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Cool theme! glws

Thank you :)

Are the stylesheets coded in any kind of a preprocessing language? And are they available for download? Thanks!


Sorry, we couldn’t understand your question :(

Is the css coded in Sass or LESS? And is it available for download?

No the stylesheets are not coded in Sass or LESS.

Hi there..

There seems to be a problem with the theme on iPad..

The drop-down menu and the whole mega menu does not go back after clicking it..

When you place the iPad vertical than the site does not fit properly on the screen..

The slider with the loop effect doesnt work well on some screens, I WOULD MAKE THE TEXT AND THE BUTTON FIXED so they don´t feed in/out.. And the text of the sliders, make the Header in H1 and the subheader in H2 for SEO reasons..

If you could fix those issues than I will buy!

For the dropdown and megamenu issue on iPad, it sounds like you are testing with Themeforest iframe on. Please test from the direct theme demo link: http://themes.iki-bir.com/slowave/

We couldn’t understand the suggestion with the loop effect and fixed text & buttons. Have you used Revolution Slider that way before?

Nice work! GLWS :)

Thank you :)

Do You provide sass file fosr styling?

Thank you for your interest but we don’t provide Sass.

looks great, i like the style ! Good job :)

Thank you :)

Are you planing to add sass files to the project? or any kind of a organizational method for that matter? Because it’s impossible to work with css files in a sass environment.


We are not much familiar with Sass or LESS and it is not in our plans to add these for now. Have you tried these tools: http://css2sass.heroku.com/ http://css2less.cc/


Awesome them.

I was wondering how I can have the carousel show 4 items instead of 3? I would like to change the size of the items so that I can fit 4 smaller items.

Than you.


Please open style/js/scripts.js and you will find all Owl Carousel scripts at the top and you need to change the “item” value. (4 instead of 3)

Thank you so much.

How would you change colors in CSS if you wanted something other than one of the standard BLUE, GRAY, GREEN, ORANGE, PINK, PURPLE, or RED?

Yes, wou can edit a color stylesheet and replace the main color used in it with a custom color.

Are you able to show multiple map icons (and locations) within the full width map on the contact 2 page?

Also, can different types of map icons be added?

The map is embedded from Google Maps. You can generate your own map with your custom locations and paste its embed code replacing the example.

Hi,i want to buy it,but i have a question:Is this template include css and html?

No, not include PSD files but you can download home PSD from here: http://elemisfreebies.com/01/29/slowave-free-homepage-psd/

sorry,i dont find the home page PSD file in your url,can u send it to my mail box?sun6@vip.qq.com,thanx.

Just sent an email with the PSD file.

best layout dicipline and color combine ever i seen…. congratulations….

thank you for your kind feedback :)

Hi Guys,

One slight bug. A top Top level link that follows a mega menu is not clickable when the menu is collapsed for mobile devices. The div of the mega menu dropdown overlaps the next top level link.


To fix the issue best option is to remove or set to 0 margin-bottom for .yamm .yamm-content.row

Thanks for the heads up!

No worries

Good job,Can change head and foot background?

Thank you for your interest. Yes, it is possible to change the colors of elements through CSS.

The main navigation elements (about, portfolio, etc) with dropdown sub menus do not respond to click event – the dropdown menu appears on hover, but if you click the “about” link itself (for example) the click is ignored. Can you suggest a fix for this?

Twitter Bootstrap, in order to accommodate mobile devices, makes dropdowns appear “on click”, instead of mouse over. As a result, the top level menu item is disabled in order to make dropdowns work on mobile. You can add the top menu link as a dropdown item maybe?

OK, thanks!


We’re writing to inform you that the Wordpress version of Slowave has been released by TommusRhodus. You can check it out here: http://themeforest.net/item/-slowave-multipurpose-responsive-wordpress-theme/6870792

Best Regards, elemis

Love it. Thanks for the great work.

Thank you.

Using the one-page version, can I make a link to a section scroll like when using the navigation? I can’t see where to make this happen. Currently it just jumps right to the spot but I would like it to scroll if possible. Thanks.

You need to wrap your link with a ”.scroll” div:

<div class="scroll"><a href="#works">Scroll smoothly</a></div>

Perfect! Thanks a bunch.