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I’m really interested in this theme to streamline my online video portfolio, but I have a few questions before I hit the purchase button if you will be so kind to answer:

1. Will videos show on the main page in the are under “some of my work”? 2. Can I add a contact icon near the social media icons that will link to a post or page with either my contact info or a contact form? 3. Is it easy to add or remove social media icons and links?

I think these 3 questions will answer any other questions i may have. Thanks, great theme and keep up the good work!

Hey, sorry for the late response. ‘Yes’ is the answer to all your questions, and I’m happy to assist if you need help.

Thanks for your interest!

There’s something wrong with the theme preview..


Thanks! It’s fixed now. I just moved to a new server and forgot to set up the assets subdomain.

Does it work with Disqus-comments?


I just purchased the template today, and when i click on the Index.html i don’t get the page, that I see in the preview inhere.

How can i open the page, so I see it in the way it’s presented inhere?

This is a Tumblr Theme, not a static template. Follow the instructions in the documentation and install the theme to your Tumblr account. Than it will look like in the demo.


Is this theme disquis comment ready?

No, it is not. I sent you a mail.

I just purchased this theme. I really like the way it looks, but I’m having some trouble installing it in my tumblr. I’m following the instructions that came with the theme, but every time I try to open up the “index.html” file so I can copy all the contents to my clipboard this is what opens up:

no matter what software I use to open the file, it always shows up like that and I can never get the actual html code I need. What am I doing wrong? Can you please help me?




you need to open the file in a plain text editor, TextEdit on OSX for example. Then copy and paste the code as described.

Congrats Bro. Welcome to Envato Family. Best of luck.