spread’ of content, with offsets and the like, but the main definitions for the content class positions should all be editable in the style.css file (the .iscroll classes). e.g. to make the content ‘higher’, the css i mentioned above should do the trick (see the margin-top: 450px bit for the main home content block).

Hi, love this template. As I have no experience in this field, have few questions: 1. is it easy to include videos (vimeo, or youtube links)? 2. is there photoshop (or other) design files included to make it more personal?


hi, thanks, glad you like it. you can embed vimeo or youtube in the normal way, i don’t think there’s anything that will clash there. i’ve seen others have added video embeds to this template.

if you want to add videos within a carousel have a look at my other similar template – scrollcase – which has flexslider integrated.

there is a photoshop source folder. it doesn’t have all the backgrounds but it has the logo PSD, homepage background, navigation sprites PSD, and the mobile background PSD. everything else is pretty much done with CSS.

hi, thanks for the answer. Just one more thing to be clear – it’s only design included or CSS/HTML codes also?

CSS, HTML and JS too! fully functional